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  1. I finally received an email this weekend from a cruise I had in late March that was canceled. I filled out the form on March 16th. They said in the email that all money would be refunded but did not give a date due to the unprecedented situation.
  2. Their shirts are actually pretty good quality. I usually by a couple on every cruise.
  3. Has anyone stayed in cabin 3127 on the Sunshine. It’s a interior obstructed view room. Was wondering if there was any noise from the liquid lounge above it.
  4. Has anyone applied for a Passport lately and know how long it took to get them back. Need to renew one for one of my kids and and apply for a new one for my other one. Just wondering on how long it is taking now. Renewed mine last year and it only took 3 weeks to get back.
  5. You may not need dinner tonight but I have a feeling you will suffer through it.
  6. Sid. Is this part of normal dining. Or do you have to pay extra for this.
  7. Sid enjoy your week on the ship while the rest of us sit here at work wishing we were there instead.
  8. Does anyone know how late the serenity area pool and hot tub are open till on the Sunshine.
  9. I did not use it on the ship earlier this year. But when we were in Nassau I did FaceTime and it worked fine. My provider charges $10.00 a day for the Bahamas unlimited usage and $5.00 a day in Mexico.
  10. Sid. We should be thanking you for taking the time to give us such a informative review of the ship and ports that you visit. I will speak for everyone and say that it makes us feel like we are right there with you enjoying this trip.
  11. Hopefully you can find some good food p0rn In Curaçao.
  12. Sid. I have been a lurker on your past reviews. Just spent 3 days reading all 131 pages of Your ATL thread. Looking forward to following your Horizon Cruise.
  13. • Because there is no other vacation that is more relaxing and enjoyable to me than going on a cruise.
  14. Is anyone else having issues with Carnivals website today. Cannot access it at all on my phone and very slow on computer.
  15. You can see fish in the beach area usually schools of fish. But if you swim over to the rocks where the private hut is. You will see all sorts of coral and colorful fish.
  16. I was on the Elation in January in a ocean view on deck 4 and we had a refrigerator.
  17. What was the Serenity Area like. How many hot tubs? Did it have a pool? Thanks.
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