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  1. He will be assigned to the main dining room instead of the yacht club dining room.
  2. Take the letter you received to the cashiers cage in the casino and they will give you the amount on your letter. We did this for $75 on the Seaside and they gave us the money to gamble with. Think of it as freeplay, not OBC.
  3. WE did this same cruise 2 years ago and we rode the train to the other side of the canal. The train runs along the canal and you can see the locks and other sites along the way. In Panama city there was a local tour and then a bus ride back to the ship. Colon is a shipping port and there is not much to see there as we saw a lot of it on our way to the rail station. A few cruise ships do not go into Gatun lake and turn around due to the timing and cost. In response to your question about smaller ship excursions we did not see or hear of any being offered but you might be able to get something privately in the lake above the locks. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. In all of our cruises on Norweign, Princess, Holland American and MSC we have never tipped for room service. Always figured it was included in the cruise fare. If they provide any service like clearing a table, setting up the dishes etc., I might give a tip.
  5. Yes you can put door decorations on your door. Use strong magnets as the steward will occassionally hit the door as they move around. We have used the CC door sign on our 8 MSC cruises and don't care what NCL does. Signs, good wishes, birthday/anniversary signs put on our doors as we wish to do.
  6. We have sailed four times in the Yacht Club on the Divina and we loved every cruise. We then cruised on the Seaside and decided we would always sail on it over the Divina in the Yacht, We have now done four cruises in the YC on the Seaside and like the layout of the YC over the Divina. You can't go wrong in the YC on either ship. Your Son will love the YC on the Seaside and the ease of getting anywhere on the ship.
  7. Your OBC will go on the credit side of your shipboard account. Daily service charges and any other chargeables will be deducted from your account. Think plusses and minuses. Enjoy your cruise......
  8. Had the same problem on Regent a few years ago and they would not give me a refund for prepaid excursion but my TA got the money refunded for me. Good luck.
  9. Great service from Elaine got exactly what I wanted. No reply fromDiego. Thanks again for the info.
  10. Thanks for the info, will give them a try..
  11. Mr Mike45 can you give me the info on your casino rep as I have been trying to get hold of someone in MSC casino and have gotten no results, Thanks in advance.
  12. Not sure I agree with everything said above. There were no craps games on the Divina or Seaside for the 8 cruises we did. I play BJ, Roulette, 3 Card and UTH plus craps when available. I play for the fun and excitement of the game. At times I wouldn't give my card as I don't need points to get a stuffed toy or boat, etc. Casino person(?) told me I was losing the opportunity for cruise discount so I gave them my card. Believe me they know who is gambling and who is just playing. After a couple of nights play, we do BTB, casino personnel would approach us and ask some information to give us a discount on a future cruise. I blew them off as a rip off but lo and behold they were serious. Both the wife and I have gotten 30% off cruises and $150-300 free play. Don't lose the document they give you as there is no way you can get the discount without it. We left our letter in the room last trip with some other documents and even though trying no one in MSC Casino responds. Enjoy your cruise, eat drink and gamble a bunch.
  13. Just tell the concierge in the YC that you went the previous cruise and they will take care of it for you.
  14. What number did you use to contact the casino department? I am trying to get a discount I was promised.
  15. I am surprised everyone on these boards doesn't use the cruise critic door sign
  16. We had a door sign on our last cruises on the Seaside. Some people commented it helped them find their room. We used magnet bars so not sure why some could not use magnets on their doors. Use your door signs and enjoy your cruise.
  17. Take what you want and enjoy your cruise. Let MSC weigh and measure if they want to, never saw that either.
  18. If I remember correctly you save $5 by purchasing in advance
  19. I'll bet if you tell your butler what you need he/she will get it for you. I have never had a request denied, and enjoy your cruise we love the YC.
  20. Never heard of this and at first I thought this was a joke post. The cruise lines are not tied to any airline rules and I would like to see the reference you made to 200 lbs of luggage per state room. That would never work for the wife and I on our long cruises.
  21. We have done 4 BTB on MSC and always gotten the 40 item laundry package. We usually send 6 to 8 items at a time till we get to the 40 items. Never have we done 40 items at one time...We send the travel clothes we wore to the ship plus the second day for the first laundry bag, then every couple of days we send a few more. Great service and they do a great job for everything on hangars.
  22. I would discuss this with my TA and tell them it is not acceptable. Change now as you will not be able to change once on the ship as they will tell you there is nothing else available. Good luck.
  23. Hey Russ we would love to join you but we just got off a BTB the first of July. Sounds like you will have a great time in the RS. Make sure you have the butler bring you breakfast on the balcony. One other thing our butler did for us the last trip was get me American coffee in a to go cup from the bar. He knew I didn’t like the strong coffee so he recommended this , It is a coffee mixed with hot water. The to go cup is the only cup they had that was Big enough todo this. I would hit the make up the room switch and he or the room steward would know I was awake so they got my coffee. Since you will always have a card in the slot you will use the room status switches as a code to the butler and room steward. They always seemed to know where we were most of the time. be sure and ask about the noon seafood buffet in the Top Sail, only one day, it was great. First time I had grilled lobster tail. I am really getting spoiled sailing in the YC. The YC is getting harder to get and no price deals, Carol got 30% off from a casino deal and a discount from my TA. So our little Social SEcurity checks covered the rest. Have fun Larry
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