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    NCL ... Choose someone else

    We were on a shore excursion from the Pride of Hawaii. I had a serious accident that landed me in the hospital, and ultimately prevented us from returning to the ship on time. They had no way to contact them from the shore to the ship to tell them we were in trouble. When my husband went back to the ship to gather some clothes, etc. they only wanted him to get off quickly so they could pull up the gangplank and get underway. No one was concerned about our well being. No one called to inquire what our plans were regarding coming back or not. This was no "Love Boat." When we did catch up the next day at the next port they were not even expecting or happy to see us. They did not give any courtesy (a wheelchair) so I would at least have somewhat of an enjoyable remaining trip, confined as I was. I expected some human concern and empathy. There was none. When we returned home and wrote NCL about their lack of concern, they were just as unconcerned. Their attitude showed that they really couldn't care less. They say they do, but it is only empty public relations talk. BEWARE, a trip isn't always the food, shows and accomodations. It is the unexpected where a real good cruise line will show its true colors.