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  1. You are the best thanks so much! We are elite but our travel companions are not so just curious. Hot springs does sound wonderful.
  2. Thanks so much for being the "nerd" and taking the time and energy to post as this is helpful for those of us taking the same trip next year! Question---were there any waits for the tender with the magic carpet? Your photos are incredible. Also, don't know if you can answer this question but was the water temperature warm enough to swim or did you see anyone in the water?
  3. That looks like a great plan we might arrange as well, Do you need to pre purchase tender or cable car tickets?
  4. We have done both the Rhine & Danube in Nov & we are also in our 50s. We enjoyed both but for somewhat different reasons so we usually choose based on pricing & flight schedules. Once you have done one then you can just return for your next cruise on the other itinerary. If you have specific questions please feel free to ask.
  5. Thanks, we are repeat AMA cruisers and understand the process.... I was just looking for someone who might have personal experience with these tours.
  6. Looking for help from anyone who has done these excursions because we can't decide what we want to do while in these ports. Has anyone done: Trier Bike Tour Amphitheater Hill Hike in Trier Wertheim Castle Hike Main River Bike Tour
  7. We used Uber as it is very reasonable in Prague.
  8. There is usually not a meeting up point but what you could do is ask the tour guide if you could meet them somewhere & take the transportation back to the ship or you could get the tour guide's phone # & call them to determine where you might meet them. But Uber is really cheap here...if you get an international SIM card & add it to your phone then you have international access. We pre-purchase SIM cards online @ Amazon before we leave & install them before we leave the US. Just make sure your cell phone is unlocked.
  9. When we were in Strasbourg the ship docked across the border in Germany & we took Uber from the port to downtown. You could probably also have the ship call for a taxi. Or you could go with your tour to the location in town & leave the tour & do your own thing.
  10. We have done both itineraries & both are excellent choices but for different reasons. On the Rhine we enjoyed cruising the Gorge & viewing the castles. Also we fell in love with Straubourg which was unexpected. We also did travel to Mt Pilatus on our own following the cruise which was spectacular but Switzerland is terribly expensive. On the Danube some of the highlights included the night tour into Budapest with all of the lights which was amazing. And we truly enjoyed the bike tour in Passau which allowed us to bike from one city to the next & the boat met us at our destination..this is a must do if you love biking or exercise. Also, the Melk Abbey was incredible. We extended our trip in both Budapest & Prague and both of these cities are worth at least several days. We did not travel in the summer so I cannot speak to the crowd sizes. I would give the Danube trip a slight advantage based on ports and having enjoyed Prague & Budapest so much on our own but either one would be a great choice. Maybe choose one based on airfare pricing & schedules?
  11. Am Ex had limited acceptance and VISA & MC were definitely preferred. Also, something to consider is choosing a card with no foreign transaction fees or obtaining a new card with no foreign transaction fees as they can add up quickly.
  12. You can carry bottles of wine onboard so in most ports we would purchase some bottles and drink them on board.
  13. We are on the same cruise the beginning of November & here is the info posted from the AMA tour book we received with our last cruise about the docking location close to Luxembourg. We are renting a car & driving to Bruges but apparently Uber does not operate here so we will order a taxi to take us to the airport to pick up a car. AMA will ask the night before you arrive in Luxembourg who will need a taxi & they can pre-arrange a taxi for your requested time of departure.
  14. Just make sure you notify your credit card company when and where you will be traveling so the charges are not blocked.
  15. We also love biking and did the Rhine with AMA. On our cruise there was never a shortage of bikes. In Strasbourg we did the city bike tour and it was very easy and a great way to see such a beautiful city that is very bike friendly. The bike tour in Breisach was a much different experience as you ride through a small village then up the hills through the vineyards. It was a beautiful ride but not easy but also not difficult.
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