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  1. Not quite the same, but we are Keto and plan on bringing some Premier Protein shakes to use for our coffee. My husband will be sad without his HWC, but he'll live.
  2. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/autism-friendly-ships Royal Caribbean offers a wide range of autism friendly products and services, and they include: Priority check-in, boarding and departure Special dietary accommodations including gluten-free and dairy-free Adventure Ocean flexible grouping by ability for children 3 to 11 years old Adventure Ocean toilet-trained policy exception Pagers/phones for parents of children in Adventure Ocean program while signed into our care (subject to availability) Availability: These Autism Friendly products and services are available on all cruises Definitely contact the Special Needs dept ahead of time with any requests that you have, but we have found RCI to be very accommodating when it comes to helping out with ASD kids.
  3. You can also choose to dine in the Solarium one evening. There is not an extra charge for that restaurant.
  4. We've taken our son's Puddle Jumpers on ever cruise he has been on. As others have pointed out there are life vests available for use onboard as well as at the private islands (Labadee & Coco Cay), but if the kids are going to be getting in any water at other locations it is better to bring your own. Also, I preferred to bring one that I was sure fit appropriately and my son was used to.
  5. Thank you both for all the advice. That is very good to know. We are not from highly urban areas. I honestly try to avoid Charlotte and Raleigh most of the time and I know that the NYC metro area is going to be way worse traffic wise. We are planning on coming up through a route that goes through Hershey, PA and takes I-78. It looks to me that that avoids most of the major cities along the route and hopefully much of the tolls. We are still deciding, but we might leave on Tuesday afternoon and stop half way leaving only half the drive for Wednesday. It is important to us to be at the port early as we have a special needs child that does not do well waiting in line. Is it possible to stay in the suburbs, avoid morning rush hour, and still make it to the port before the masses? If not, any suggestions of places to check out. 2 adults/1 child. We need 2 beds, but I'm not picky about the sizes for 1 night. Budget would be up to $250 (although I would certainly like to keep it less than that). Traveling with a special needs child means that easy is the most important factor, so ease of getting food and getting to the port are important.
  6. I'm mainly looking for some place to stay and am fine traveling for food as we will be driving. Can we find some dinner options within about 15 mins? Also, how long of a drive should we expect to get to the port?
  7. We will be sailing on Anthem on May 23, 2019. I am in the process of trying to choose a hotel. We will be driving from western NC. I found a listing for a new hotel that has yet to be completed: Home2Suites by Hilton Newark Airport 620 Route 1 and 9 South Newark New Jersey 07114 . Can anyone comment on this area and whether this would be a good choice? We recently stayed at another Home2Suites and found it to be a very nice mid-price hotel and for our dates the cost for a refundable room would be $148+ tax for a 2 queen room which seems lower than average for the area. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  8. It really depends on your kid(s). My husband and I have done Bernard's Tour before and enjoyed it, but I know that my son would be really bored. He needs a much more active day and would prefer the beach. Both are excellent choices, but I would choose the one that fits your family the best.
  9. I am wanting to write a review as we go about our cruise. We are not purchasing an internet package and I am using a Galaxy S9 phone. Are there any apps that are easy to use for this and that I can then copy the info into Cruise Critic when we return? I know that I can type in a Google Doc, but it doesn't let the photos paste. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  10. The width of the Oasis class make them the most stable ships to sail on. There is always a chance that seas could be really bad and you will feel some motion, but in general you are not going to feel near as much motion as on any of the smaller ships (Freedom included). When we sailed Oasis it was often hard to even feel that we were moving.
  11. We've done what others said and put it in the bottom of the closet and stacked other items on top.
  12. Lots of great suggestions. I will add 2 things to the list. We bring glow sticks from the Dollar store. I buy the bracelet size and and give DS one of these per night to hold in bed, so that he isn't as unsettled by the darkness of the cabin. I also buy the ones that are slightly larger and put one in the bathroom sink each night as it makes enough light to see without having to turn on any lights. Glow sticks are waterproof, so if DS needs something to help him settle down in the evening I will give him a glow stick and put him in the shower in the dark. He loves glow in the dark showers. Also, there are no cups with lids or special kids cups in the MDR. The water goblets are large, heavy, and usually very slick from condensation. I take a pack of Take & Toss straw cups (both Amazon & Walmart sell them). I use these because they are cheap so I don't worry about leaving them behind, but they are also sturdy enough to wash and reuse.
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