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  1. How soon before our cruise should be email the dining department with any special requests? I don't want to bother doing it too early, but I don't want to wait too long either.
  2. How this works will really depend on how they reconfigure the AO areas. It works on Disney to have everyone together because there are so many different areas within the clubs to play in and it tends to attract those of different ages to different areas. For example older kids tended to head to the Star Wars or Marvel areas whereas the younger kids tended to play more in the Toy Story and Tinkerbell areas.
  3. We had room 7298 on Anthem and had a similar view. GS told us sorry not sorry and refused to do anything for us onboard and referred us to Customer Service on land. Customer Service on land kept repeating the same line about RCI not considering these to be obstructed since they do not block the view of the horizon therefore they do not feel that they impede the quality of the view for customers. I ended up having to go to a supervisor of a supervisor and was only given $50 in OBC towards our next cruise. I'm still a bit ticked off about the whole thing. It wouldn't be hard for Royal to make a
  4. The above chart shows it, but I saw a lot of disappointed people that didn't realize that kids had to be at least 42 inches tall in order to participate. From what I understand it is due to the harnesses used in case of evacuation.
  5. Following along as I wait the almost year until it is my turn on Harmony. Have a great cruise.
  6. There are life jackets available for use at the pools onboard and you can find life jackets available for use at Coco Cay and Labadee. If you need them at any other stop, it is best to bring your own.
  7. Following along as we are going on Anthem next week. Wondering if you made it to Divi Little Bay and if you liked it. This is what we have planned for our St Maarten day. We also prefer a more go with the flow style of shore excursions. Last time we were in St Maarten it was raining most of the day, so we opted to skip Divi Little Bay in favor of just some shopping around the port, but I am hopeful that things will work out for this trip.
  8. We have done the excursion as set by the cruise line and we have done it twice more on our own. We much prefer to do it on our own as we can choose when to arrive and depart. The cruise lines times are set. It is very easy to get a taxi there and back. It is also much less expensive to do the excursion on your own.
  9. We are going to be driving up 78 from NC/VA the day before our Anthem of the Seas cruise sails. We are staying at the Country Inn & Suites in Elizabeth, NJ. From where were are staying the night before we get to NJ we will have about a 5 hour drive to the NJ area. We would like to visit Liberty State Park (not the statue, just the park itself). Is there anything that I should know about timing on a Wednesday as far as driving goes getting to/from the park and/or back to the Country Inn & Suites? I don't know if traffic really starts picking up at any particular time and we should make
  10. We are heading to St Maarten later this month on Anthem and planning to head to Divi Little Bay Resort. I'm wondering how much we can expect for taxi fare for 3 people each way and if anyone has any recent experiences with Divi Little Bay we would love to hear about them. Thank you.
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