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    Best time to travel

    Royal Caribbean has a full transit trip Jan 4, 2009 for 14 days. It starts in Los Angeles (San Pedro) and ends in the Dominican Republic. It is a smaller ship - the "Vision of the Seas", and they are moving it from the West Coast to the Caribbean, so the trip is cheaper. I just got back from the Mexican Riviera 7 night on the Vision, and it is a lovely ship. Had a fabulous time. Food was delicious, wonderful staff, and sparkling clean ship. Holly
  2. happykitty

    Cabo San Lucas for a week - what not to miss?

    RE: A definate must is going out on the YAEL, a gorgeous sailboat, very affordable and a wonderful day trip. It is actually the best snorkel relaxing beautiful day we've ever had in Cabo. If you want more information email me at tothemax@gorge.net I have the Captain's email address somewhere in my computer if you're interested. Enjoy! Maxine I researched this for us also, but the times didn't work out for a short port-of-call. e-mail: guygil@yahoo.com visit us: http://www.cabosail.com Hope you enjoy it! Holly
  3. How was your inside cabin? Did you wish you had gotten a balcony? Did you peek into any of the other cabins to compare with what you got? We are in an inside cabin, and the savings are such that you can use what you save to do fun things in port. Holly
  4. We (my sister and I) are on the Vision of the Seas, Jan. 20, also!:D Please join along with your kids the Meet & Mingle for this cruise. It is one of the boards here on the Cruise Critic website and also on Royal Caribbean. go to: ROLL CALLS - Royal Caribbean " Meet & Mingle" and find Jan. 20 That way you will meet other experienced Cruise Critics that will be on the ship with you, and can answer questions. This is our first cruise, but I have done some research. We are going to do the 4x4 desert safari in Cabo (at $98.00 a pop :eek: ), and then Mazatlan Frank's city and beach tour in Mazatlan (That is $38.00 per person, and not through the cruise excursions) In Puerto Vallarta, we will be renting a car for $60.00 (approx.) a day, and then driving down the coast to Boca de Tomatlan. There is a very cool and low-key dive shop there, and the owner Karla, is very accessible via email. The snorkeling is $20.00 per person with gear! and goes to Los Arcos. There is also a good place to eat there that isn't expensive next to the road called Chico's Paradise. The kids will like to use the swing ropes to jump in the river there! Here is a good website to explain Boca de Tomatlan: http://www.bocatomatlan.com and here is the website for Boca Divers: http://www.bocadivers.com Hope this helps and we'll see you soon! Holly
  5. happykitty

    Star - Puerto Vallarta - Ship vs. Local Time

    I have looked into this, and the ship never changes its time, but the ports are different. The ship is on Pacific Time and always stays on that, regardless of where it is. That is important to keep in mind as far as getting back to the ship before it leaves the port. Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan are on Mountain time, 1 hour ahead of the ship. i.e., The ship reaches port at 9am, but it is 10am in these two ports. Conversely, if it is 6pm in Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan, it is only 5pm on the ship. Puerto Vallarta is just over the line into Central time, 2 hours ahead of the ship. So if it is 9am on the ship when it arrives in Puerto Vallarta, it is 11am in Puerto Vallarta. It's a good idea that you are booking later on a "off ship" excursion. I decided to change my plans when I looked into it, too. Holly
  6. Gil at Cabo Sail does a "public" whale watching tour that includes snorkeling, and it is on a sailboat - cool! They also book private tours but it is very expensive. The cost for the public tour, leaving at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, is $57.00 per person. Best to reserve ahead of time. http://www.cabosail.com email: guygil@yahoo.com
  7. happykitty

    Motion Sickness Prevntion/Cures

    I found 2 kinds of ginger at Trader Joe's. The crystallized and the smooth chewy kind. They come in a bag with about 30-40 pieces in them. They are in the dried fruit area. The first ingredient is ginger, so it isn't just a sugar candy that tastes like ginger.