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  1. Ms belp

    wine package and tipping

    I agree Juneau. I always tip when they deliver to my cabin. Glasses, wine, whatever. They saved me from going out of the cabin.
  2. Ms belp

    Packing "aint" for sissies!

    We did the Pearl to Alaska in 2008, It was so beautiful, Enjoy.
  3. Ms belp

    Bar Set Up?

    We like to make our own drinks, as weak or strong as we want.Room service provides oj and tomto juice. Tonic water bought in port. we still buy beer buckets (used to be helmets) and other drinks.
  4. Ms belp

    How Much $$ for Martini Tastings???

    We attended two, The second tasting I requested the original martini instead of the "fancy" ones. It was nice, and yes I needed a nap afterwards. Great buzz for the buck.:o:)
  5. Ms belp

    Dear ncl

    I need a smoke.
  6. Ms belp

    Convince my travel group PLEASE

    We have never had a bad cruise on NCL. We love Freestyle. We love the crew on each and every one of our cruises they have gone above and beyond. I would not cruise Carnival if they gave me a free cruise. We will stick with NCL. We love their excursions too.:)
  7. Ms belp

    Bar Set Up?

    Thank you! It's been awhile.
  8. Ms belp

    Bar Set Up?

    Does NCL still offer bar set up? Do you have to call them? If they do still offer them, does anyone have a recent list? Can you still bring your own wine? Thanks, Barbara
  9. Ms belp

    Late night snacks?

    Yes, NCL has poolside buffets everyday. I love NCL:D
  10. We have in the past always ordered the bar set up for our cabin. Is it still available? Do we need to call?
  11. Ms belp

    Just do not understand!!

    [quote name='billh26'][B][FONT="]I would appreciate someone providing me with Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Kevin Sheehan's e-mail. Mr. Sheehan, My wife and I were booked (and looking forward) to cruise on 11/04 upon the NCL Jewel.......reservation number 21259261.We live in New York on Long Island. We lost power 10/29 and regained power on 11/11. My Daughter lost her home...and we sustained damage to our home. We had to cancel our cruise (waited until the last possible day) and I believe that should be understandable. I have to believe that there were more than just my wife and I that could NOT make the cruise. I am appalled at NCL's lack of concern. No rebate....not even a full credit for a future cruise. Mr. Sheehan you issued a news brief stating how concerned you are for the people of NY and NJ(lets not forget Conn. and Penn.. I am wondering just how concerned??? This would not have been our first cruise but it would have been our maiden cruise with NCL. Not so sure there ever will be a maiden cruise with NCL for us! What a shame!!! Check your competition...RCL is one who seems to have a heart a little larger than their bottom line!![/FONT][/B][/QUOTE] Yeah, we missed our Venice and Greek Island Cruise due to that volcano erupting back in 2009. Not pleasant, but not the fault of NCL. We should have bought better trip insurance. I recommend "cancel for any reason". All that said, I'm very sorry for your loss and what you must be going through.
  12. Ms belp

    Mini-Suite or Aft Balcony?

    Almost everyone would prefer an aft balcony. We have done the mini suite and it's just a little larger inside than a regular balcony cabin. The balcony is the same size in the mini suite. Aft balconies are larger.
  13. Ms belp

    How deep are Gem pools?

    Just go to the hot tub if the pool makes you nervous.
  14. Ms belp

    NCL - Smoking?

    I have been off of CC for months. Glad to see the smoking Nannies are still present.:rolleyes:
  15. In our experience we learned early on that steaks aren't that good. The prime rib however has always been superb. We don't eat "Larry, the lobster". ;)