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  1. Just wanted to add my 2 cents (or more) :) My hubby and I were married, and 2 days later he left for Iraq. He just came home October 16, after an approx 8 month deployment, and we're finally getting our honeymoon cruise in just a few weeks. I am extremely proud of him and he definetly plans to wear his blues. He earned it. I'm curious to see how many drinks people will get him though..considering he's 20 and I'm only 19. :rolleyes: Regardless. Thank all of you who have/do/or will serve this country. I hope that you wear your uniforms with pride on your cruise :) It's YOU that gives us the opportunity to travel and enjoy luxuries such as cruising to amazing places. Anyone who doesn't appreciate that, well - you MAY have the right to your opinion..but that doesn't mean it isn't stupid. And that's MY opionion :)

    Carnival said we don't need passports yet....

    NO worries hun :) Hubby and I are (finally) going on our honeymoon in a few weeks and he's been in Iraq the past 7 months so it's not exactly like he could get his passport from there. He is doing the birth cert/ID thing and that works atLEAST until January 08..probably later. That was one of the major things I asked my cruise agent when I booked our cruise was that he would NOT need a passport...and she guaranteed me that and explained it :) One thing I did do though was to book all our shore excursions thru Carnival!! More expensive...but if a bus breaks down (that HAS happened to me on a cruise excursion :eek: !!!), then we're good to go and don't have to worry about getting a Visa or anything since they'll get you back to the ship! Have a great cruise :)

    Best watershoes for DRF???

    Personally, we will use ours again. My husband's in the military and stationed in Hawaii for at least another 2 years so I figured we'll get some use out of 'em! The ones I bought were only $7..and the ones at DRF are $5 so it's not a big difference and they don't take up a lot of room. Just one less thing we have to do once we're there now! :) I don't think there's anything "wrong" with renting them though. I saw somewhere in another post that they saw the rental shoes in a bucket of cleaning stuff so it sounds fine really.

    Conquest only Questions! Post 'em Here!

    True..if you come on Saturday Houston won't be quite so bad. I totally forgot about the toll booths on 8 haha..that's what I get for having an "EZtag" which (I forgot) you obviously wouldn't have cause you're not from the Houston area! Do whatever seems best to you! Either way you'll get there and even if ya got stuck in traffic...on Sunday when you're on that ship you won't even remember it :) !!!

    Best watershoes for DRF???

    Thanks :) Went and bought the cheapies today! I had to get them at a Sports Authority because it's November and WalMart only had them for kids lol but I did get 'em today...now I can't wait for the cruuissee!!!! :D

    Conquest only Questions! Post 'em Here!

    You definetly want to avoid taking 45 the whole way!! But it seems like you already know that :) Traffic through Houston can be ridiculous!!!!! Beltway 8 is a toll road..but a pretty good option. I've never been backed up on the beltway (8). I think I would probably take 8 all the way to 45..that puts you around all the really bad traffic. I think that 59 is ok most of the time but I think 610 can get congested. Not too sure on those though because I don't drive them much!

    Conquest only Questions! Post 'em Here!

    Anyone ever stayed in cabin 8450???? It's an aft balcony under the lido...? Hubby and I are taking our honeymoon finally (thanks to Iraq lol we're just now getting it 9 months after the wedding!!!) and we leave in just a few weeks..can't wait!!!!!!! :)

    Best watershoes for DRF???

    My hubby and I are doing DRF in Jamaica and I was wondering what works best as far as shoes? The cheapies that you slip on and buy at walmart? the more "tennis shoe" looking watershoes? I know closed toe...just hoping to get some advice from those who've done it on what grips the rocks best. I'd rather not slip and fall on my butt!!!! :)