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  1. Sorry, I thought this was just about letting people know that we got the refund. Our cruise was going to be in October 2021.
  2. We received our deposit refund yesterday on our cc for a cruise that we canceled on March 16.
  3. I posted this the other day about my conversation with a Princess rep: "I told him that a lot of people on cruise critic are upset about this because some people are out of work and they need that money. His response " I don't care what people on cruise critic think" Notice I never said to the rep that I needed the money. But this person, Daniel, turned it into a personal attack towards me. So yesterday I showed it to my husband and he said that I should answer his question. So I am. No, I am not out of work because I work in private healthcare. We have not stopped working so patients can come to our office instead of going to the ER overwhelming the hospitals. Not all patients can be seen using telemedicine. Everyone working in healthcare is under a lot of stress because we are putting our lives on the line every single day. So please take a break and don't insult anyone. You never know what someone else is going through. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. At least for the time being. Thank you. Everyone, if you can, Stay Safe at Home!
  4. I was trying to let him know that people are upset about this delay because they need the money. If you are trying to insult me personally, don't waste your time.
  5. We canceled a cruise with a refundable $200 deposit. The person we spoke with said it would take 7-10 days to see the refund. Then we get a call from the guy that is supposed to be our representative and he said that they cannot refund for 30-60 days after cancellation. I asked him why that long and he said "we are not going to hire more people just to refund money". But that does not make sense because when you book, they charge your credit card the same minute you finish booking, so why would they have to hire more people if this is done automatically. We have always seen the refund within 1-2 days of cancellation. So it's done automatically as well. I told him that a lot of people on cruise critic are upset about this because some people are out of work and they need that money. His response " I don't care what people on cruise critic think" Not the kind of response I expected from Princess, but that helps me narrow down who we will cruise with in the future when all this is over. We are Platinum on Princess so he should have thought twice about how to treat a returning guest.
  6. "Fourth person in Broward tests positive for coronavirus, third tied to port, state says" https://amp.miamiherald.com/news/health-care/article241050136.html Please read if you have cruised with Princess out of Port Everglades, FL, recently.
  7. Something we always do when we cruise is that we wash our hands when we exist the buffet area because we touched the same serving spoons 1,000+ other people did too. We do not eat anything with our hands. The lady that stands at the entrance of the buffet area looks at us like we're crazy, On our last cruise we let her know and she realized that was a good idea. Maybe this will help others.
  8. Not only missing ports, but not being able to disembark the ship as it is happening now to two cruises.
  9. This is an article from a couple that was on the Diamond Princess. It definitely makes you want to put travel plans on hold and wait until this virus is no longer a threat. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/02/28/scenes-coronavirus-quarantine/?fbclid=IwAR1lSsjBY1XK4L6uvdb5acjEow6NFKeZQ0A4RDXxuJngyVSIPt-j2AausUI
  10. Just a follow up. We loved the IV cabin and the decor. It's hot during the day when you get close to the glass, but we rarely did. The ship was nice, but the videos promoting it make it look better. The dark entrance to Eden is wasted space. The cruise director is great. The idea of the 4 dining rooms was nice, but you are not allowed to book more than 24 hrs in advance. That was a pain. Cyprus was our favorite. Embarkation was a breeze, but we were questioned by a guy with glasses who asked if we had been to China in the past 15 days and if we had any flu like symptoms, to which we said no. Then he was going to take our photo, but he had to cough into his arm and you could hear a lot of mucus moving. We then asked him if he had been to China in the past 15 days and did he have any flu like symptoms. Definitely not what you need before getting on a ship. They may want to ask him to stay home until he feels better. Just an FYI - our move up offer was accepted on Thursday, we cruised on Sunday. My husband's suitcase was missing. I took mine when I saw it piled up down the hallway, but his was not there. At about 5:30pm or so, we were looking around the hallway and a guy came by with a walkie talkie, so we told him what was going on. He then told us that they had been trying to find out what to do with a red suitcase that they had left "all the way on the other side". The luggage tag had the cabin # and the name but it did not match the name that was on their paper list that was assigned to that cabin#. Do you think that maybe they could have looked on the computer system? BTW our suitcase was blue. I say was because when we finally got it, for some unknown reason the TAS lock was messed up and it would not open. The side of the lock was smashed. Nobody knows why. So we had to call maintenance who came to our cabin and broke the lock open because they don't have the key to open TSA locks. So it's now in the trash and we plan to get a new one. But be aware that they work off paper lists so this could happen to you. Overall our cruise was great. We relaxed a lot and enjoyed the unlimited drinks in the Elite lounge. We only got off in Grand Cayman, we've had enough of Key West and Cozumel. The stop at Costa Maya was canceled which was really the only one where we wanted to get off since we have only been there once and it was not much of a port then. We are looking forward to our next cruise, not on the Edge, I think this will be a been there done that for us. Happy Travels!
  11. That was going to be my question. My husband has motion sickness. We booked a mediterranean cruise from Rome to Venice for 14 nts that has all the ports we want that we have not been able to find on other ships. But too much rocking will be an issue for him. Doesn't the ship have the same type of stabilizers as other ships?
  12. I checked several times to see what IV cabins were open and most of the time it showed 7212 and sometimes another one on deck 8. It did this even the day we got the upgrade. This upgrade bidding is very stressful for me. We like to choose where our cabin is going to be, so this does not work for us. We would not be happy towards the front of the ship due to my DH getting motion sickness. We always book midship or aft. I guess from now on we will stick to booking balconies and forget about the inside cabin experience. BTW the cabin number was updated in our celebrity pass, but not on the luggage tag. I called and spoke with Barbara who was very helpful. She put me on hold and called the documentation department and right away the luggage tag was updated and I was able to print and create our new tags. Looking forward to our cruise in one day. Driving to Miami today. I just love not having to deal with planes before our cruise. We already have two planes booked for spring and fall this year. Not to get on a cruise, but to visit northern Italy and Switzerland. Happy Travels!
  13. We just got the upgrade to an IV today for $410 pp. Not bad!! Looking forward to enjoying the view sitting inside a cool room. We get enough heat in FL all year round. Thank you for all your comments. Happy Travels!!
  14. We canceled our 14 nts cruise out of Yokohama for April 2021. But we are going on a cruise to the Caribbean next week and we have reserved a 14 nts cruise in the Mediterranean for Oct 2021.
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