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  1. It appears NCL notified SOME passengers [in a timely fashion], not ALL passengers... I booked directly with NCL, not with a TA. I found out around 4 pm Saturday, August 31st that our 9/1 Breakaway cruise was a "go" and that we had to be to the port by 11 am. At that, I promptly got up from my computer and started packing. Several hours later, something made me go on cruise critic again--just to see if any posters had any new information to share [even if just their own experiences in this situation]. To my shock, posters were saying that although NCL had recently instructed us to be at Port Miami early (by 11 am), our cruise was now in fact canceled! Only around 10 pm Saturday night did we get any notice from NCL about cancellation.
  2. Exactly! I am on CC... but after I saw the notice on ncl.com that our 9/1 Breakaway was going, I started packing my suitcase. My DH was all set to drive me and my sister down to Miami early--as it was noted that passengers must be aboard by 11 am. After spending almost 2 hours packing, I'm so glad I looked at cruise critic again... otherwise we'd have been ones who'd showed up for the cruise that didn't happen as blarko stated! Nothing! I repeat, NOTHING from NCL until almost 10:00 pm Saturday night before our cruise saying it was canceled! I found out later [thanks to CC members] that a mere 45 minutes or so after NCL told us our cruise was a "Go" that it was indeed canceled!
  3. Very sorry for the current Breakaway guests, who probably have their heads spinning by now, and now will be disembarking their cruise in New Orleans (we think, as of now)... I'm glad everyone on my 9/1 sailing will be getting a refund now that the cruise is canceled altogether (so they say...as of now). Hopefully this refund is truly granted to all passengers--without them having to call NCL and wait on hold for 2 hours [like I did this morning] trying to secure a 100% refund before NCL's Sunday 09-01-2019, 9:00 pm deadline arrived. If I (or anyone) hadn't gotten through before 9:00 pm, would we have just been SOL?
  4. It is true that they are preparing meals for thousands of people but... I have to say cruise line food used to be much much better. I started cruising before cruise ships had "specialty restaurants" and the MDR food (even the buffet) was well prepared, well presented, and very tasty across most of the mainstream lines (except Royal--never cared for their food, even back in the day). I actually looked forward to certain signature dishes every time we cruised. I don't expect 5 star quality food either, but cruise line food used to be very good.
  5. And, NCL put a time limit on getting the full refund: You have to contact them by 9:00 pm tonight. I assume they mean EST as it seems their offices close at that time on Sundays.
  6. Ok Thanks. Just wondering because I waited on hold 2 hours to cancel this morning. Hoping they don't mess up my refund, but if they do, was just trying to get an idea of how much time on hold I might be in for this time...
  7. Excellent! I'm glad. If I might ask, how long did you have to wait on hold for a customer service rep?
  8. Yikes! Thanks for the heads-up. Hoping yours gets straightened out quickly!
  9. We just got home from lunch at Margaritaville on Hollywood Beach. It was not very windy there at all. Other than a brief rain shower, it was mostly sunny. The ocean wasn't rough at all, but the Intracoastal Waterway water level was probably the highest I've ever seen.
  10. I first sailed NCL on the Sky in 2011, and the food was pretty bad. Gave NCL another shot in 2016 on Getaway and the food was fantastic! Great menu selections, well prepared, nicely presented etc. Same on the Escape in 2017. The Getaway in 2018 had a new (cheapened in my opinion) menu. Menu selections were more pedestrian. Gone was the chicken parmigiana, pad thai, penne with scallops, spaghetti carbonara, linguine with white clam sauce, asparagus risotto, fried brie, beef wellington etc. And a lot of the food had an off taste (as if highly processed ingredients, artificial flavoring etc.) and gave me severe indigestion (which never happened previously). Worse was our Dawn cruise this past May. Sad, because NCL had been my new favorite line, after leaving Carnival in 2015 (after almost 20 cruises) due to bad food.
  11. I got that same message at first when I dialed, but I hung up and redialed and the call went through. As I was waiting on hold [forever], I read your post about having been disconnected, so I had my sister dial NCL from her phone and sit on hold too--in case I got disconnected too after all the time I'd already waited. At least we would have been further up the queue versus me having to redial again from scratch! I wouldn't let her hang up until my call with the agent who'd finally answered was complete!
  12. Yes they said I would get a full refund. The agent I dealt with sounded very competent (unlike the person I spoke to yesterday). She said they have a separate team processing the refunds. She couldn't actually process the refund herself right then, because she said, "On the day of embarkation, the bookings are locked." What she did was notate on the booking that I did not want to do the modified itinerary and wanted to cancel for the full refund as offered by NCL. She said I would get a cancellation confirmation email probably later on today.
  13. Finally able to cancel my cruise after 2 hours and 4 minutes on hold!
  14. Glad you were able to get a flight home, though. I agree with you, NCL should've canceled our cruise days ago instead of stringing us along. I've been on hold now 1 hour, 51 minutes waiting to cancel this cruise!
  15. So far, I've been on hold with NCL 1 hour and 6 min waiting to cancel this cruise. 😞
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