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  1. I think most use Yeti like we use Bandaid or Kleenex as a reference so others know what you are talking about. I have at least three brands, none of them are Yeti, and they all work great.
  2. We've had it both ways on the same ship so it's up to the bartender what they will do. Some will fill the Yeti directly and some will hand you a glass and you have to pour it yourself. It does usually depend on how well you know the bartender and tip.
  3. We have been on eight Thanksgiving cruises and there are many large family groups. We have met lots of multiple generation groups of over 50 family and friends on a ship. There will be plenty of kids but they seem better behaved than on the spring break cruises. I think having lots of family members on board to keep an eye on the kids make a bit of a difference.
  4. I second Victor Bodden tours. We have used them three times and they are great. You can do a private tour or one of the standard tours. Be sure to hold a sloth if you take that tour. We had two big guys (250 pounds plus) on our tour and it was amazing seeing them cuddle a sloth. Victor Bodden gives you so much information before hand you will feel very comfortable once you arrive as to what you need and where to meet. They are very reputable.
  5. We take our Yeti style cups and usually get one full can of soda and part of another especially if DH and I get a drink at the same time( three cans equal 2 full cups). Depending on where we are we go light on the ice at the bar and then add our own ice from buffet beverage station (of course using a clean cup). This usually gets freshly opened cans and not ones that were opened and sat for awhile.
  6. They are normally set up the sign up table in the corridor going from the atrium elevator bank to right outside the pool area. They are not always set up as soon as you get on but usually by Noon. On a busy holiday cruise I would definitely sign up early. It is so much fun for all ages. On our last cruise we went at 8:30AM and the second seating was sometime after that maybe 10:00 AM.The sea day brunch was in the other dining room so you could do both if you wanted.
  7. It has always been on the last sea day morning. You should sign up on embarkation day if you really want to go. They usually have two different seating times so if you sign up early enough you can pick which time works best for you. We have gone every cruise but one and that one was sold out on the first day but it was a Thanksgiving cruise so many large family groups.
  8. I would bring the extension cord as the one and only time DH forgot his it took until the next morning for the cabin steward to bring one to the room. We asked before dinner on embarkation day for an extension cord for the c-pap machine but it was not delivered that night. I know the cabin steward has a lot to do so I do not blame him. If we had felt it was absolutely needed that night we would have went the front desk to get one. My point is it is better to bring your own and then you know you have one. DH keeps one in the c-pap carrying bag now so he never forgets it again.
  9. Your time dining is really nice as you can eat when you feel like it not at a set time. If you find you like your wait staff you can ask to be sat in their section each night. We more often than not have the same wait staff every night because they are usually so great. They remember you and your choices for beverages just like the set dining time staff do. We have found they are actually the best waiters and love it when you tell them you asked to be sat in their section again. We've never had Cheers since I am not much of a drinker but my kids have had it and love it.
  10. Tell them to wear shoes when entering the restrooms near the pool and water slide areas. I can't tell you how many kids and adults I have seen enter the restroom barefoot. Go the kids club the first night or the next day. Most of the friendships are formed early on when on a cruise ship. As others have said, try new foods and activities. Go to the dining room as this is a special experience and a great time to catch up with others in your group on what you have been doing all day and who you have met. Don't sweat the dress code but remember to at the least dress presentable. Be respectful of everyone working on the ship no matter what they do as they are the ones that make your vacation great. The maintenance crew may seem insignificant until your toilet is clogged and then they are the most sought after crew member on the ship. Also speak to the crew members because many of them have kids your age and really miss talking and being with them.
  11. We've been on both and we liked the Horizon better. It's a newer ship and the things that bothered others did not affect us a bit. We like larger ships but that is our personal preference. If it were the Breeze then it would be a a tie but the Magic is not even in my top five favorite ships. We were on the Horizon during spring break and the Magic at Thanksgiving so both times had a lot of kids but we didn't notice the kids as much on the Horizon. Look at what is most important to you and make your pick. It's a cruise so you can't go wrong!!
  12. We received a group photo and then one with only our family and the Captain. They delivered the photos to our stateroom with two plates of chocolate strawberries and a few different fancy pastries. The swag bag had some nice items too. Our granddaughter got to push the button to make the horn blow when we got to tour the bridge. They also had a continental breakfast setup before the tour and then mimosas and some snacks after the tour. Be sure everyone in your group can go up and down stairs and walk a lot.
  13. Photos!!!! Pay for a photo package so they will have memories of the cruise. My daughter and her friend must have taken 50 pictures on board not even counting the pictures in port. Selfies are great but nice professional pictures can't be beat especially on elegant nights.
  14. We did the Behind the Fun tour on the Magic with our 10 year old granddaughter and another couple. We all really enjoyed it and we each found their own area of fascination. It was very informative and we felt we got our money's worth.
  15. Southern all the way. It is beautiful. We like the Eastern too but our family would take the Southern route hands down. Aruba is the only port my husband wants to go back to for a week. Try it and if you don't like it the Eastern is usually available at a good price.
  16. We were on the Horizon this past Thanksgiving and my husband even thought the cabin was really cool. Normally we are at odds about the cabin temperature but both of us were cooler than we liked.
  17. Does anyone know if you can pick where the ashes are scattered? I want to buried at sea but I do not want to be in the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Florida. I have actually joked that I will haunt my husband if he leaves me somewhere other than the Caribbean Sea.
  18. We had a Lido deck inside cabin last week on the Breeze and the room temperature was great. My husband likes it cooler than I do but we were able to come to a compromise. This ship's thermostat seemed to actually work unlike some ships where it seemed the thermostat was there for looks only. I think you will be able to get the room cool enough but you could take a fan to help.
  19. Night Owls is $8.00 an hour or for special parties a flat fee. Our granddaughter couldn't wait to be able to sign herself out and was only allowed to do so to participate in the scavenger hunt. The group she went with on the scavenger hunt decided to go off track so she knew she would be in trouble and she decided to go back to camp. She got lost trying to find it and sat by an elevator crying until a nice couple helped her find her way back to camp. Her first and only time she signed herself out in two years of being old enough to do so.
  20. We just got off the Breeze yesterday and with the Botttomless Bubbles and our Yeti style cups we got a new can since it held the entire can. If my husband and I both got a soda at the same time we most often we got three cans split between both of our cups to fill them. In the dining room we always got a glass with ice and the unopened can. The waiter filled our glass and left the can on the table for us to finish. Our cruise on the Horizon last November was a very similar situation. It seems that they are doing better at not having so many opened flat cans of soda as in the past.
  21. The casino on the Horizon is very smoky, probably the worst I have experienced. I spent less time in the casino on the Horizon than ever before because of the smoke. The casino seemed smaller and very compact so maybe that is why it seemed so smoky.
  22. They do not play movies or concerts during the day on the pool screen on Carnival which would be great. They did show the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The Horizon does have an I Max theater along with another theater that plays first run movies. I'm not sure of the times of day but I believe on sea days they had showings during the day. I would pick the Horizon over the Magic even though the Magic has a slightly better itinerary. The ship is great and has a lot to offer teens.
  23. Southern then Eastern and lastly Western. I love the Southern ports the most for the experiences and atmosphere. The Eastern ports are getting back to pre-hurricane state so that is plus. I will take the Western over not cruising at all. In fact we are going the Western route next month, last minute booking so went for the better ship versus the itinerary.
  24. I would never check my husband's c-pap machine. This would be a must have and the chance that it could get lost or damaged is not worth it for the minor inconvenience of carrying it around for a short bit before the rooms are ready and you could drop it off.
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