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  1. Wishing him all the best. I guess time will tell. Glad to see he comes from a cruising background.
  2. I would be very surprised if there are any cruises in Sept. 2020. Good luck.
  3. I think you'll see the Ryndam delayed , don't know how long as the ship yard was closed for a couple of months and when they started up again it was not at full capacity. I think you'll see changes to her schedule/ itinerary.
  4. I don't think Carnival will go under, I'm sure it will look different. Are those, " special offers" non refundable or refundable if things don't work out??
  5. No way would I take a non-refundable. It seems to me as HAL is looking for some money to tide them over until things get back to what ever passes for the new normal.
  6. We would of been on the Nieuw Statendam on our way to the North Cape for the next two weeks. Thanks for the pictures as a remainder.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Bet the Vikings never had a view like that.
  8. Happy birthday to all our southern neighbours. Stay healthy and my we all meet again on a cruise ship in healthier times.
  9. We were so looking forward to this tour next year, but we are there on a week end, no show. This is one of my bucket list items.
  10. Had BBQ chicken last night. Bacchus the patron saint of wine drinkers, enjoy.
  11. No public celebrations this year so we did our own with a DQ ice cream cake, Happy 153 birthday Canada.
  12. DQ ice cream cake, Happy 153 birthday Canada.
  13. Volendam 1999 is an R class ship; Massdam 1993 & Veendam 1996 are the last two S class. It would make sense for the two S class to go as they are the oldest. From a business stand point why spend money an the older ships, get rid of them spend the money on the newest. Especially now with the way all cruise lines are bleeding money.
  14. Only 13C and over cast there, here it's 24C feels like 31C, we have the A/C on full blast trying to get down to a comfortable temp.
  15. Thanks for sharing, some of those countries with no restrictions, not sure I or any one else will be travelling there soon.
  16. Thank you very much for all the info. It look like we will skip the HMS Victory at this time. The other one I was looking forward to was the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, but we are there on Sat-Sun, so miss that also.
  17. Now that's funny. Would love to hear the end of that story.
  18. There seem to be many people complaining on CC about what HAL used to be & what they would like it to be again. Which I have no problem with, but there is an old saying which says, "don't talk to the monkey, talk to the organ grinder".If more people wrote to complain directly to HAL and told them, things might change.
  19. On longer cruises they do have segments that you can do. As the others have said I doubt this cruise will be a go. Good luck on a future segment.
  20. We just had a price drop on our Jul 2021 14 Day British Isles Explorer cruise.
  21. I thought she was injured she let get so close, she sat still for a long time & then flew away.
  22. We have done a name change with no problem no extra cost. The new person can pay back the others deposit and keep it as their own. Our TA handled all the details.
  23. We have no plans for a car rental. If HAL doesn't offer a ships excursion then we'll pass. Thanks, it was just a thought.
  24. Looking to visit HMS Victory next year, our cruise stops in Weymouth 07:00 to 19:00. Whats the best way to get there, if the cruise ship does not offer a ships excursion?
  25. The old Mardi Gras was my first cruise New Years Eve 1979-80, had a great time, party, party.
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