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  1. I wanted to update here how things turned out with my TA today. I formally asked that they request the refund from Celebrity. The cancellation fee was not mentioned today but the reply from the TA was to the effect that they called X and X said because my deposit was non-refundable I was not entitled to a refund, only an FCC of 125%. Furthermore, the FCC could only be spent on a future booking with this TA! I pushed back to say that X were legally obliged to refund the fare as they had cancelled the cruise, not me. Supposedly the TA called X again and escalated it to supervisor who agreed to p
  2. I called X to enquire about submitting the refund request myself. They said no and told me to talk to the TA.
  3. Apparently I do have to request the refund via my TA because the reservation is the result of a lift and shift. When I try to request a refund via that link I get the message below:
  4. The booking is with a US agent. Our payments are processed by Celebrity. I am wondering if the agent will refuse to progress the refund with X unless I agree to pay a fee.
  5. I guess you must be somebody who doesn’t like to plan ahead for a particular eventuality, based on the information available at the time. I, on the other hand, like to get my ducks in a row by trying to gather information that may be useful. One way I do that is by asking questions of others who may have had the same experience. Disappointing to see that asking a question on these boards is now classed as “complaining”.
  6. That's what I was wondering. Maybe they will refuse to process my refund until I pay the fee? Unfortunately because this reservation was a lift and shift Celebrity have told me that the refund has to be handled by the TA.
  7. Not sure what point you are making here? I said in my first post that the TA was "making noises" about charging a fee. They have said it is a real possibility. So I am asking if anybody else has been charged a similar fee or if this is unusual. Whether or not the charge has actually been levied yet is neither here nor there.
  8. I'm pretty sure I know who you mean and I did move away from that agency partly because of their cancellation fees! Although they did waive the fees for me when I rebooked with them. But I really moved for better service and also I heard from other clients that this new agency didn't charge the fee in reality. As you can see, their wording which I have included in post #1 is much looser than the wording in "that" agencies contract: Plus they make you sign a contract agreeing to that whereas my current agent doesn't. Having said all that, my intention in sta
  9. They are saying they are working through their long list of clients with cancelled cruises, based on sailing date, and checking their invoices to see if a fee is payable. And if it is, the fee will be charged. But as they also say that all their invoices do have this condition then I guess everyone will be asked to pay up 🤑
  10. My travel agent is making noises about charging a fee because we want a refund for a cruise that has been cancelled by Celebrity. They maintain that the following statement on their invoice allows them to do this: I could understand this fee being charged if the client cancels the cruise however I am shocked that it could be charged when the cruise line has cancelled. I understand that this is an exceedingly difficult time for travel agencies but this is a very underhand way of making money. I am wondering if anybody else has come up against this?
  11. I just received the email below from X. We were booked to sail on the Edge transatlantic in October 2021. Disappointing news but not totally unexpected.
  12. We are just off Reflection and an experienced Putu was working in the Martini Bar. Lovely guy but not sure if he is “your” Putu!
  13. DISEMBARKING IN DUBLIN While I'm here I wanted to mention our experience of disembarkation in Dublin as I know some cruisers worry about it due to issues last year. I am happy to say that things ran a lot more smoothly on this sailing that when we disembarked from the same itinerary in 2018. There was quite a long queue for taxis but it was managed much more efficiently this time and really didn't take too long. When we went down to the Martini Bar to disembark we were surprised to see a long queue of folks waiting to leave. The queue stretched down as far as the shops and casino.
  14. Thank you Aiden, you are very kind. I still feel guilty that I wasn't able to maintain my "Live from" musings for the whole cruise . I checked out the Celebrity boards for the first time in a while today and was amused to see thread titles along the lines of "Not even close to live from Equinox" and such like!
  15. Having been inspired by other Cruise Critic members such as Mr_T, ChicagoPaul and Jim_Iain (among others) I am going to attempt my first “Live from” review. I hope some readers may find it interesting or informative. The previously mentioned Mr_T recently posted many wonderful photos from Reflection so I don’t intend to duplicate his efforts. I don’t plan to post dailies or menus, maybe just the occasional photo. My review will be mainly my own (quite possibly irreverent) views on Reflection, the staff, the food, the entertainment, differences between Reflection and other X ships. My rating
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