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  1. Apologies, I didn't make myself clear. We are past the 120 day mark and I would be happy with the Admin Fee being converted to an FCC. The point I was trying to make is that my TA says that Oceania will not automatically do that and may decide to keep the fee. The posts I quoted in my post #59 seem to state that the Admin Fee is always converted to an FCC so I wanted to check on that.
  2. Thank you! Monfalcone is a name that I haven't seen mentioned as an alternative to Venice in discussions to date. As you say, it doesn't give us any insight into Oceania's plans but we now have a fourth possibility to add to Marghera, Trieste and Ravenna!
  3. Thanks folks, I am encouraged to see these statements. I have paid a deposit (no FCC) on a 10 night cruise which was due to sail from Venice in November. I interpreted the word "may" in the Oceania wording below to mean "is permitted" however my TA has advised me that it means Oceania "may" keep the Admin Fee or they "may" make an exception and allow it to be applied to a future cruise. If I am interpreting your posts correctly, it seems that it's custom and practice to convert the fee to an FCC.
  4. Would someone be kind enough to tell me what port was substituted for Venice according to that article please? The article is behind a paywall so I'm unable to access it.
  5. My TA is in the same position. We can't get any movement from O without evidence.
  6. Another example of agents giving incorrect information! Hopefully our final payment date will be pushed out before 11th August.
  7. Oceania are insisting to my TA that the 9th November 10 day Venice to Barcelona cruise is not on the list of cruises whose final payment dates have been pushed out. Below is an extract from my current booking statement showing a final payment date of 11th August. Have you received an updated statement with the new final payment date? And if so would you be prepared to share an extract like the one below with me? I would really appreciate it. My email address is in my signature if you would like to contact me that way.
  8. I would really appreciate it if anybody else on the Venice to Barcelona leg of this cruise could post whether they have had their final payment date pushed out 🙏. Oceania have told my TA that some sailings have had the final payment date adjusted but not this one 🤨
  9. Thanks for this information 👍
  10. Has anyone on this roll call received notification that final payment dates are being pushed out?
  11. My TA spoke to Oceania and said they may consider tendering in Venice! This seems unlikely to me so would be interested to hear what others think .
  12. Thank you for your reports Germancruiser, all very interesting. Can you recall which side of the ship the smoking area outside Eden was on? On Solstice class ships all the smoking areas are on the port side so I wondered if they have continued this on Edge class. I read on another thread that this particular smoking area on Edge had been removed due to complaints from nearby cabins. If it is in situ on Apex it sounds like a cabin location nearby would be best avoided by those sensitive to smoke.
  13. Just in case you didn’t know, you can just pay the difference for any drinks above the Classic package limit. So you can have an Aperol Spritz for $1 😃🍹.
  14. Hope you have a wonderful cruise and I’m looking forward to hearing about it. One thing I would be interested to know is whether there are any/many shaded areas on the pool deck. There doesn’t seem to be as much capacity for shade as on the Solstice class ships but I hope I’m wrong on that.
  15. As it seems now that only an early September cruise will work for our schedules, I really appreciate this insight. Having Giuseppe as CD was very high on our list of reasons for taking this cruise so we may have to rethink our plans 😢.
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