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  1. We were on the Glory Jan 12-19, 2020 and that was the first week it switched to Pepsi products. They did have Dr. Pepper because my daughter had a few with her bubbles package but I don't recall seeing Diet Dr. Pepper.
  2. Thank you very much.. I googled NO Cruise parking and some site came up for different parking options in NO. when I clicked on Fulton, a link to parkwiz was the link to book. Now you have given me clearer direction, I will definitely shop around. Machu looks like a great option. I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share with others. we have never cruised out of NO and are very excited for this cruise. I have read a lot of your post that have been very helpful for our upcoming cruise.
  3. I got on Parkwhiz..com to reserve a parking space for our January 12, 2020 cruise out of New Orleans. The website is stating that there are no parking spaces available. Does Fulton get booked up 3 months in advance?
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