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  1. Matt Mitchem. If you have ever had the opportunity to sail with him, he will set the bar. All over the ship, interacting with the passengers. So entertaining, funny, and talk about eye candy. That is all....
  2. Enjoying your review! We also stayed at the Hilton Marina in December. Love that hotel!
  3. We were on the Allure last month. The door to the refrigerator was bolted to the cabinet. Therefore, we could not keep the cabinet door open. However, the fridge did keep water, soda, and beer cold. So I guess it was a "real" refrigerator.
  4. Great review so far. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing.
  5. We were never approached to upgrade to specialty dining. I was hoping we would be, as I was very interested if we could get a deal onboard. Now, the drink package is another story. Felt like I was at the straw market in Nassau, a version of hell on earth!
  6. For Bob, if he is reading this. The drink special showed up on day 4 at $79 for 10 drinks. Hope you are not on the ship to watch any TV. Numerous ship channels. ESPN, one news channel, two additional tv channels, and that's about it. They do have a good selection of free movies, which I enjoyed. Now, my biggest complaint. The cruise director! Jimmy Rhodes absolutely sucked. He was not visable at all! Saw him once getting on an elevator and after the Blue Planet show to announce the evening activities. His assistant, Kim was great. She attended the meet and mingle, led the Quest, Ocean Aria, pool activities, etc. I don't think you would know who he was if you didn't watch the morning shows. Even then, he gave inaccurate information about the weather and daily scheduled activities. No words. Jimmy, you are no Matt Mitchum (carnival). That is all.a I will try to answer any questions and will post more thoughts as they come to me. Once again, I love the Allure and would sail on her again without reservation.
  7. We ate in dinner in the dining room every night with the exception of two. I cannot write home about any of the dining room meals. I feel the flames coming, but Carnival does this meal best. It was food, that is all... We did enjoy our meal at Chops. I had the lamb chops and DH had the ribeye. Very nice meal. My husband, who let's me plan all things vacation, enjoyed this meal a lot. His comment was it was a step above Outback and Longhorn, but a step below Morton's or Ruth Chris'. This was one of my anniversary gifts to him, so I count it as a win. The wait staff was very good. Okay, back to the dining room. We were assigned to a 2 top. It was beyond ridiculous. Our table was so close to the next table, I had an intimate experience trying to reach my seat, and please note, I am an average sized female. I hated one night I had to get up and use the restroom during dinner and my rear end had the rub the neighbors table to get out! Again, this was not a table for two. It is a good thing our tablemates were enjoyable as you had no choice to interact with them. This was not a problem for us, as we are used to interaction. But anyone who wants an intimate experience (I mean with your significant other and not a table), this is not the place for you! As others have reported, the dress code is not enforced. Jeans, shorts, baseball caps (turned backwards), shirts with offensive language were allowed. I even noticed a couple in pajamas on formal night. People, you cannot make this stuff up. I was not disturbed by it, but husband put on his school administrators hat and commented several times that people were out of dress code. I had to remind him to turn on his filter as the gentlemen at the table next to us worn jeans on formal night, lol. The hotdogs, pizza, sandwiches, etc. were all good. No one will go hungry on this ship. And the activities are endless. Too much to do in one week. If you bring your children, they will not be bored. The gym is awesome. I can say this because my husband is a personal trainer (his retirement gig), and he was beyond impressed with the space and equipment in the gym. I did not experience any problems with the elevators. I was always able to grab one within a minute or two. Did not experience any children in the solarium and note I visited several times a day.
  8. The shows and crowding. We attended Ocean Aria (do not miss, amazing), Momma Mia (great), and Blue Planet (good). We had reservations. When we went to Ocean Aria (day 2), at least 8 rows of seating were reserved for suite, D's, D+, and P's. However, that section was opened 5 minutes before the show and we were able to get great seats. The other two shows were no where near filled to capacity, so finding a seat was easy. When leaving the shows, we found the crowding no difference than a popular movie in a theatre at home. The staff was very strict on checking reservations for the comedy shows, but we were able to find great seats both times we attended. We thought the comedians were funny, one more than the other, but enjoyable. I must add, I would not pay to see either one. Upgrade needed. The casino. It seems everyone worries about the smoke. My experience. The earlier you go, the less likely you will be bothered my it, unless you are highly sensitive. The non-smoking side smelled like frebreeze air until late in the evening. The smoking side, noticed the smoke earlier in the evening. I enjoyed my time there, even if I only broke eve The dining. Okay disclaimer, I am a Southern girl who likes her grits. I only found them in the Windjammer and the Solarium. Okay, so I survived. We ate breakfast at almost every venue and was only disappointed with Johnny Rockets. Potatoes were hard and no flavor, maybe just an off morning, but I wanted to go somewhere else after that experience. I think the bacon was fried twice. Waffle house is a serious upgrade. Be back momentarily.
  9. We recently disembarked the Allure (12/22/19). We enjoyed our cruise very much. After reading some many reviews before we left, I decided to share a few thoughts about our experience. About us, we are 58 and 60. We have both recently retired from the world of public education. I was a school counselor for 33 years and DH retired as a school principal. I know, bless our hearts, lol. We began cruising in 1988, Emerald of the Seas (Admiral Cruises), which was eventually sold to Royal. We have cruised many times, alternating between Carnival and Royal. However, this cruise was a first for us. We had never sailed with just the two of us, as we always cruise with family and friends. We decided to go on this cruise to celebrate our retirements, our 36th anniversary, and to reflect on all the blessings we have shared over the years. We flew from Charlotte to FLL on the 14th. We spent the day and night at the Hilton Marina. I would highly recommend this hotel. We stayed in the tower (room 310). It was very clean and updated. We did some walking and sightseeing. We ate our meals on the property which although hard on the purse strings, we enjoyed very much. On the 15th, we had breakfast at the hotel and then on to the Allure! For reference, our last two cruises were on the Independence of the Seas and the Carnival Vista. I may make some comparisons, however, note, I do not have a preference. We like both products. So on to the Allure...Wow! I knew what the expect as I have read hundreds of reviews and watched many videos, however, seeing this girl in person was an awesome experience. Very easy check in. We arrived about 11:15 got in a line with what I thought was 100 people and we were on the ship in less than 15 minutes. Very easy. We ate lunch at the Park Café, and yes, the roast beef sandwiches may be orgasmic. Rooms were ready promptly at 1:00. We spotted our luggage about 20 cabins from our stateroom, so we grabbed them and were unpacked with time for drinks before the mustard/muster drill. Our muster drill was held in the theatre, not too painful, except for that dumb video. It got on my last nerve, but okay, I'm on vacation, right. Want to add, we were in an ocean view balcony cabin (8208). Loved this cabin. We also loved being on the Central Park deck, convenient to everything. Also, want the acknowledge our stateroom attendant, Mark, he was fabulous and so accommodating, extra tip-score! Drinks. We had the deluxe package and have no regrets. I had two cold beverages (coke) each morning and DH specialty coffee. We each had at least 5 alcoholic drinks per day. One day my husband, who drank mostly grey goose with a splash asked a bar tender how much his drink would cost without the package. The answer was $9.75 plus 18%. Whew! Glad I didn't have to micromanage that! Of course, we each had several waters, and we took several waters off the ship,! so the package was a winner for us. I especially liked the fact that if I didn't like something, like the Coco Loco (too much tequila, it was gross), I could easily get something else. Now the STRAWS are a different story. I truly understand the need for conservation, but those straws do nothing for a frozen toddy. I just gave up, drank from the glass and prayed the germ monsters did not win. More in a minute.
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