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  1. Good morning! Just out of curiosity, can I use the Promo OBC (100$) that I have for my booking to pay NCL shore excursions or is it only for onboard purchases? Thank you!
  2. I did a Lift and Shift yesterday. I see on my cruise planner that it has been changed but no new statement yet. Is this normal? I saw the balance but I am questionning it. Should I wait to receive it first or call?
  3. Should I apply my FCC's for the current 2021 bookings ( they expire December 2021) and then make the L&S for 2022?
  4. Once I checked the cruises but without choosing yet, do I cancel request or just exit?
  5. Thank you so much Ken! You have been very helpful. Guylaine
  6. Also, do it have to be the same departure port? Empress in 2021 is in Miami but for L&S could it be Miami and/or Fort Lauderdale also since they are close?
  7. We have a B2B in April 2021 on the Empress (6-day and 8 day cruises) and at the time of booking, the cruise fares were really cheap. But with the Covid situation, we are considering to L&S in April 2022. I've been looking around but I am confused. When it says they price protect , which one? The one in 2021 will be the same price as 2022 or 2022 will be price protected? Let say I paid 5000$ for both 2021 cruises and currently the 2022 that I would like to L&S is 7000$ , which is it 5000$ or 7000$? Also, do I lose the OBC that I have? Can I combine the 2 cruises for a longer cruise inst
  8. Can I receive a refund instead? There won't be a change or cancellation fee of 100$ per person? What happens with the OBC that RC gave me when I booked onboard?
  9. This CWC thing confuses me. I have a cruise booked in November (Vision Nov. 2) from Fort Lauderdale. I am wondering if I should cancel and put the deposit made (200$ only booked on board a while back) to a current booking (B2B) on Empress I have in April 2021. Is this doable since it will be done before August 1st or I will loose my deposit since it is non-refundable. Thank you for your help.
  10. I was browsing the gifts and gear section and was wondering if there is a limit on alcohol packages (small bottle and 4 mixers) we could buy per stateroom. We do not want to buy the drink packages as they are expensive. Also I am interested to buy a cheese tray and wine package also. Thanks for your help.
  11. I do not know. I haven't tried yet.
  12. I would like to buy 2 alcohol packages (rum and vodka) but I don't know if there is a limit per cabin. Does anybody know? I do not want to buy the beverage package if anyone asks. Thank you.
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