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  1. We were there as well - great vacation! If someone has, by any chance, a karaoke footage of "Rocket Man" rendition by a young man in a bright yellow blazer - I would love to have that (personal connection), please PM me - thanks a million!
  2. Just off Divina yesterday - 4 people in our group had "Drinks on us" included and one person had an "Easy" package. It worked great for us as in many bars and restaurants we all could take advantage of the latter without incurring an additional 15% gratuity charge. We also had bottles of wine and Prosecco (not a huge variety but quite good) with dinner as opposed to "wine by the glass" as stated in the description.
  3. We are on Divina currently. Easy package has plenty of choices and we didn't upgrade. They are very generous with choices if you ask nicely and are kind and respectful to staff. Easy package includes non alcoholic coctails and smoothies as well as coffee and chocolate drinks up to $6.
  4. Sorry but why would you need to sign into MSC website? You could book any additions to your cruise using the same TA.
  5. To say that I feel frustrated and insanely mad on your behalf is an understatement:) I would probably never book with them again though their prices are pretty awesome. Maybe at least use an online agency/travel consultant instead of MSC website so somebody else would have to solve the unforseen discrepancies.
  6. Drinks on Us has a considerably wider selection of bottled beers as opposed to Easy package's only 1 (Miller) and Heineken on tap for both DOU and Easy. Also, Drinks on Us now lists vermouth additionally to previously listed wines and mixed drinks.
  7. I live in Canada but we often travel with our friends from Europe. We have taken 2 cruises together that I've booked on US website using my Canadian address for their residency as well and nobody has experienced any problems.
  8. I respectfully disagree with the majority of the above opinions - we are not loyal to any particular cruise line and so we have sailed on NCL, Carnival, Celebrity and MSC Divina (2015 Mediterranean itinerary). We absolutely loved the Ship and did not find it any different from the other cruise lines (except people embarking/disembarking at every port, which you won't even notice:) We actually preferred the food on the Divina over the other cruise lines - a great selection of European cheeses, Prosciutto, olives, breads, etc. - I could happily live on those alone. The ship is an elegant beauty, service was great and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves therefore we can't wait for our January 2019 sailing in the Caribbean!
  9. I was pleasantly surprised that mine didn't expire though we cruised on Divina in May 2015 and then only recently booked another cruise for January 2019. We actually received a 5% + 15% Voyager's club discount for this sailing.
  10. I am Canadian and I love opera, ballet, and string music as well as piano:) We sailed on Divina in Europe and enjoyed it immensely. Booked for January 2019 and can't wait.
  11. That's your chance to try something new then. Actually menus look wonderful to me.
  12. Sorry, forgot to add - did a lot of research myself and then booked with an online agency.
  13. No, $1692 was for 2 people in a Bella balcony, tax in, 10 nights on the Divina with Drinks on Us:)
  14. Enjoy your cruise! We are second time cruisers on MSC Divina and booked a Bella balcony 10 nights itinerary in January 2019 in the Caribbean for $1690 (tax in) with Drinks on Us promotion:) Actually got offered 5+15% discount without even asking:)
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