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  1. Sailaway Day! Always exciting. I hope to sail on Dream - I like the Joe Farcus decor. Thanks for the photos!
  2. Agreed. Breeze is the best I have experienced so far. Vista was just a little too big and too busy.
  3. We had an aft balcony deck 9 on Vista, and dark-thirty every morning there was some noise as the crew moved chairs and washed down Lido above us. We laughed it off, it only lasted a little while. We knew to expect it. The advantage of being on 9 (full shade and privacy provided by the overhanging Lido above) much outweighed noise factor.
  4. Cheers on the Vista a couple months ago, I would say all the fruity/sugary drinks were indeed weak. But I am used to making drinks at home with 2 oz. of 80 proof. Even when switching to "gin on the rocks" or some such, it was just way lots of ice, not much alcohol, for my taste. So, the best bang for buck I think is the Parched Pig IPA or equal, 16 oz can at 6.2 percent which equals 2 1/2 oz. of 80 proof alcohol per can! Two of those in quick succession, I could definitely feel.
  5. As one of the minority of cruisers who don't think coves are all that great, I'd say moving up to deck 8 for cheap is a good move. The ability to swing open the partition and make a longer shared balcony is a plus also, in your case.
  6. I have never been to Alaska and will be be on the Legend April 29 - May 6. The ports are Jeneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Glacier Bay. What are our chances of seeing Bears, whales, eagles, other wild life and the Northern Lights? Thank you
  7. I am on my husbands page. I am hoping there is someone out there who can help me. I just booked a cruise to Alaska this May, with a friend. We are traveling alone. Neither of us have been to Alaska.This cruise is in honor of her husband, who she lost 5 years ago. It was their dream to go after he retired. He passed within 6 months after retiring. So I want this to be special for her. She is on a walker, all the time and uses a wheelchair some times. I have no problems and can push her. She wants to go on the train in Skagway. I have looked at several excursions and can not find anyone who has been on a walker. I believe that if she was in a wheelchair all the time this excursion is not possible. My question is how hard is the excursion where you ride the train, bus, and do the gold camp tour? She believes she will be able to climb into the bus. Is the step up into the train very high? The excursion is not listed as a wheelchair able one. The excursion we are looking at is listed as the Best of Skagway-Rail Summit, Trail Camp and Salmon Bake. I am willing to even hear of other excursions that you may think she may enjoy. She loves seeing and hearing about the history and sights she is at. I took her on a cab ride in the Bahamas, which she loved. Thank you all for the help.
  8. We sailed with three adults in 1214 (port side equivalent to your 1217), this past April. The porthole cabin was a good value and plenty big enough for us. Hope you find the Breeze to your liking - it is (so far) my favorite ship. I am glad I was able to sail Breeze twice out of Galveston.
  9. Glad to hear you had a good Vista cruise - my son and his family are sailing on that ship today, and Dear Wife and I are booked for a March Vista cruise. We have two questions: Does Vista still have the salad bar at Serenity, and do you know what the current platinum/diamond gift is? Thanks.
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