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  1. Sailaway Day! Always exciting. I hope to sail on Dream - I like the Joe Farcus decor. Thanks for the photos!
  2. Agreed. Breeze is the best I have experienced so far. Vista was just a little too big and too busy.
  3. We had an aft balcony deck 9 on Vista, and dark-thirty every morning there was some noise as the crew moved chairs and washed down Lido above us. We laughed it off, it only lasted a little while. We knew to expect it. The advantage of being on 9 (full shade and privacy provided by the overhanging Lido above) much outweighed noise factor.
  4. Cheers on the Vista a couple months ago, I would say all the fruity/sugary drinks were indeed weak. But I am used to making drinks at home with 2 oz. of 80 proof. Even when switching to "gin on the rocks" or some such, it was just way lots of ice, not much alcohol, for my taste. So, the best bang for buck I think is the Parched Pig IPA or equal, 16 oz can at 6.2 percent which equals 2 1/2 oz. of 80 proof alcohol per can! Two of those in quick succession, I could definitely feel.
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