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  1. Norris, I did hear from Blexie yesterday and we are very happy with what we are doing on our first day in Havana. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful report and the great information that I found in those pages. Jennie
  2. Hi Norris, I still have to hear from Blexie Tours. Both Fernando and Yoe sent their regards and were thrilled that you had mentioned them in your review. We will be seeing the new Oceania style when we cruise on Sirena. At the moment all the other little "O" ships are still in the old "R" mode. We love the beautiful Marina which is so very tasteful, so we are hoping that the Sirena will be like her when she comes out of dry dock. Jennie
  3. A friend from Perth sent me the link to your wonderful review as she knew that we were going to Cuba next March. Thanks so much for the fantastic photos and the excellent review as well as the recommendation of your guides. I have emailed each of the three companies and have already heard from two of them and have booked tours with them. We are going with Oceania as the itinerary is excellent and we like their product. We will be on Sirena and have already cruised on her six times when she was the Ocean and Tahitian Princess. She is our favourite little ship, though we have been on Azamara's Quest, Pacific Princess and the old Royal Princess before she went to P & O U.K., plus Oceania's Nautica and Regatta so you can see we have a love affair with those ex "R" ships. Thanks for all the details of your cruise including your hotel in Miami. We are tempted to stay there though we have been to Miami once before and this time we are thinking of being closer to the port and staying at the Intercontinental. Jennie
  4. Thanks to you four for being so prompt and giving me the correct advice. I am so glad that C.C. is here for us to ask questions and get the correct answers. We are so used to everything running smoothly here in Oz that I wasn't going to ask. We left our ship a few weeks ago at Circular Quay in Sydney at 8.25am. We were at Sydney's Domestic Terminal for Qantas at 8.50am and we were checked in and through security just after 9am! We had booked an 11am flight so we had two hours to wait. You can see why I was a bit wary about asking! I will definitely book the later flight. Jennie
  5. We are doing a Cuban cruise on the Sirena and we arrive back into Miami at 7am. Is it feasible to be able to book a 10.50am domestic flight from Miami to Philadelphia or should we make it later which would be nearly 2pm? Jennie
  6. David, I will certainly let you know. We are having a warm day today of 37C and it going to be in the high 30's until Sunday. I don't envy you the cold weather. The coldest we get here in Melbourne is around 12C in the middle of winter though it can go down to 0 overnight. I love summer and tomorrow is the official first day of autumn. Autumn is a beautiful time here but we know that daylight saving will end in a month and the nights will be drawing in! Jennie
  7. I too am waiting for the 2021 itineraries to come out as we would like to cruise either from Australia or Singapore back to Southampton without doing part of the World Cruise which occurs on the Sea or Sun in the middle of the year. I have noticed that the Island Princess is also making her way to Singapore in November of 2020 and will be there on the 17th December but after that it is a mystery as to what or where she will be going. We would be interested in finding out what the plans are for the Island whilst she is in Asia and if she will be returning back to Southampton early in the New Year such as March or April of 2021. I hate having to wait but guess that is part of life! Jennie
  8. That's fine. We will make sure that we use all of the cards. Not hard, especially as we each have a coffee most lunchtimes and I often have one for breakfast. With only 15 on each card, that won't be hard to do on a 14 day cruise. Jennie
  9. Thanks for your quick reply. I now can understand what is happening. I have a coffee card left over from our last cruise on the Sea Princess, so we will return all the drink in our refrig except for the gin and tonic and that will leave us a new coffee card to be used with our old one which will probably be enough coffees for the cruise. Jennie
  10. I have just discovered this topic so I am very much out of date with Coffee Cards as we lasted cruised on Princess in 2017. We always use a coffee card as we do love our Espresso Coffee each lunchtime and often at breakfast. We will be on the Sun in just over 3 weeks time and cannot wait. We are Elite and we when we organize our refrigerator with our "free drinks" we prefer to remove everything except the gin and tonic although we often replace everything for a coffee card. Does this still apply and if there are no coffee cards anymore, do we pay for our coffee each time we buy one or is there another way of being able to buy the coffee at a discount price? Jennie
  11. So true though Viking were very fair when I needed to cancel and rebook earlier this year. Jennie
  12. I have just gone into my booking with Viking which was changed to May, 2020 and we do not have to make final payment until January 2020, which will be 4 months out which I feel is very reasonable. Jennie
  13. Paige, What a shame you fell asleep whilst "Death of Stalin" was on. It is a good film to watch. We saw it earlier this year in the cinema. Jennie
  14. Paige, I have finally found and read these three pages. So glad you put the link on Facebook otherwise I would have missed your wonderfully funny narration. It sounds a great cruise even though the weather is just being normal and boring!. I remember when we were in Scotland one September, it was quite cold and when we returned back to London, Scotland had their hottest day all summer at 24C! (78F) We laughed as we are so used to such high temperatures during our summer. Anyhow, I will now look forward to reading your adventures each day. Jennie
  15. Cynthia, Am enjoying reading your posts and looking at Dave's wonderful photos. Keep on having fun each day and hope that Trivia brings some wins! Give our regards to Julie. Jennie
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