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  1. Our friends on the Amsterdam have just sent this: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-bz-coronavirus-stranding-elderly-cruisers-in-australia-20200318-shqkc2sbuneqbla5qklififcpq-story.html?fbclid=IwAR1HoUADEa0CWDvV41n8mHpH8_2jhjGBdcrvBraJrr9iXadMudyLy38B9Bw Jennie
  2. What do you mean by that! I have never head of that expression so I presume you are being extremely rude. My information was the latest from my friends who were asking me to try and help them find other flights out of our country. As well as suggesting returning back to the States via Hawaii I even suggested catching Singapore airlines and flying directly from Singapore to New York or going via San Francisco. The Delta flight was the one that was given to them by HAL as they are independent travellers. By that date in April, our International airports here could be closed as our country is trying to contain the virus. Most of the infected people have picked it up from those who have been overseas.
  3. Hi Copper, lovely to hear from you after all this time. I have been off the HAL boards for quite some time but when our friends were stuck in such a predicament down here I came over to see what was happening. I do feel for everyone on the Amsterdam and any other ship that is trying to dock so far from home. Of course if they would have been allowed to dock in Sydney or Melbourne, it would have been so much easier for everyone. Luckily, our friends are fit and well and at the moment are thinking of exploring more of Oz before heading back home on the flight they have booked on Delta though I am sure that if they could get an earlier flight, they would be home asap. Jennie
  4. I was not chiming in with false information. In fact what I said was true. My friends on the Amsterdam had sent me an email with the information that LA would be closing and therefore they cannot leave Australia until April 15th on Delta Air. They are looking into my suggestion of flying to Hawaii but as the internet is so slow on the ship, they are sending my emails on to their TA in the States. I certainly would not be putting incorrect information on this Board if I hadn't heard it from my friends who are in the same difficulty as Kindergirl's parents. Jennie
  5. Our friends on the Amsterdam have just sent out an SOS as they were booked to fly from Perth to Melbourne and then on to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, LA airport will now be closed so they are now trying to work out how to get to the East Cost of the U.S. I have suggested either flying to Canada and then try to get a flight home or hire a car or alternatively, fly to Hawaii and spend time there relaxing until the flights can be resumed to the States. Any thoughts. They were hoping that HAL would put on some charter flights but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Jennie
  6. We have been home from our 13 day cruise on the Golden Princess nearly 2 weeks now. We certainly didn't find anything different from normal in the menus. Not very much in the way of lamb or beef. If we hadn't of been in Club Class and had our wonderful Head Waiter cooking most nights, we would have been very disappointed with the food. Jennie
  7. We love both the Sun and Sea though our favourite is probably the Sun. We love her wide Promenade Deck which goes right around the ship so that you can walk without having to go up and down stairs to get your miles in. We love the mini suites, both the normal ones facing out to sea as well as those at the aft, which are as big as the vista suites on the Golden except for the wider balcony. We love the size of the ship, being under 2000 passengers is a huge plus and upstairs there are numerous areas to sit and enjoy the sunshine. Even though she is getting old, she is in good condition. We were on her last September for 19 days and we couldn't fault our time on her. The staff are wonderful and the food was excellent, far better than we have just had on the Golden Princess. Jennie
  8. If your cruise leaves or returns to one of the ports in Australia, then your gratuities are included. If it leaves from a port overseas and doesn't return back to Australia, then you pay gratuities and it is added each evening to your account. Simple as that. Jennie
  9. You will love those Overlands. Fortunately, we have been to most of them in our travels. Yes I agree with you, do it while you are young and able and certainly have the stamina. I know that we are slowing down and we wouldn't be able to keep up with the schedule that you are doing on the Nepal/Bhutan trip. I just hope that most of those who have booked the Overlands are as fit and well as you and Dave. Nothing worse than having to wait for the slowest and running behind schedule. I must go in to the link you gave me and look at your other trips. It is certainly a great RTW cruise with so much to choose from. We did a couple of Overlands with Oceania back in 2008 and they certainly know how to organize a great excursion. Jennie
  10. Thanks so much Cynthia, it worked a treat. How many of the Overland excursions are you going to do. There are so many of them. If you do them all you will be exhausted though if you haven't visited any of them before, it is so very tempting. Jennie
  11. Peter and I wish you and Dave a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. We are spending Christmas with my sister and brother in law together with our son Rich and his friend. On Boxing Day we are off to the MCG with our daughter Jane and the rest of the family to watch the Test (cricket) between Australia and New Zealand. We will then go down to Red Hill a few days later and given them all our Chrissie gifts. The Overlands sound interesting. I think you mentioned you were going to the Himalayas. Do you get to fly to Katmandu or somewhere similar? Enjoy, look after yourselves and report back as we will be travelling with you through your photos and descriptions. Jennie
  12. Hi Cynthia, we have been home from Bali and the cruise from Hong Kong to Sydney since October. We spent most of November up north in FNQ. Two weeks at Palm Cove where we drove you all on Christmas Day and then a week at Port Douglas. We had wonderful weather and loved every minute up there. We are now home getting ready for Christmas. I am looking forward to reading your Blog when you finally leave. I know you will both have a wonderful time. Am quite envious! Jennie
  13. Hi am Aussie Gal and CBB were our friends Cynthia and Dave who did the blog. Hopefully this link will get you to their blog. Just look for Circumference of Australia when you find their blogs. drdavebradley.blogspot.com Jennie
  14. We were on the Sun Princess two weeks ago and we had two Pub Lunches. The first one was the better of the two as it had a meat pie which looked delicious. We had the Ploughman's lunch that day but best of all was the bread and butter pudding which was yummy. The second Pub Lunch wasn't quite so good though the Shepherd's Pie was great. They tried to tell us we were eating Roly Poly pudding for dessert but unfortunately, it was just 2 jam rolls with a bit of custard, not quite what we expected. Afternoon tea was also offered on sea days. We went to one but it wasn't like the afternoon teas we are used to when we have it in an hotel so we were disappointed. Jennie
  15. We always take a taxi as we find we are then dropped right at our hotel. We usually have the luggage for the cruise and that certainly is too hard to move around easily and we always arrive a day or so early for the cruise. Jennie
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