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  1. golfergal

    Lindsay Phillips shoes

    Have worn various models for years. My absolute favorite is the Rosie. I walk for days in these. I have had a pair or two of the flip flops that weren't as comfortable. I pack them for cruises, for Europe, for every day.
  2. golfergal

    Parking at POM

    We parked at the port with no issues. Looks like there might be an extra charge for a big suv.
  3. golfergal

    Post a Picture of Your Dress (Part 3)

    Wow, I'm surprised that there would be such overwhelmingly poor reviews. Roaman's is very popular and I've never had an issue using them. Didn't love everything I bought, but no issues with buying or returning.
  4. golfergal

    Interesting things seen from your balcony?

    Our cabin was below the bridge, so we had our lights out while on the balcony. I loved being in the pitch dark at night. Anyhow we noticed lights in the sky darting all around. We were so freaked out. Then we realized that they were doing a stargazing seminar on the top deck and it was just the super powerful light pointer of the presenter.
  5. I love your shrug! Your outfits look great.
  6. golfergal

    Pre-Cruise Suite Concierge?

    We've attended sailaway parties in the penthouse and the butler was there to help with the food and drinks. I believe bought in advance via the online ordering. Heck, we've done that for own private sail always - canapés, shrimp and sweets. We've also brought on things from caviar to chips and dip. Don't think it unreasonable to expect the items you order to be set up. If the butler does more that's awesome.
  7. golfergal

    Where to stay in Miami

    I agree with the other posts, just get to a hotel at the airport as there are several nice ones. The Marriott is great for an airport hotel, Courtyard is fine too, and most of the big "nicer" chains have one there. Get in get a good night sleep - sleep late and then head off to the port around 11:30 or so. It's a fairly short ride to the hotels closer to the port (iCH, JW Marriott Marquis, Epic, etc), but you really won't spend much time at the hotel before boarding and you'll probably pay more. Plus you can make a stop to pick up wine or water on your way to the ship in the morning.
  8. golfergal

    Farewell to dkjretired....

    Truly sad to see such a treasure leave these boards. Can't count the number of times I've benefited from his insight and knowledge through the years.
  9. golfergal

    Any pics of JW Marriot Marquis????

    I don't have pictures, but have stayed there a ton for work. The hotel is amazing! Rooms are so cool and i love the pool. Oh, love the DB bar.... best dirty martinis! I don't eat breakfast out as I get it free in the lounge. Not that much reasonable in the area, but several hotels and pretty basic places as it is a business area. There is an Au Bon Pain about 2 blocks. Of course, it isn't far from Bayside which might have options. As for the view, you need to be high up as it is a bit from the port and lots of tall buildings around. One of my favorite things about staying there is getting back early enough to watch the ships leave from the lounge - floor to ceiling windows on a very high floor. You can see the ships turn in basin, lose them for a bit, and then see them heading past South Beach and out to sea. Very cool! I really wanted to stay before our upcoming short cruise, but mom & dad won out and we're staying with them.
  10. If true, that is horrid. But I loved the comment about another controversial way to get a lifeboat was to fall into.
  11. golfergal

    What to do in Curacao?

    I agree. Town is just lovely to walk around. Stop and have a drink or lunch on the water watch the floating bridge. Outside of town there is the Curacao factory, beautiful scenery, etc. We loved it as it was so Dutch and while packed with tourist, still seemed less touristy.
  12. golfergal

    Bringing Wine on Board

    But NCL also charges you the corkage fee as you board. I prefer the limit of 2 and not having to pay for wine I drink on my veranda.
  13. golfergal

    PH suites

    Party for 2 or party for 20. Still a party on that veranda!
  14. golfergal

    PH suites

    How fortunate! When we sailed on the Century last year, our CC sailaway was hosted by people in the PH suite (nothing in comparison, but still awesome). Was I jealous? You bet. Was I thrilled at being invited? You bet. We even had dinner one night with them. For sailaway, we all brought food and our own drinks though the host did provide some extras. So enjoy and post pictures and a review on your return!
  15. golfergal

    Parking in Miami?

    wdcspurs - I don't think Blue Darter was trying to be negative, just to give you some sound advice. Saving $14 in parking for 1 day and adding on taxi fare back and forth between the hotel and port doesn't make financial sense. I don't recall the price of a taxi from downtown to the port, it is likely more than $7 one way. Then add in the hassle of taking the extra time from your vacation to drop off the car and the plan makes even less sense. Now using one of the other downtown parking options for the whole time, that makes much more sense. Have fun!