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  1. It was staggering, unbelievable! Actually, if you think that was bad, I just saw the evening news with footage from beaches on the south coast of England on what was a hot and sunny day there today.....yikes!! Yes to the three sets of laws, with the addition of the PM and his Ministers in the same category as Cummings. Fortunately, being a devolved nation within the UK, much of our Government is from the Scottish Parliament.
  2. If you are referring to my use of 'Uncle Albert', it was he who introduced that name on a previous thread....that is the context, rather than the namecalling you infer!
  3. Well said, and on this day when the USA will hit > 100,000 Covid-19 deaths as they celebrate Memorial Day and the UK Government are in crisis because of our PM failing to sack his chief advisor for blatantly failing to observe lockdown (quite apart from the fact we have by far the worst number of deaths in Europe with > 40,000), let's give much thought for those who mourn and have truly suffered with loss of loved ones due to Covid-19. Cruising, and when it might re-commence, has absolutely no relevance right now when we consider all of that!
  4. I would say the answer to that question is.....you don't seem to understand ppl....! 😉
  5. You have overlooked the reason I made the suggestion, which ought now to become clear to you if you read all of the appropriate quotes!! 🤔 Is it clear to you now? 😉
  6. That makes sense, on that basis the current pandemic should now be called the USA Virus....sorted!
  7. Mmmm, you've had many "I'd say" moments across numerous threads.....🤣
  8. And here we were, believing it was Uncle Albert who was the cruising addict!! 😂😂
  9. Indeed, and they would be set up in what was previously the buffet area....if they were to sail in the timeframe you believe!
  10. Can you enlighten us please....what is the treatment you refer to??
  11. Whilst fully understanding the sentiment behind this post, I cannot support the idea that anything associated with increasing cases (and potential resultant deaths) should be in any sense a reason to 'party'.....please edit your post if still possible, and I will do same with mine!
  12. Oh no....another thread started by 'Uncle Albert'....perhaps the moderators will note the ridiculous number of his new threads, all with similar themes! 🙃
  13. Absolutely correct. In another thread, and a totally different context, I posted the following which would also apply perfectly in the case of said individual: 'This is the typical, and nauseating, attitude that pervades in many societies....it's about me, me, me and no concern for others.'
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