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  1. It's quite a leap from 'very exciting news' all the way to 'Carnival will be sailing soon'! A couple of relevant extracts from the article: 'In order for the successful restart of cruising in the U.S. the CDC will have to lift the mandatory no sail order which is set to expire on October 31st.' T 'The no sail order issued by the CDC went into effect back on March 14th when the pandemic first began which prevents all cruise ships with more than 250 passengers from operating in U.S. waters. The order has been extended multiple times with the latest extension set to expire on October 31st. 'The latest CDC warning is the highest the organization gives stating the ‘CDC recommends that travelers defer all cruise travel worldwide', and that passengers on cruise ships ‘are at increased risk of person-to-person spread of infectious diseases...'
  2. Yes, a vote from us with 47 cruise history where over 40 have been on larger ships!
  3. But, we all know that's to keep the $$$'s rolling in....at least from those foolish enough to keep believing.....!
  4. Indeed, so true! At least with travel insurance, you can take it all the way to the Financial Ombudsman if necessary.....we had to do that a few years back, and won our case. Their intransigence in trying to avoid paying out on a stonewall case was astounding. Maybe you can do same with travel agents, not sure, but S75 disputes via your credit card bank are possible.
  5. If one was on ones own, one would have one lonely Christmas if one was on such cruise! 😂
  6. That's true, I do recall on one of our cruises a couple with such package requiring to be up and ready to debark at 4 or 5am to be bussed to the airport for their early flight to London with 2 stops. I think we were in Istanbul with the ship docked there for the final day before debarking the following day. We self booked, and had a direct flight home to Scotland at a civilised time albeit with a budget carrier. We had a leisurely breakfast before leaving the ship, with taxi to airport after 9am.
  7. I wouldn't think there is a catch! Many agencies offer such packages in all cruise regions, sometimes it's a no brainer. 😉
  8. You've been holding your breath since April/May, but the vast majority on these boards realised in August that it was a bust for 2020....stop dreaming! 😉
  9. I cannot do as you ask....but have noted the prior trail of responses, for your convenience. Following these through, it seems even clearer that the reference was to cruises resuming in the USofA. Incidentally, I did not state that the USA was referenced in bmwmans comment as you suggest!😉 Take care.
  10. bmwmans' first sentence is absolutely correct. His second sentence, which you have misconstrued intentionally or otherwise, is an opinion shared by many of us....that comment was clearly in relation to cruises commencing in the USofA, not Europe! 😉 Given that November is less than two weeks away, there is ZERO chance of a resumption of cruising from the USofA before 2021...hopefully a happy new year to all avid cruisers.
  11. Having sailed YC three times, I cannot recall anything in the YC area that could be described as 'kid friendly'.....other than the chocolate goodies and snacks! The pool is very small, and designed really for adults. That said, there is NOTHING to stop you taking a 4 year old and the YC crew will be more than welcoming towards a child....we have witnessed that, and interacted with the parents who said it was working well for them. As parents of 3 (now adult) children, we would not have chosen the YC with them.
  12. Yes, big time.... and you need to factor in COVID-19 impact on debarkation! 😉
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