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  1. Yes, but you can have a more substantial starter and then soup or salad if you wish. We did that most nights in the QV Britannia restaurant last month. Rarely does a desert cut it for me, much prefer a cheese plate....albeit the Cunard iteration is amongst the worst experienced on a cruise ship. One night there was a desert I liked, so had both that evening!
  2. Now, now Bea....the regular posters, based on some of your posts, strongly suspect it was you who made that particular request!! 🤣
  3. Perhaps in Edinburgh it'll be haggis patties, or even deep fried mars bars!!
  4. Indeed but, like us, if they are 'low maintenance folks they are probably just wondering what others require of their butler. That may alert them to something they would indeed like to avail themselves of.
  5. With regard to the Med, we returned from a self exploration tour in Valencia to a mammoth boarding queue and were very glad to see a butler with the YC paddle to escort us right to the front at the security point....a wonderful touch, on a steaming hot day. We did not see them routinely, to be fair, although all the other ports that trip had no queue to speak of and we wondered if they provide this service only when queues build up? We seem a bit like yourselves, inasmuch as we are no real trouble to the butler and somewhat undemanding.
  6. I know some of you will have read this before, but repeated for those who may not have: We had an experience on Preziosa with a guy in YC upgraded to P+. He was a whisky drinker and, because it was the most expensive drink (by some distance) in the Connoisseur range, drank JW blue exclusively day and night.....in order to get 'best value' from the package. This despite the fact he admitted to me (whilst inebriated one evening) that he much preferred Macallan Select Oak, the least expensive single malt whisky on the Connoisseur range and actually available with the YC package!! 🤔 With regard to the NF champagne, it is not listed in either the yacht club or Connoisseur menu in the Yacht Club Lounge, but is definitely available....simply ask, and they will deliver! My advice to anyone who is unsure whether or not P+ is necessary for you, is to try the YC range for a couple of days and then upgrade if you feel the need. The range of available drinks with the YC experience is extensive, although apparently average for wines which we do not much care for....especially with NF champagne available in all YC areas, including the dining room.
  7. Rattan....we get it, you claim to be a generous tipper and have told us countless times. It has long since become somewhat boring! 😉
  8. I will take the liberty of answering this from a slightly different perspective. We are early 60's with 45 cruises on 15 different cruiselines, including the ones you mention. Recently we tried a relatively short (6 nights) cruise on Crystal, considered to be in the luxury class. Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed it, we did not consider it to be worth the cost and we would only return if a truly irresistible itinerary were available. Our main criteria for cruise choice is heavily weighted towards itinerary these days. With regard to Azamara, we have been extremely fortunate to find a low cost itinerary in the Caribbean which is replacing the now cancelled Cuba cruises....also with very high OBC, which makes it an incredible deal. These sailings are 30 November and 7 December this year from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have researched Azamara ships extensively and, almost without fail, the highest proportion of complaints is about cabin and especially bathroom sizes. Apparently the shower area is very tight with only a curtain which seems to cling and inhibit the showering process. Wouldn't worry me, but maybe something you need to think about. The only way to avoid this is to spend exorbitant money on a suite, as the problem is prevalent with all inside/outside/veranda cabins. Do remember that on other lines it is possible to 'trade up' for better food by using the specialty restaurants. We often do so, and the total cruise cost still comes in way below the likes of Azamara/Crystal/Oceania. Normally there are a number of nights packages offered and the more nights you pick for specialty the less the cost is per night. Whatever you decide, I trust you still have many years of cruising to enjoy. We have seen some very attractive Azamara itineraries in the med for the next couple of years, at crazy expensive prices, but want to ensure the Azamara offering is 'worth the money' before committing.
  9. Yes, I do see that now....it is in the 'small print' section near the end of the booklet, so how many get that far? Especially if you have no intention of doing the more relaxed attire option!
  10. I agree Hattie, and actually hate jeans....even 40 years ago in my youth....never owning such in my 63 years! The problem Cunard have, along with all the other mass cruiselines, is inconsistency in language. The Voyage Booklet is silent on the matter of 'more relaxed attire' in the casual venues. For Smart Attire it simply states gentlemen should wear a jacket with shirt, tie optional, and'smart trousers' which is wide open to interpretation. Many do not go near the website, but rely on the booklet etc. that Cunard send to all UK passengers.
  11. Wow....although the outlook into the new week is better with a balmy 19C forecast!
  12. On our cruise, QV Baltics 14-28 July, the weather was incredibly sunny and being in Northern climes the nights were light through 11pmish. The Britannia restaurant was very warm, with sunlight through the extensive floor to ceiling windows, to the extent many wondered if air conditioning was even deployed!
  13. Indeed, a very fair point. For us as Az newbies, we will be delighted no matter what....after 45 cruises, we just look forward to something completely different from what other cruiselines offer! 😄 The other thing we are looking forward to is white night which, by all accounts, seems a fabulous experience.....not like the tacky white night stuff that many other cruiselines have.
  14. Yes, ours did too, and I'd imagine if Cunards' intention is to explicitly exclude jeans then that would be stated. We have no issue with the dress code, and I do not possess jeans, but many would argue that there are 'smart' jeans out there...and they certainly fit the 'trousers' description. We came to the conclusion on our recent voyage (1st Cunard since 2012) that many are in denial re dress code, inasmuch as the long redundant semi-formal attire seems to be alive and still kicking! With 45 cruises on 15 different cruiselines including a handful on luxury lines whilst we thoroughly enjoyed the QV cruise it would take a special itinerary now to draw us back to Cunard mainly because of the silly requirement for a jacket on smart attire evenings. We knew that when we booked, and always respect dress code on every cruiseline.
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