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  1. I know these cruises have 3 or 4 days at sea, but fishing from the cabin balcony or open decks......🤣
  2. It was the part about not covering any future pandemic that stood out, recognising it would be totally ridiculous to travel against government advice....thanks.
  3. I guess this is a computer program glitch. The best way to do this is to call, or have your TA if it's booked that way, MSC and do it over the phone. My understanding is the cost of such is £13pppd.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful information, much appreciated. I am not liking the following, but perhaps all travel insurance has this exemption: If you purchased a new policy after midday on the 13th March 2020Any new policy purchased after midday on the 13th March 2020 will not cover any cancellation due to government restriction on travel due to Coronavirus* or any future pandemic (for example the FCDO advising against all travel or all but essential travel to your destination or your flights being cancelled).
  5. Stay at home is the alternative, for those who aren't vaccinated....I suspect you knew that! 🙄
  6. Given COVID-19 in the med countries, and Italy is a total wash, I am of the opinion there is no chance of the cases reducing to the extent that cruising can resume from Italy....sometimes my hunches are correct, sometimes wrong! Aside from that, MSC announced a few days ago that Seaview will be sailing in the Northern Europe area, that is why I am so sure that Seaview will not sail from Rome!
  7. My sincere apologies, although I did use the 'may be...' phraseology! Unfortunately we do get these types of posters often, but I accept your posts are genuine. My belated (much too late) thanks for the heads up, we too are considering Aurea so I will pick this up with my TA if we do decide to book.
  8. Indeed....methinks Navyjas may be on the wind up, only 4 posts total to the name and all in the last couple of hours! 😉
  9. It's a lovely drive, once you are North of Lancaster.....assuming from Coventry area your route is M40/M42/M6.....hopefully in a few months time!
  10. Just when we all thought you'd taken on board your own request to let this thread die, you come back again.....🥱 And, still spreading your fake news....NCL have not banned children, they have introduced a policy where only vaccinated passengers may board their cruise ships, but you know that and still keep returning here! 🙄
  11. Following is direct from the MSC website: SHORE EXCURSIONS Carefully Selected Itineraries: We constantly monitor the global health situation and stand prepared to modify our itineraries when needed. We will call only in ports that local authorities and health organisations have cleared as safe and in full compliance with all local port and health authorities’ regulations. Discover in protected excursions: If you wish to go ashore during your cruise, you can only do so by participating in one of our MSC Shore Excursions to ensure the same high s
  12. Honestly....Nil...sorry, you'll need to get these friends on the ship for the sailing from Greenock if you want to meet up.
  13. So, Stu UK and yourselves are reporting positively on the responses from this company, on that basis I think we'll go with them. Assuming you guys are doing the same? Thanks.
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