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  1. You're only letting them away with the RC because they're gonna give you a shed load of choco nuts! 😂 Following with significant interest, thanks.
  2. Whit....you are not begging, rather fully paid up passengers!
  3. Oh no, not that Royal Club stuff it's awful. So glad about the choco nuts, which us regulars know you just love!
  4. Only if he wishes to dine in a specialty restaurant. 😉
  5. Not YC specific, we were Virtuosa Aurea....little better than steerage, it was poor....in August. Generally speaking for the crew, these poor guys no longer get off the ship as it would take them out their working bubble. Low morale was clear with very few exceptions and almost 3 months later it's gonna be a whole lot worse! Not a lecture, just something to consider....cannot begin to imagine what it would be like couped up in real steerage for months on end! And....Bon Voyage, hope you have a wonderful cruise, enjoy.
  6. Right now, I'd consider steerage, our 17 night transatlantic and 7 days following all in YC is without doubt in the process of being cancelled. It's outrageous, but possible still to book....I tried a dummy booking earlier, got all the way including our names etc. to final payment....so they're still willing to take cash from anyone foolish enough still to book!
  7. Anyone watching on, and that's definitely a place to be seen, will assume you're YC so do not fret!! 😂
  8. Above from racephoto confirms, without a shadow of a doubt, this cruise is now belly up in the water....no pun!
  9. That's clear enough, it's dead in the water....no pun....If you don't mind I'll quote your post in another thread I just sterted. Thanks for posting, I appreciate it.
  10. I think I know what's coming, just been on the MSC web and the cruise is showing either error or a strange fully booked message. It differs depending on embarking port, but the message is clear and similar to the Seashore transatlantic that was shot. It was still showing as normal late last night, so this has def changed today! 😒
  11. Yep, Guadeloupe but not DR although Dominica is....I think I know what's coming, just been on web and the cruise is showing either error or a strange fully booked message. It differs depending on embarking port, but the message is clear and similar to the others that have been shot. It was still showing as normal late last night, so this has def changed today! 😒
  12. Can you expand that comment please, we are scheduled to cruise the Seaview transatlantic from Europe to the Caribbean (doesn't touch any USA port) mid-November. TIA
  13. Ditto re the European vibe, but if you ate pasta for lunch and dinner for a week you must have been suffering chronic pasta deprivation these past 18 months or so! You need counselling services....🤣
  14. Yep, us regulars know your agenda by now...you really ought to stay off the vino!
  15. I wonder whether a 'Grand Voyage' i.e. repositioning cruise from the Med to the Caribbean is any different from that requirement...any idea?? TIA
  16. I cannot yet speak for Viking Ocean or Oceania, but having experienced both Yacht Club and Azamara I disagree that Azamara exceeds or even gives the the same experience level as Yacht Club. To give one example, the MDR food in Azamara does not come close to the YC level and it's pricing is broadly similar to YC....incidentally one is free to roam at will throughout the whole ship, whether in YC or not! 😉 If there is one cruiseline that does exceed the level of Yacht Club in our experience, throughout the entire ship, at broadly the same price point it's Crystal.
  17. Dennis That will be a fab cruise, we loved both Norway and Baltics (twice). Whilst most Baltic cruises do a couple more ports, your itinerary has what we consider the 4 big hitters and best ports of call. We are due to sail Seaview next month it's the 17 night repo from Barcelona, and we added the first 7 nighter post repo giving us 24 YC nights! Essentially, following transatlantic sea days, that will give us 13 nights in the Caribbean which is more or less same as Preziosa you and we enjoyed almost 3 years ago! We then have 2 weeks to prepare for Christmas with the family, whom we will be hosting this year. Best to you and Joann.
  18. We are on Seaview, sailing mid-November, and hoping it isn't affected by the US entry issue....why not join that cruise?
  19. I am so disappointed for both you and your husband, as you previously posted how precious this cruise would be for you as a couple...so sad. 😞 Best wishes, take care.
  20. Having enjoyed your company in the YC Dennis, I am sure you'll take this the right way! As a Scot, living in the land of Single Malt Whisky, I'd consider that a bonus!
  21. Indeed, although I didn't realise Fantasia and Splendida had YC, we certainly saw some awesome sights appearing through those windows during our lunches in the Preziosa YC restaurant.
  22. Yep, with the exception of the restaurant on Divina and Preziosa. All the new ships, and new builds planned have the complete YC enclave in the forward high locations, but this has never been a problem on any of our YC cruises.
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