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  1. No, not those ships only. The Victory and Conquest were also out of Miami. Port Canaveral had more than two ships. The 3 ships in Galveston are the only Carnival ships that sail from Galveston (maybe the Liberty too, so 4?). It looks like Galveston is the only port that's business as usual as far as which ships are sailing. I read the release as these are the ships that we're going to start sailing with. It's not all the ships in each port.
  2. Those ships sailed from those ports before the disruption.
  3. Carnival's press release. https://carnival-news.com/2020/05/04/carnival-cruise-line-announces-plan-to-phase-in-service/
  4. I'm really trying to figure out how they're processing refunds. I had a group booked for a May 15, 2020 cruise. The group cancelled on March 12. They're all still waiting for a refund. 🤔
  5. Your TA gets copies of your cruise booking confirmations if he/she booked them. Email and ask them for a copy.
  6. Yes. We stopped booking nonrefundable/Early Saver when Carnival started raising prices. There was just no point since there was hardly ever a price drop. We moved our April 2021 Mardi Gras sailing to October 2021, just to be sure. Now, it looks like we may have to move the Panorama to April 2021, if our rebooked July 18, 2020 sailing gets cancelled too.
  7. No, no letter. Just a pop-up when I cancelled the bookings that said refunds in 7-10 days. I'm hoping for the best with this refund issue since all of the cruise lines seem to be taking their sweet time with refunds.
  8. Carnival's official answer is now 30-90 days for refunds. Some of their reps will say anything to get you off the phone. One of the ones I spoke to tried to blame the bank. So, this is a common tactic. I have 5 clients that cancelled on March 12. We're still waiting for refunds despite my weekly calls.
  9. We got the 10% one. Not buying it though. We cruise May 23. Our cruise is very much up in the air.
  10. I'm a travel agent. It doesn't matter how you booked. We're waiting just like everyone else. Your daughter should expect her refund to take 30-90 days, unfortunately.
  11. Brickell or Biscayne area hotels may be best for you then. The Residence Inn Miami Airport is within walking distance of CVS and a great Latin restaurant, but not much else. There is a smaller local shopping center one or two blocks away but not the best spot if you're planning to do major shopping.
  12. We usually stay at the Residence Inn Miami Airport. A Lyft to the port from there is around $10 to $15, depending on the ride option you choose.
  13. You might be Ok if you don't have a cabin that seemed to get almost constant sun like the one we had.
  14. We've only had 2 Carnival cabins we'd never book again. Our first spa balcony (1106) on the Glory, not the cabin itself but the location, had absolutely no shade on the balcony. Baking in the hot sun isn't relaxing. We've never booked another spa balcony. What's the point of a balcony if you can't enjoy it? Second one was the worst cabin experience ever on a Carnival ship. Carnival Sunshine cabin 7116. Odd layout, bed pushed up against the wall, no nightstands, weird bathroom layout, door out to balcony at the front of the ship kept being opened and allowed to slammed shut at all hours, almost
  15. We usually drive when we cruise from Port Canaveral, but I use GoPort for my clients cruising from Port Canaveral. The buses are always there and fill up quickly so you're not waiting forever. There are lines but it's usually people waiting to put their luggage under the bus. The drivers help with that. Their shuttles are at PC consistently until around 10 am. I sent 40 people to Port Canaveral on GoPort shuttles last year. Not one complaint.
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