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  1. I'm a travel agent. It doesn't matter how you booked. We're waiting just like everyone else. Your daughter should expect her refund to take 30-90 days, unfortunately.
  2. Brickell or Biscayne area hotels may be best for you then. The Residence Inn Miami Airport is within walking distance of CVS and a great Latin restaurant, but not much else. There is a smaller local shopping center one or two blocks away but not the best spot if you're planning to do major shopping.
  3. We usually stay at the Residence Inn Miami Airport. A Lyft to the port from there is around $10 to $15, depending on the ride option you choose.
  4. You might be Ok if you don't have a cabin that seemed to get almost constant sun like the one we had.
  5. We've only had 2 Carnival cabins we'd never book again. Our first spa balcony (1106) on the Glory, not the cabin itself but the location, had absolutely no shade on the balcony. Baking in the hot sun isn't relaxing. We've never booked another spa balcony. What's the point of a balcony if you can't enjoy it? Second one was the worst cabin experience ever on a Carnival ship. Carnival Sunshine cabin 7116. Odd layout, bed pushed up against the wall, no nightstands, weird bathroom layout, door out to balcony at the front of the ship kept being opened and allowed to slammed shut at all hours, almost constant noise from deck chairs being dragged around from the deck above, water leak in the hallway turned into water leaking into our cabin about halfway through the cruise. We got virtually zero sleep that cruise. At the time, I was furious but I can laugh about it now. Never again though! Lol.
  6. We usually drive when we cruise from Port Canaveral, but I use GoPort for my clients cruising from Port Canaveral. The buses are always there and fill up quickly so you're not waiting forever. There are lines but it's usually people waiting to put their luggage under the bus. The drivers help with that. Their shuttles are at PC consistently until around 10 am. I sent 40 people to Port Canaveral on GoPort shuttles last year. Not one complaint.
  7. I'd love to know if you found a solution. From my years of researching hotel and transportation options when we travel to Miami, there is no in-between. You essentially have to choose if you want transportation from the airport or transportation to/from the port when choosing a Miami hotel. We usually stay closer to the airport to get the airport shuttle but close enough to the port where a Lyft ride is fairly affordable.
  8. I'm a travel agent and noticed this last year when I was creating bookings for my clients. It totally depends on the ship. I haven't noticed this as much on older ships. It also depends on the sailing date. Summer is a more expensive time to cruise. We're booked on the May 23, 2020 sailing for the Panorama. The base fare for the 3rd person in our balcony cabin, our 10 year old, is $190 compared to $830 for guests 1 and 2. The base fare for the same cruise and cabin category is now $269 for guest 3 with guest 1 and 2 priced at $1,089. We booked in April.
  9. Do you have a PVP or a travel agent? They should be able to help you with this.
  10. Could go either way. We booked an extended balcony on the Mardi Gras. Hopefully, they'll decide to turn them into suites! 🤞 😀
  11. How'd you get this on an AMEX Delta card? I have a Delta Skymiles card that I'm seriously thinking about cancelling because it has so few offers I'm interested in, among other things. There's even a Delta offer on flights that's NOT on the Skymiles card 🤷‍♀️. If Delta won't even put offers on their own branded card, what's the point of having it? I get travel offers on my Amex Blue, not on the Delta Skymiles.
  12. Unfortunately, it's not a separate card. It's loaded onto the sea pass card of whoever has the credit. I was pleased that it worked as intended on our Adventure cruise in April. The card reliably declined any attempt to use it in the arcade after the initial credit ran out and also when our reloads ran out. My husband and I were able to reload our son's arcade credit using our Sea Pass cards. This is the first time, we didn't have an issue with the arcade credit.
  13. October 23, 2019 Havana and Cozumel- looks like it has been changed to Costa Maya and Cozumel. My clients will definitely be changing ships.
  14. We're also in metro Atlanta, probably with the same spring break as you. We typically don't cruise Carnival during Spring Break. We get better pricing and itineraries on RCI. Luckily, we get a full week for fall break in October. That's usually when we cruise Carnival. The Horizon's pricing is usually better in October but still not as good as we paid for the Vista. Even the Panorama is cheaper than the Horizon for many sailings - and it hasn't even come out yet.
  15. Create an account on Carnival.com, if you don't already have one. If you do, log into your account. Go to Manage, then My Booking. If you don't already have a booking in your account, a page will pop up that says Access My Booking. If you do already have a booking in your account and need to add another one, click on the tab at the top that says Add a Booking. Enter your booking information in the fields. Your name has to spelled exactly as it is on the booking. Be sure to check the box to save the booking to your profile. Once the booking is accepted and saved, all you have to do to get to it is click on Manage My Booking when you go to Carnival.com.
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