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  1. WinnieinWA

    Scooter on Princess to Alaska

    Yes, I did mean motorized scooter. Thank you much, Walt.:)
  2. WinnieinWA

    Scooter on Princess to Alaska

    I'd like to bring my own scooter on Princess to Alaska. How difficult is it to get one on board? My daughter will be there to help me but I'm feeling a bit nervous about bringing my own. Thank you for any information anyone can give me. Winnie
  3. WinnieinWA

    Have you seen how much NCL has Cutback?

    [quote name='swedish weave']I challenge you to find a better cut of beef anywhere at any price than the tenderloin in Le Bistro. It is the BEST !!! I am also very pleased with the New York steak in the MDR. Tender and cooked to my liking.[/quote] Do you eat out much? :eek: [quote name='luddite']Meatloaf. Mac and cheese. Might as well just eat at the buffet and save the effort of putting on shoes.[/quote] That's pretty much depression food. I'll hit the buffet.
  4. WinnieinWA

    Golden or Sapphire? Which is better?

    [quote name='judyjudy56']The Hawaiian cultural program on the Golden is great. If you have David Cole as the CD and Elua are on the ship, you will not be disappointed. The ships are pretty comparable, especially since the Sapphire will be getting the International Cafe and MUTS during drydock in January. I would go with the Golden over the Sapphire to Hawaii.[/quote] I'd go on the Golden for the same reasons as judyjudy. I've been on both and prefer Golden. David Cole is an amazing CD...make sure you take the ukulele lessons..great fun!:D
  5. WinnieinWA

    Taxi vs NCL Bus

    We are coming in a day early and will stay in a hotel. The hotel has free shuttle to and from hotel to airport. Would it be cheaper to get a taxi from the airport or take the NCL bus? How far is the port from the airport? Your recommendations are very welcome! :) Thanks a bunch. Winnie
  6. WinnieinWA

    Never get lost on the Emerald again!

    That's pretty much the norm for most ships and lines. Glad you found it. I struggled for 2 years before I figured it out! The use different colors or patterns for port or starboard. LOL
  7. [quote name='tgptmp']I used to be a loyal Heinz man. But I could not stand the thought of supporting John Kerry with one more penny. Then I discovered Red Gold-----just as good.[/quote] A question.. wasn't it HER money? She did nothing wrong so why stop using her products? I'm a Hunt's gal myself!
  8. WinnieinWA

    The Sun..the good, the bad, and the ugly

    Wow, I'm surprised at the Dr's on board. I had a COPD attack last Oct.on board and I was given several breathing treatments, steroids that were needed and expert care from the ships doctors and nurses. The Customer Service desk sent a porter with a wheelchair several times a day to get me to and from the medical center. I'm so sorry you did not get the great medical treatment I got. I was impressed with it. I guess it all depends on the doctors.
  9. WinnieinWA

    Cabin crawl questions

    What fun things have you done or seen on a cabin crawl?
  10. I know I really enjoyed the arts and crafts on my one RCI cruise but I was solo so I participated. Don't know about NCL.
  11. WinnieinWA

    Is 10:30 AM flight too early? Golden Princess/Seattle

    No. You're cutting it very close. One fender bender on the freeway and you're pooched. I'd book closer to noon but that's just me. Good luck.
  12. Couldn't agree more.,. visit the space Needle but eat at Salty's. Don't miss either one!
  13. WinnieinWA

    help needed with tipping

  14. WinnieinWA

    Cruise Confidential bogus?

    [quote name='jmcdon7230']I'm about three quarters of the way through Cruise Confidential and I'm having a difficult time getting to the finish line. Has any other veteran cruiser found it to be unbelievably exaggerated? I've been in "crew" bars on various islands and although there is drinking and "frolicking" going on, it is nowhere near the decadent scene that is portrayed in the book. Also near the beginning of the book one of the crew members expresses surprise that her co worker (the author) is an American. She insists that he is German. They are on duty at the time in the dining room. Why didn't she just take a look at his name tag? It would have stated "USA" on it. I've never seen a crew member working in a dining room without a name tag. It's just one of many inconsistencies in the book. It reads as if the publisher insisted that he juice it up with sex in order to sell it. I was expecting behind the scenes insights, but I find it very disappointing.[/quote] I bought it used for 3 bucks and thought it was a waste of good money. I agree with your observations. Real behind the scenes insights would have made it much better.
  15. WinnieinWA

    Is it taking advantage??

    [quote name='Atlanta07']I have similar questions - but the one bugging me right now is regarding an extra key card. We are going to be in the GV in Sept and have friends in the AJ - any idea if it is possible to get an extra key card so that they can have access to the suite?[/quote] Yes, you can go to the pursers desk and get a key card for entrance only with no charging abilities. :)