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  1. Harvest Caye is not NCL's private island, only Great Stirrup Cay is. Everything is included on GSC, but HC is basically just another port that NCL visits on their Western Carribean itineraries, while GSC is on a Bohemian island and usually included on Eastern Carribean/Cuba/Bahamas cruises.
  2. NCL does not spread $1-2 games on any ship, only $2-5. I've been on a smaller ship (Gem) where there was no poker all week (except for one tournament) due to lack of players (only 2 of us were interested) and they would not lower the stakes to $1-2. Your comment on the age of players is very general. I was on the Escape last month (7 nights NYC to FL/Bahamas) and one evening 7 of the 10 players were 70+ y.o. Four of those were regulars every night. Only had maybe 3 players all week under 30 y.o., and they were not regulars. The age mix really varies from cruise to cruise and itinerary. As you said, Alaska draws a older crowd generally, as does Canada/NE. I agree about dealer competency. I've seen some unreal things from NCL dealers. Some are very good, but too many are poor.
  3. If you want ice, just leave a note on your bed when you leave the cabin. I do it all the time, usually along with a small first-day tip.
  4. Ok, then I was not aware of the rake free satellite as I was on the trip as well.
  5. skeeter, I don't think it was rake free, this is NCL after all. I believe it was a $120-$125 entry fee with every 10 players winning an entry into the Main Event. Which would mean a $10-$15 fee per person since the Main Event entry was an $1,100 value.
  6. I forgot to answer your other questions.... they will have tournaments each sea day, at a minimum, usually starting at noon. Cash games typically start after dinner when a dealer will open the table, but if you have enough players you can request them to open the table earlier in the day. It's hit or miss if they will though.
  7. Pay tables are terrible compare to land based casinos. 7/5 is common on Jacks or Better on many ships these days.
  8. You can get up to $3,000/day on your cruise card if you're credit card has that much availability. And correct, no fee!
  9. Yes it is waterproof. It said so in the info that came with the medallion. I don't have it with me right now but I recall reading that.
  10. I agree with you, but a few clarifications. $2-5NL is on all of NCL ships, not just the bigger ones. Guest ages run the gamut, I've seen both young and old. The rake is always taken on any pot, chops included, in all casinos, not just NCL ships. Chopping the blinds is the one difference, I've never seen it done like NCL does with a $1 minimum rake, so it's best just not to chop the blinds, or the SB just surrenders their $1. Tournaments start with 2,000 in chips and blinds of 100/200 so it's 10BB starting stack, a short stack turbo tournament basically.
  11. No worries. Good luck on the Breakaway. I've sailed her twice.
  12. ToroAzul, Was that the cruise entry tournament? They usually pay second place any excess cash after the first $2,250 is taken out for 1st prize cruise/tournament entry. So if 40 players, second place should have payed $750 in cash. And NCL's cash poker tournaments always pay the top 3 spots.
  13. I think after 10 wonderful cruises as you describe, you may be misguided to consider moving on from Princess after one interactions with a phone rep.
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