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  1. Looking to find out how long it takes to get down the Mississippi to open waters. Interested to find out when the casino will open the first night, and if it will close early the last evening. This is for the December Poker Challenge.
  2. Everyone's circumstances are different. Family and work. Some positions require more than others. Some people have to be there for their clients. Self-employed have their own issues. It's not black and white in today's world.
  3. I agree, and flexible can mean many things. I have a job where I can take off with short notice at certain times of the year. One point though, many people can't/don't unplug while on vacation for various reasons (work issues, keeping in touch with family, news junkies, and many more....).
  4. You've added a lot of if's yourself. Extra costs could only amount to the gratuity/service charge for many. Not everyone dines at the specialty restaurants or pays for drinks. The OP was likely not talking about sailaway rates, so they likely have perks, but other posters mentioned it. "We all know that" comment? What are you, mimicking the president when he makes up "facts" then contends that it's common knowledge, when in fact it's a lie... It's very easy for 2 to sail at least three times for under $4,000 if they are flexible.
  5. Sounds like the perfect choice for you! Enjoy!
  6. I'm sure the OP factored in any extra costs and is just looking at cruise fare. I do solo sailaway rates whenever possible, and have very little extra charges. I drink very little alcohol and rarely pay for drinks). If I do get a perk I choose the internet package and may or may not upgrade to the unlimited for $50-$85 for a 7 nighter. I could sail 4-6x for $4,000 (cruise fare and taxes/fees) if booking last minute sailaway rates.
  7. For me, 2 cruises, a no brainer. The cabin is the least important aspect of a cruise for me. But for others, the cabin is at the top of their list.
  8. You're welcome. And think of it this way, you get a 2nd perk with the balcony upgrade, so if you would choose the 250 minute internet perk, that has a value of about $125 ($105 if purchased prior to the cruise) . So if you were going to buy that internet package anyway that would drop the $500 difference you mentioned for a guaranteed balcony, down to under $400 net.
  9. Great. I don't know about the origin of the idea, but it's turned into a windfall for Norwegian. And a benefit for passengers too.
  10. Just google "ncl bidding" and you'll see videos, websites, etc which will help. There are plenty of post here on CC as well.
  11. As you probably know, the biggest reasons are a) many people like to choose their cabin for real or perceived reasons (I'm fine with a guarantee), and b) the beverage package. In this case it's a difference of $60 bid vs. $150 direct upgrade. The spa balcony is much higher if upgrading directly so it would be a huge bargain if the $120 bid gets accepted.
  12. What level were your bids? That sailing does not seem to have a lot of capacity available. You'll hear by tomorrow at the latest (48 hours prior to the cruise).
  13. There looks like a lot of capacity on that cruise right now. I had success bidding in March on the Escape by bidding a bit higher than minimum ($130 x 2), which was accepted a month+ before sailing. There was a lot of capacity on my cruise as well at the time. Your current bids are on the low side, so you likely won't learn if one is accepted until a few days before the cruise,and to be honest, you're not likely to win at those bid levels. If you want a better chance of your bid being accepted sooner, I would suggest upping it to $100+ for the balcony and $200+ for the spa balcony. Did you book the sailaway rate (no perks)? Or a true guarantee where you get one perk? Currently the difference between inside sailaway and balcony sailaway is only $150pp so you may consider just upgrading directly if you don't want/need the perks.
  14. You're welcome. Yes, sailaways/guarantees are are not for everyone. Good luck!
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