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  1. Yes, there is a small casino. Maybe 50-75 slot machines and a handful of table games, only 2-3 of those were open in the early afternoon of my recent midweek visit. There is a free shuttle and it was a 5-7 min. ride to the casino. The entire loop of the tram is only 15-20 min.
  2. I didn't see my room steward other than when he introduced himself and then on day 2 when he checked if I needed anything. I think he spent most of his time on deck 3 where the majority of his cabins are. It's nice you had so much obc on your first leg to use in the casino. I lost so much I just got an offer for a comped suite and $1,000 in casino cash to use within 3 months. I likely won't be able to indulge that soon. I actually won the ship on a stick, trivia session had only three teams and I was the only solo team. Bucket list item...check... lol. Btw - I see you like cake. If you're a fan of chocolate you want to try the chocolate melting cake in the dining room which is less cake, but more gooey souffle.
  3. Is Patrick your room steward? I had him the cruise prior to yours (8/28-9/2), I was in cabin 2202. He said he handled 16 cabins on deck 3 and 6 on deck 2 if I remember correctly. I didn't love the single bed either, though I did bring my pillow from home which helped a little. My tv was located off to the left at the foot of the bed, so watching it wasn't terrible. Casino slots were very very tight. Almost laughably so. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  4. There was bacon every other day in the buffet on the Sunrise last week 8/28-9/2. Other venues seemed to have bacon available every day.
  5. I have played in dozens of these tournaments and many times 3-4k will get you to the final table. I did it with 2,600 once. Every cruise is different. If you have a few people who throw money at it like crazy and enter multiple times and/or go all in every hand, that can inflate the leaderboard scores.
  6. Blackjack tournament is 7 hands I believe. I've seen leaderboard scores in the 3,000 range sometimes. (You start with 1,000 or 1,500, I forget which). Several timeframes to enter preliminary rounds during the cruise but only one player from each table/round can make it to the leaderboard if their score is high enough. Enter as many times as you like. Top 6 scores make final table on the last full day.
  7. Sorry, I haven't been on CC for a while. LV was empty in early July. I went again at end of Sept. and it was busier. I didn't spend much time on the Strip at night, but there were definitely a number of lower class folks. Never felt unsafe, and cops were visible. Scooters were there but not too many.
  8. Thanks, yes I ppd til the next Poker Challenge since I had a package which included entry into the big poker tournament. CAS is part of NCL. NCL is notoriously slow with PR so I'm not surprised the cancellation of the poker event hasn't been announced publicly as far as I can see.
  9. The Poker Challenge has been canceled. I received a call from CAS yesterday with the option of moving my reservation to next year - November 6, 2021 on the Joy out of Miami. As of right now the November 7, 2020 Joy cruise is still on the schedule, but that could change of course. The only thing postponed right now is the Poker event.
  10. I was in Las Vegas in early July, walked the strip and felt safe inside and outside casinos. I will only play those with plexiglass at table games. Locally, I've been to Harrah's Chester/Philadelphia and fell safe there as well. Plenty of wipes available to use before and after touching slots/tables. Mask mandatory of course.
  11. Are you saying washrooms are not available or that they're dangerous?
  12. I've sailed the Caribbean Princess 3x and loved it each time. All larger ships will have crowded theaters, bars and possibly dining room waits if lots of folks want to eat dinner at the same time. I recommend Fixed Dining time if you normally have dinner when everyone else does. Unfortunately as was mentioned above, no Canada cruises this year. It's possible Bermuda could substitute but their capacity is limited and the distance is an issue if trying to couple with New England ports.
  13. Not likely unless the industry is shut down for an extended period of time. Lenders will defer payments if the industry is shut down, otherwise they know they would get pennies on the dollar in bankruptcy. This isn't an NCL problem, it's an industry/world problem.
  14. Supply and demand. High prices will not attract buyers
  15. You're best bet is to start a new thread titled "Who is on the Joy this week 3/8/2020" or something similar. Or Post to the roll call for the sailing.
  16. Not likely, but nice try. Common courtesy is not that common.
  17. If you have been invited to bid for an upgrade, try bidding for a Spa Balcony cabin, below the cost of the spa passes ($199/pp or so). This is if you're ok with getting assigned to any Spa Balcony cabin. If you like your current balcony location, just plan on buying the passes onboard.
  18. I've cruised each of the last 4 years in late March/early April and new saw an issue, outside of one pushing and shoving match at 2am at the Bliss Lounge nightclub. Nothing crazy, just some 20-somethings acting out a little. I'm scheduled on the Bliss at the end of this month and plan on going as of right now. Though this may change with the coronav situation.
  19. Masks are not as effective since most people don't use them properly. Along with the fact that germs can enter your body through your eyes as well as your mouth and nose. Masks don't cover eyes.
  20. My theory is that they jacked up prices because today is the first day of the new Peace of Mind cancellation window. They don't want phones line jammed up with people making new reservations or canceling and making new reservations (which would extend the time of the call). We will know if this theory is correct if prices drop back to normal levels by the weekend or so.
  21. Agreed. Seasoned cruisers may return when things calm down, but new cruisers will not be flocking to ships. This is a long term stain on the industry. And older folks or those with health issues may now likely never take that first cruise. NCL can jack up prices as high as they want, but the free market will dictate prices long term or NCL will be out of business.
  22. Longer repositioning cruises (which I assume yours was - with a full canal transit) don't sell very quickly so maybe those get the sail away rates sooner rather than later. I'm glad that one worked out well for you, hope you catch another good one.
  23. There is no set answer. It varies with each sailing. If I were to guess an average, I would say inside of 4-6 month before sailing.
  24. Since ToroAzul said "2/5 game" in their reply that means it was a cash game, $2/$5 No Limit texas holdem. I've heard that rake is similar to NCL, which is 10% of the pot, up to $25.
  25. They're referring to the ship's wifi that gets you on the NCL app to check your onboard account, check out activities, text others onboard (if you pay the fee), etc. and also allows you to access cruisecritic.
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