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  1. I've sailed Celebrity, Carnival, NCL, Royal Caribbean, and Princess. We love the food and elegance of Celebrity. Their drink and wine menus are amazing, but a large variety of nightlife is lacking. We have sailed many different Celebrity ships. When we cruise with our children, Royal is our preference. The oasis class ships are wonderful. Royal is a nice balance. Carnival can be so hit or miss. Our first cruise ever was on a new carnival ship, and it was great and hooked us on cruising. Our last carnival cruise ever was a 4 night cruise on an old ship. Never again. The ship was medicore
  2. We were there in October with our 3 year old twins. We got off the ship within the first half hour. Walked to nell's beach, first public beach on the right (suite beach is the very first beach). Beach attendant showed us to chair is the shade, as requested, near the shoreline. We brought sand toys for the kids from the dollar store, and their puddle jumpers. We played in the sand, in the water, and at the very small water fountain park. We had the free on shore, one kid literally fell asleep at the table, and was so tired that we carried her back to our shady beach chair, and daddy and daugh
  3. No, I'm staying longer for business so need to get the car at MCO.
  4. It's totally unreasonable that the OP expects to be compensated for other people in a public place! Frankly, I expect mediocre food on excursions and have never batted an eye at paying for beverages (bring your own water!) In my opinion, the bus situation is what I would complain about. Yes, "things happen", but if i ordered a cake from a bakery, their oven broke, and they didn't bake the cake, I wouldn't pay them for it! A less than 2 hour advertised ride taking over double the time due to a broken bus does deserve some compensation in my opinion (25% maybe).
  5. I've been researching shuttle companies. We are taking Cortrans to the port since the pick up directly from our hotel, and the pictures online show smaller vehicles than GoPort so I'm hoping there will be less stops. (I know this is an assumption). On the way back, however, I'm having trouble deciding what service to use. We are picking up a rental car, so no strict time deadline to be at MCO. GoPort seems to just put you on the next available bus, and when it's full, it leaves. Cortrans give you a shuttle time. This seems a little more stressful - trying to guess how much time it takes
  6. We were on the Allure in October. We also had a later flight so were in no hurry to get off the ship. I remember breakfast being the most limiting. Everywhere closed by 8:30 or 9 at the very latest. I didn't save the daily flyer, but I'm sure you can find some online for your exact ship. I'd estimate we were off the ship the first time they told everyone to exit. that was probably about 9:15 or 9:30. I'd do the adventure the day before. Our flight was at about 2pm, and we still had plenty of time to kill in the airport. FLL is not the worlds most exciting airport for kids. (We have 3 year ol
  7. After getting off a cruise in port Canaveral, we are picking up a rental car at the orlando airport, the have the day free until a 8:30 PM flight. What are some unique things to do on orlando geared to adults? We are kid free this trip and want to spend the day celebrating my husbands birthday doing things we can't do with our preschool kids. So far I've found a cool go cart track, but that won't fill the whole day. Ideas? I thought about universal, but can't justify the cost for a short day.
  8. We have done 10 cruises and have been on most of the major lines. Some cruises are better than others, but we have liked all the lines for different reasons. our first cruise was on carnival in 2009 (7 nights) when we were in our mid 20s and we loved it. We've recently started doing a 3 or 4 night cruise once a year becuase now we have kids and we don't want to leave them any longer than that. We did a 4 night carnival cruise last year. It was by far our worst cruise ever! Our inside cabin smelled like pot every day when we were getting ready for dinner. There was a fistfight in the dining r
  9. We were in a balcony on deck 6 of the allure. The sofa bed was the lay down type. In my opinion, it is much more narrow that a regular bed. My 3 year olds slept on it fine the opposite direction as normal. But for two young adults, I think it would be very uncomfortable.
  10. I'm looking at cruising when my kids are 3 or 4 on NCL. They are fully potty trained. We were on the Allure of the Seas last month and loved the splash park on it. Which NCL ships have the best splash pad for smaller kids? I'm sure my kids will be too short to ride any slides, so I'm just looking for the water cannons, spray fountains etc.
  11. I agree that the staff were so sweet to the kids. Making flowers out of napkins, hearts out of straw paper, etc. They really did try to make them happy.
  12. We were on allure, so it should be very similar. We registered them the first full day. They also had registration the first night, but we missed it. You do check them in each time you drop them off, but it's not the full registration like the first time. There are maximums at each level. About 50 kids. It seemed to be based on staff (more staff in the 3-5 room, but the maintained lower ratios), so I don't know if they staff up during busier times.
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