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  1. Thank you all so much for all of the information. Especially the information regarding the shuttles. That's extremely helpful.
  2. For those that have cruised Norway on P&O - are there shuttles that they use there? Or is everything pretty accessible once you get off the ship? Also, since it's "Freedom Dining" dining preferences shouldn't matter, correct?
  3. These days I only notice NCL drastically cutting prices - and it's normally very last minute. I can't travel last minute, so I typically have the same mindset - I'm ok with the price when I booked. The price I was quoted was the Early Saver - looks like it's just a no thrills rate. Which is fine - I think I'll be ok with "no extras". Thanks again for all this feedback - truly appreciate it.
  4. Do you know if P&O drops their prices frequently? I have a feeling that the Iona prices won't drop too much since it's a newer ship.
  5. Oh yes! I love to have a good time and try to make the best out of any situation. We love the larger Oasis class ships - so I'm sure we'll love this as well. 🙂
  6. Thank you so much for all of this information. It looks like the TA had the final payment date wrong - it isn't due until March. From my research, the only way we can book is through 1 particular TA here in the states as they have a contract with P&O. I love a good British breakfast, so nothing to worry about there as well as Indian food. Everyone loves a good curry! I'm getting pretty excited!
  7. I'll bring my cocktail dress - we hardly get dressed up anymore on cruises. But this would give us something to look forward to.
  8. Watching them now! I got a quote finally from a TA - they are saying final payment for a July cruise 2020 is due December 6 2019. Is that normal for P&O to want their final payment over 7 months in advance?
  9. Waiting on a travel agent here in the States to get back to me so we can book in dollars. It's a great price on the Iona to Norway compared to the other cruise lines.
  10. Thankfully I'm good with just beer. 🙂 But don't mind a nice frozen drink by the pool, however, I don't think we'll be at the pool very often in Norway. Thanks for much for the feedback. I'm thinking of just booking it and experiencing something new. I've visited the UK and you guys are an ok bunch to hang with. 😉
  11. I'm sure this question has come up before. But I'm going to go ahead and ask again. How is it for Americans on board P&O. I'm looking at possibly booking the Iona for Norway next summer. It will be me (34) and my mother (60) and possibly my brother, his wife and his toddler. My brother and his family will be living in London for the next 3-4 years. Me and my mother have cruised a lot on NCL, RCCL and Carnival. So what are the differences that we might notice?
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