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  1. eme

    Epic Interrupted

    Still waiting for them to open the doors, so we can get off the ship...
  2. eme

    Epic Interrupted

    Aaaaah! Tugs again!
  3. eme

    Epic Interrupted

    Did anyone catch the code to call from your cabin without charge?
  4. eme

    Epic Interrupted

    Great Stirrup Cay is still on the schedule, last I knew. We will find out more when we get back to the ship later today. Too busy enjoying San Juan right now, lol
  5. eme

    Epic Interrupted

    There were 2 tugs all the way in to the dock on the starboard side. We were watching them from our balcony. I'm guessing that the thrusters had power issues and they called in the tugs to help. Not sure who was responsible for the mooring hits.
  6. eme

    Epic Interrupted

    Fingers crossed for all of us. We are supposed to dock at 5pm tomorrow and leave at 6pm on the 13th. More to follow once we hear more.
  7. eme

    Epic Interrupted

    Did you hear the latest announcement? The Atrium Bar was too noisy to hear it all. All I heard was arriving in San Juan at 5pm tomorrow.
  8. Okay, I'll try to scan and send them in the next couple of days :)
  9. I have my compases from our January cruise on Oasis. Message me your email and I can send them :)
  10. Definitely take the taxi. It is so much quicker than taking the shuttle.
  11. Canadian border agents are horrible. I was coming back in to Canada (we are Canadian) with our son and had all the appropriate documents and I still got a hard time. If I was doing something bad, why would I be bringing him back?
  12. eme

    Trying something new!

    Doesn't Celebrity match RCI status, once you are above Gold?
  13. Not always. I was vegan for a year due to severe stomach issues. Eating vegan was the only way that I wouldn't end up with stomach cramps and vomiting.
  14. Yes. There was a sign saying that gluten free was available. No extra cost for the pizza or panini sandwiches (some of them were seriously yummy). We took our then 14 year old son on Mariner and he had an absolute blast. We barely saw him once we were on the ship, lol.
  15. Another Strongbow drinker! I was happy the day that they had them on special! I was able to get Strongbow at the Dog and Badger, I just had to ask for it and they got it from another bar - kind of weird since it was an English pub. I also thought that it was odd that they didn't announce that the Quest was adults only - not nearly as fun when there are kids present. For those of you wondering, the submarine was from the Netherlands - we looked up the flag and ensign (we are both military and our curiosity got the best of us).