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  1. We're cruising on Carnival Sunrise on June 20th. How do I figure out which pier it will be docked at? Say it's at 90. You still enter at 55th and 12th but then what? Thanks! Cindy
  2. We are cruising on Carnival Sunrise Monday, June 20th out of Manhattan. We've already made a firm decision to drive and park at the terminal. The plan is to get there sometime between 10 and 11 a.m. Do you think we should just suffer through the traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel or go further North to the GWB? Thanks for any advice! Cindy
  3. Port Royal, I totally agree that anyone that would do this is a total jerk. That said, on nearly every island when you take these shared taxis the driver has always made the whole taxi as a group decide on the return trip time and the TAXI DRIVER insists on your paying on the return trip. This always bugs me as my husband and I aren't marathon beach people. Some people want to stay 5 hours at the beach and others want to stay 3 or 3.5. Still others only want to stay 1 to 1.5 hours. It's awkward trying to pick a return time and sometimes there are great variations in how long people want to stay. I've only been on one of these trips where the taxi driver offered to come back at two different times (for a big bus with about 20 people on it). This was on our last cruise in March. Every other time you had to come to a group decision on one single return time. Personally I'd rather just pay one way and get my own taxi back and pay for the return then. We've suggested this and the drivers don't want to do it. My guess is while there are jerks out there there are also those people who get tired at the beach and want to return early and leaving with another taxi driver is their only option. While we've never done this we have considered it before because we were tired and wanting to leave. Cindy
  4. I agree with cruzelover. We're embark on a 12 night cruise tomorrow and I purchased a five night package as well as Chef's Table. For us it's also more about the quiet atmosphere and the intimacy than anything else. I'll admit that I did consider canceling and going to just a 3 night package, but in the end I've kept the 5 nights. We just really love the ambiance and especially love eating specialty the first night. Cindy
  5. Watch your compasses. Occasionally they will offer a wine "drink package". They offer a discount if you buy 3 or 5 bottles of wine at a time. I've seen it in Anthem compasses before. I'm not sure if they always offer it or only sometimes, but it's worth asking your bartender in the dining room or in Vintages about if you don't see it anywhere. That's what I plan to do. Cindy
  6. Beautiful and it honestly looks prettier than South Friars Bay. Is that Reggae Beach Bar? Cindy
  7. We have been to Carambola on South Friars numerous times, and we really do love it. I would say that the water isn't as great as it could be, but it's still nice. The comfy chairs and vibe of Carambola we both like. I am getting antsy to try somewhere else though, so I'm thinking about going to Cockleshell perhaps to Spice Mill. To those of you that have been to both: how does the food compare (Carambola is just so-so and expensive), the seating on the beach (and will it be hard to get at Spice Mill - I can reserve at Carambola which is important when the ship doesn't get in until 10:00), and the water i.e. steep grade getting in, clearness of water, view. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions and advice! Cindy
  8. I'm curious about the Viator tour to Pigeon Island. It seems that it's cheaper to go with them than it is to just pick up a taxi at the port, but in one place on Viator's website it says the tour length is 3 hours and in another it says 3 - 5 hours. Five hours would be plenty, but three would probably not be enough for us. To those of you that used Viator what was the length of your tour? Thanks! Cindy
  9. We're booked on the Anthem 3/3/2019 cruise in a Balcony cabin that is larger than most. We got one of those where you don't pay for a larger balcony but get a deeper one gratis. There's a few of those on Anthem. I got the Royal Up offer on February 1st so about a month out. I could have bid on Sky Loft, OS, GS, and JS. We like our cabin and location so I didn't go for the JS. Ended up bidding on GS. Minimum bid was $400 or $450 pp. I bid $550 pp. Also bid on OS. Minimum was $500 or $550 and I bid $580. No word yet. I'm guessing I'll get a decline letter based on what I saw today. I went in to look where you can modify your bid. Minimum bid for a GS is now $1500 pp. Minimum bid on the JS went from $250 originally to $500 pp now. They also added an offer of Spacious Ocean View Balcony with a minimum bid of $50 pp. Never know what might happen as it gets closer to sail date, but I'm not holding my breath. It would be nice to end up in a GS or OS, but we'll be happy either way. Cindy
  10. I'm also interested in this same kind of thing. Would love if someone could give us the answer. Cindy
  11. We've been to Antigua a couple of times now. What we'd like to do this time is just go to Nelson's Dockyard and hang out for a while and then go to a beach...maybe Turner's? The one thing I don't like about Antigua is the aggressiveness of the taxi/bus drivers at the port when you get off the ship. It's a real free for all. Not fun at all. I know we could get a bus to Nelson's, but I'm thinking I'd just as soon get a taxi...a private one. If you walk through all of those aggressive people right when you get off the ship, will you find others who might be willing to do a private tour for just two to just Nelson's and the beach? Cindy
  12. It seems like I remember the market is a bit of a walk, but I could be thinking of another island. What's the walk to the market like. Is it just straight out of the port? Do you remember how long it took to get to English Harbour on the bus? Thanks!! Cindy
  13. Thanks reedprincess. In the end, I haven't completely decided, but I'm leaning heavily towards just heading over to Vigie beach for the day. It looks absolutely gorgeous and is much cheaper! Cindy
  14. Reedprincess, You are a wealth of knowledge on this forum and I've truly enjoyed reading many of your posts (and will continue to) on the St. Lucia forum. That said, you come across as a bit rude sometimes. I know that you spend a lot of time of here and, as I've already said, it is appreciated by many people, but just because you know all of the answers doesn't mean you need to be mean when answering other people. In the end I was just looking for some personal experiences like "Yeah, it was great. We loved the food!" or "Nah! Great place but I'd much rather go to XYZ." Instead what I've received from you is pretty negative. You're analyzing my actual question with a fine tooth comb and criticizing the way I've worded it. Oh, and then you go on to answer it. I guess I should be happy about that? Frankly, it's a little upsetting which is the only reason I'm responding this way. (I never call people out on boards like this.) I guess I should have specifically said, "Anyone have any personal experiences they can relate about Ti Kaye" instead of whatever it is I wrote. Sorry to have offended you. Frankly, if you don't understand the question (which you clearly didn't) or think that it's an idiotic question (which you clearly did) then don't respond. That's generally what I do. Once again, thanks for your wealth of knowledge, but use it wisely. Cindy
  15. Yes, the details about the day pass are listed right on their website, but I was looking to see if someone had actually done it or maybe even recommended a different place instead. I saw the steep steps. Also the beach itself doesn't look too wide. Interesting, but I kind of thought this whole forum was about asking questions and getting opinions. Hmmmm. Cindy
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