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  1. sherryf

    Kayaking excursions?

    We did the Orcas Cove trip through Southeast Seas kayaks. I went with my kids (and a friend) who were 18, 21, and 24 at the time. We were the only ones on the tour, and the guide quickly figured out my quirky kids and geared his conversation to suit them. We all had a fabulous time!
  2. sherryf

    Chilkoot Tours Bennett Lake Vs. Yukon Rail/Bus

    I have done both (through Chilkoot Charters) and much prefer the Lake Bennett trip. You can go to Emerald Lake and Caribou Crossing on your own by renting a car, but you can only get to the historic town of Bennett via train. The scenery is gorgeous, and the time on the train does not seem to long since you make a stop and have time to get out and walk around.
  3. sherryf

    18yo and alcohol

    I haven't been on NCL, but I've been on 3 other cruise lines in Alaska, and the drinking age has been 21 on all of them.
  4. sherryf

    Victoria and Passports

    You do not need a passport to get off in Victoria on a closed loop cruise. A few years ago, when my son graduated from high school, we went on a family cruise to Alaska and took my son's best friend (18 years old) with us. He did not have a passport. He had a state issued ID card and his birth certificate. He was able to board cruise and get off in Victoria with no issues whatsoever.
  5. sherryf


    Sure, but you are still going to want long pants and long sleeved shirts of some sort.
  6. sherryf


    So these fit over your shoes, like the old fashioned galoshes we had when I was a kid? I didn't know that such things still existed. They certainly aren't anything I ever see people wearing here in Seattle. We just own waterproof shoes. Definitely not needed for Alaska, and too bulky to pack.
  7. sherryf


    I'm not sure what type of boots you are referring to, but I typically do not take any kind of boots to Alaska. The only reason I might is if I was planning to do serious hiking. Last summer we did a lot of casual hiking, but nothing strenuous, so I just brought my low-top hiking shoes. You definitely don't need boots of any kind for whale watching. The rain forest is everywhere, but if you are talking about a guided hike/walk there, it will likely be easy enough that boots are not necessary.
  8. Personally, every cruise to Alaska that I've taken has stopped in Skagway. If I was on a ship that actually stopped in Haines, I would do something in Haines!
  9. sherryf

    Rain Pants

    I live in the Seattle area and have been to Alaska 11 times. I do not own rain pants and have never felt the need for them. I do own "hiking" pants that are somewhat water resistant and quick drying. I would probably be miserable in plasticy rain pants. Besides, I'd never find them in my size since I am very short.
  10. sherryf

    Excursion questions in Skagway

    If it is really important to you to mark the Yukon off your bucket list, there are plenty of options to get there in Skagway. Seems a shame to be so close and miss out.
  11. sherryf

    Excursion questions in Skagway

    Sorry, it is definitely in BC. There are much better excursions that will get you into the Yukon if you really want to go there. Personally, you couldn't pay me to cross that bridge! 😟
  12. sherryf

    Avocado Toast

    Avocado toast is nothing new. I've been eating it for about 50 years, since I was a kid in Southern California. Back then, it was just avocado on toast, perhaps with a little salt and pepper. Nothing else needed.
  13. sherryf

    Celebrity vs. Princess. vs. HAL with Teenagers

    I have been on Princess with and without teens, and have been on HAL without teens. I prefer Princess for myself and definitely prefer Princess for teens.
  14. sherryf

    What port has the best kayaking excursion?

    I have only been kayaking in Ketchikan. We did the Orcas Cove kayaking trip through Southeast Sea Kayaks. http://www.kayakketchikan.com/guidedtrips/
  15. sherryf

    Skagway Train Question

    If you choose to stand between cars, please be considerate of others that may want to come out to take photos. On one of my trips, there was a group of people who spent the entire trip on the platform, mostly just chatting and not even taking many photos. I went out to try to get a photo and could not even get onto the platform. Very frustrating!