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  1. Agree. When I booked last year Delta was unheard of so anything can happen re Covid. I would not have booked if I had known about Delta. In saying that I did end with a great deal if all works out for the cruises. The other unknown is what quarantine requirements will be in place on return and how long that will be in place for. All I have heard is 7 days at home but that could change at anytime depending on Covid circumstances.
  2. So Carnival have announced another pause so things for a restart early new year looking grim. "As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are sorry to share the news that Carnival Cruise Line is pausing operations for selected Australian sailings departing from 15 March 2020 through to and including 7 February 2022. CANCELLED CRUISES Carnival Splendor sailings through and including 7 February 2022 Carnival Spirit sailings through and including 20 February 2022"
  3. Last year I booked cruises going to Norway, Iceland and the Baltic for June 2022 Not booking any airfares, hotels etc until the next year. Vaccination rates for Russia are extremely low (29%) and is still closed to cruising. Some whispers from local tour companies in St Petersburg is that cruising will not go ahead next year. Decision expected January by officials (sounds familiar). If the cruiseline cancels I can rework my trip quite easily as I have a plan B. Lucky its the first cruise so no biggie to do that if I have to.
  4. Can you find out how long Joff is onboard for? I know he has been onboard since for the startup phase so must be due for a break soon. And does he know where he which ship he will go next contract? Thanks
  5. National Cabinet is not meeting today due to the PM still in the US. Next meeting is 1 Oct.
  6. Well Princess clearly have no inside information. Princess Cruises extends cruising pause in Australia Princess Cruises is extending its pause in Australia/New Zealand to January 27, 2022, due to the uncertainty around the return of cruising in the region. Coral Princess voyages through January 17 are cancelled and Royal Princess and Sapphire Princess seasons through to March 2022 are being cancelled. And P&O P&O Cruises Australia has extended their cruising pause until mid-January 2022. The extension is from 18 December to 14 January in Sydney and to 18 January in Brisbane. The scheduled Melbourne summer cruise season has been cancelled.
  7. I have friends who rushed out and booked the first two cruises after 17 Dec on Ovation of the Seas. They are begging me to join them. For me I will not be booking cruises here for 21/22 season until I hear the federal government utter the words cruising will be permitted from........ I get that the cruise companies can sail a ship here without passengers so the crew are in some sort of quarantine before they get here but what about crew rotations once the ships are here. The international border is still closed for foreign nationals and will be for a long while. Given for example Ovation is already sailing and has crew onboard will they be the same crew that arrive here or will they take on a fresh crew enroute to Australia? Even so with varying contracts between officers, entertainers and crew I would think they would be some rotation going on. Will the rotating crew have to do hotel quarantine here? IMO I doubt the government would allow that as the general public would scream blue murder given Australians are still waiting to return home. So my question is how will the cruiselines get around around crew rotations?
  8. Whilst not something that has disappeared I have this memento from the last Oriana cruise.
  9. I kept these personalised notes from my cruises on Canberra and Sea Princess in 1980s.
  10. The most disappointing aspect of this though not surprising is that recommendations made by Bret Walker have not been acted upon nor the Governments own 2018 internal audit of biosecurity for arriving ships. I wonder if the report on new national policy for disease outbreaks on cruise ships that was under development in 2019 has been finished? So many issues to be finalised before cruising starts again which at this moment IMO I don't see happening for long while.
  11. Last year Sydney had playgrounds etc taped up. Some councils put sand in the bottom of the skate bowls to prevent kids just ducking under the tape. Not so this time around yesterday I noted playgrounds full of kids and about a dozen older kids using the skate bowl in my local area.
  12. Trieste is located near the border of Slovenia so a long vaporetto ride from St Mark's Square😀
  13. P&O's Zoltina-J posted pictures of her arriving into Trieste Airport this morning so things are happening.
  14. All games in Queensland this weekend have been now rescheduled to Melbourne tomorrow. AFL got all teams on flights to Melbourne this afternoon. Essendon v Swans MCG 3.30pm - https://www.afl.com.au/news/655676/mega-sunday-is-here-postponed-matches-rescheduled-double-header-at-marvel
  15. Betting has Swans winning but footy is fickle as we all know. Dockers won by 2 in Perth in May. Game is on the Gold Coast now so neutral territory. The players families are now in Queensland undergoing 2 week mandatory quarantine before reuniting with the players. Here is a link to Callum Mills' thoughts on the COVID events https://www.sydneyswans.com.au/news/984646/mills-we-were-shocked
  16. Hope you can see the video. It's the team song after the game - normally only the players sing the song in the circle but nearly everybody was included last night. Shows how much the win means to players, coaches and staff after the dramatic start to the game. They had to ring players who were at the team hotel and get them to hustle over to the ground asap. It was about an hour before bounce when this happened. https://www.sydneyswans.com.au/video/982603/team-song-sydney-swans?videoId=982603&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1626605934001
  17. Royal Caribbean International (RCI) has cancelled Quantum of the Seas’ season sailing from the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal from Oct 2021 to Apr 2022. The cruise line made the decision due to the ongoing uncertainty around the opening of international borders, with Ovation of the Seas’ sailing from Sydney on 16 Oct also cancelled. Two Honolulu sailings have also been cancelled - the 28 Sep Ovation voyage the 07 Oct Serenade of the Seas cruise. “We know many of our guests look forward to a return to cruising and we are sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience these cancellations may cause,” RCI said, noting the cancellations represented about a third of the planned Australian 2021/22 season. Impacted guests and travel agents have been contacted to advise them of their available options.
  18. Didn't Carnival do this for the cruises up to December earlier this year only to cancel them all. Certainly puts your TA to work ie make changes only to cancel. Do TAs still get a commission on cancelled cruises that didn't have full payment?
  19. My friends who booked direct with Royal, myself and another friend who booked via TAs have not received this. Our cruise is 29 Dec 21 on Ovation to the South Pacific. Still awhile until final payment for us.
  20. If you want the Australian Government to consider a petition you have to follow the rules set out below https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Frequently_Asked_Questions Note the answer in regards to change.org Will you accept a change.org or other type of electronic petition? No. Only e-petitions created using the e-petitions system will be accepted, if they meet all of the rules. This is set out in the Standing Orders which are the rules of the House of Representatives (the House).
  21. Carnival have removed cruises on Splendor thru to 25 November on their website. I haven't seen anything in writing apart from saying cruises on Splendor were cancelled until 17 Sep. I checked a couple of TA sites and even though Splendor cruises were listed they were unavailable to book on some and available to book on others. Anybody seen anything about this?
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