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  1. Good Morning. Handshakes seem to be making a comeback. I am in the pool every day but it is not large enough for laps. Happy Birthday @Sharon in AZ The salmon recipe looks great. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Good Morning. Protecting our rainforests is on a par with protecting our oceans, The Gandhi quote is so perfect for him - profoundly simple. He truely lived his message. Pnion rings, when done right, are great. Just discovered that my young fig tree has a serious problem with scale insects. Looks like I will be dealing with that today. jim
  3. Good Morning. Skateboarding sounds like an express ticket to the emergency room - I'll pass. we're luck to live near some of the best shelling sites in the world. I love the idea of life being a grand adventure. The shrimp would be a great appetiser. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Good Morning. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads. Enjoy the daylight on the longest day of the year - tomorrow the days begin to get shorter. I plan on spending a fair amount of time in the pool today. I love the quote and the meal looks great. Stay safe everyone.
  5. Good Morning.Thanks for the daily, Rich. Juneteenth has been a long time coming - a true celebration of freedom. I've come to learn that shouting and kissing have an inverse relationship. The more one shouts, the less the probability of a kiss. LOL. Both the fried chicked salad and the lamb sound great. Stay safe everyone. Jim
  6. Good Morning: It's an overcast day here but , thankfully, we are out of the target zone for a big storm in the Gulf. With all the high profile international meetings this past week, I think the chance of an international panic is faily low. Loved fishing when I was younger but somehow, now that I'm retired, I seldom find the time for it. Go figure. The scallop dinner looks yummy. Jacqui's lupins are beautiful.Stay safe everyone. Jim
  7. Barracuda are usually no danger. Just be sure not to be wearing anything that would reflect sunlight and "flash" such as ear rings, reings, ets. The cuda could mistake such a flash as a fish and attack it.
  8. Good Morning. We love vergetables. For sure, at a distance we respect crocks. They are a magnificent example of adaptation- they've been around for millions of years. Yesterday was a day of heavy rain here - looks like we will dry out a bit today.
  9. Hard to say. IMO it is not really a sevice charge, just an 18% increase. I seriously doubt that 18% is going to the cooks, wait staff, etc.
  10. As always, thanks for the daily. I like both Rich's and Ray's dinner suggestions. I've been to the Philippines many times as my DW's family is there. I always tell people to get out of Manila ASAP and visit the provinces to see the real Philippines.
  11. So, if you are eligible for a Mariner discount at specialty dining, will the 18% be added to your discounted price or will it be applied to the full, undiscounted price?
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