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  1. We're well aware of that. DH is at ~976k points. We do have a couple of domestic trips planned which will get him oh, so close, to the lifetime million miler level. We were flying non-stop MSN to LAX a couple times a year and have noticed that 2021's fares are the same, maybe slightly lower, than before Covid. Thanks for your response.
  2. ANA is a partner airline of United and we have flown with them. They were excellent. We earned United miles with that flight. We always fly United for domestic travel. Years ago, AA was our preferred airline but we switched. Never flown Delta. My point is to choose a preferred airline, stick with them, and accumulate miles and status. We now have enough miles on United to fly First Class free to Tahiti next year.
  3. I second that. We fly United exclusively. We've had to cancel two trips in the last year and they refunded our money within 3 days. Looking forward to United SFO-PPT next year on a 787.
  4. A penthouse suite is not large enough to serve 4 people. It's just large enough for 2. My last cruise on O was in a PH on Marina and we had our butler serve breakfast to us a couple of mornings. It would have been unrealistic for a table of 4.
  5. I understand that but on this particular cruise, the vast majority of passengers were American. We were sailing off the coast of Southern California at the time. It was mentioned here that Sunday brunches, if in the rare instance that they happen, are on longer cruises. This was a 16-day cruise. Not particularly long, but not short either. I love Oceania but it was a disappointment that they did nothing to celebrate Mother's Day.
  6. I agree that you shouldn't count on any sort of Sunday brunch. It would be extremely rare. I was once on an O cruise on Mother's Day and it was a sea day. Silly me, I thought they might do something for the mothers onboard. Haha, no. The only thing they did was the cruise director made an announcement over the PA wishing mothers onboard a happy mother's day. A group of us ladies gathered in Horizons that afternoon and toasted ourselves. We made our own celebration.
  7. I received my vaccinations at the largest drugstore/pharmacy chain in the nation. They didn't give me a card that says CDC on it. I did have to show ID. It's all handwritten, no stamps. It's on a regular sheet of paper that you would put in your copier. This would be soooo easy to forge. I have to believe there is going to be some kind of digital passport. My sheet of copy paper is basically meaningless and I am sure it would not be accepted by any country.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. I have looked at O's website numerous times when planning a cruise and I have never received any phone calls or emails afterwards.
  9. On our Panama Canal cruise several years ago we were having a drink at the pool bar on a sea day. They came to our table to push the Margarita tasting later that afternoon. I think their intention was just to inform us of it if we didn't already know about it. I don't think this is a one off thing. It's more the norm, IMO.
  10. It depends on the cruise and the ports as to when shore excursion prices will be listed. For my South Pacific cruise in March 2022 the prices are listed for some ports but not all. Purchasing O Life and choosing shore excursions can be a very good value. Choosing the House Select drink package can also be a good value at $30/day with O Life. I drink wine exclusively so having 3 glasses total at lunch and dinner is a very good value for me. Otherwise, the package is $39.95/day. I really just enjoy wine with a meal so the Happy Hour 2 for 1 is not something that interests me. Eve
  11. The House Select beverage package is one of the choices for O Life. On the 10-day cruise that I am booked on, the O Life price is $300/person. At $30/day, it can be a better value than purchasing the beverage package separately but it depends on the individual. As has been mentioned, both people in the cabin have to choose the same O Life option.
  12. The ship's excursions get a lot of criticism here so I'd like to say something in support of them. I've been to St. Petersburg twice and went on a couple of them. They're not as awful as some think. None of them have ever been on a double decker bus as some here have mentioned. The Hermitage is going to be crowded whether you go on a ship's excursions or private. There is no way to avoid it except if you're there on a Monday when I believe it's closed to the public and only open for private tours. My group was there when they opened in the morning and we waited in line for no mor
  13. I got my second Shingrix shot a few days ago and it was easy, other than a slight sore arm. I was a little worried because I did have the side effects of fever and all-day headache from my first shot in October. My doctor recommended it even though I had gotten the original shingles vaccine. Shingrix is much more effective. I'm looking forward to getting the Covid vaccine. Whatever side effects that might come, it's better than the alternative.
  14. On a bit of a positive note, I saw a NCL television commercial today. First time I have seen a commercial from any cruise line in 9 months.
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