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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Its a great way to show off the ship though.
  2. It’s so nice to finally see fresh cruise reviews again. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with everyone. Well done!
  3. This is only a Celebrity “perk” so to speak. They put them in your cabin and collect them on the last day so you don’t inadvertently pack it in your suitcase. 😁
  4. Most cruise lines show your status somehow whether it be by room key colour or medallion colour etc. I think everyone likes to see their own status grow as well. It not only reflects loyalty but also cabin levels. It’s nothing to be ashamed of when showing your card as you’ve earned it (or paid for it). It’s our first time on NCL next year so we’re starting at the bottom and that’s fine with me. The kids booked us in the haven though so bring on that fancy white and almond key please..lmao…
  5. Love that balcony. Grab it..
  6. We are also sailing on NCL for the first time and also on Prima, but we’re doing the inaugural sailing in 2022. We are anxious to try NCL after trying so many other lines. It’s about time I think.
  7. I understood it to be available in the Haven therefore the choice is yours. I’m just not sure why anyone would want the nespresso machine when they can get the French press there.
  8. These Nespresso machines also make regular coffee and not just expresso. Does anyone know if it’s really good coffee though? It seems to me that the French press would be better?
  9. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. From someone who has never travelled with NCL it’s all very good information so that we know what to expect.
  10. I read that the pools actually are better because they are lower on the ship than normal. This in itself creates less balance issues due to the lower center of gravity.
  11. I'm respectfully curious to know why you consider it to be "nickle and dime experience" If I stay in any hotel anywhere, I still have to pay for the added extra things I want to experience. Minigolf is always a charge and usually down the street from a hotel. Go carts would be additional money, super slides would be money etc etc. The cruise lines are giving us new options for fun and excitement but we can't expect them to be build in to the cost of a cruise that everyone would have to pay for. These extras must be a "pay if you use it" type of experience to keep the costs lower for those who don't want to do those things? You know what I'm saying? It makes sense to me. How could you grow "less excited" about a cruise experience on one of the newest ships in the world? You should be thrilled..LOL
  12. It's so nice to finally start seeing live reviews again. I've missed them terribly. This one was very nicely done and I appreciate all the time you took from your cruise to do it. Well done. Drew
  13. I found the prices crazy expensive in comparison to anything we've done before. Haven penthouse for 8 days for just under 10K PP CAD. That was booked day one of offering. "If you build it they will come" LOL
  14. I hope they can sail at full capacity by August if they’ve sold all cabins.
  15. No new photos of Prima for 2 weeks now? Your slipping Freestyle..vreselijk…lol
  16. Thanks for doing this. It's exciting to see another one get started. Lots to explore and surmise about what is yet unknown. 😀
  17. Oh by the way! This slot pulls are competitive varieties where a bank of machines are all set to slot tournament mode. Highest point winner goes on to play against the next group. When everyone has had a turn there is usually a final playoff for the predetermined or proceed percentage amount.
  18. I’ve done them, on Celebrity. They will announce the time in the daily bulletins and they will post signs.
  19. Hey "PS" I noticed you mentioned a "convince me to book the Haven" thread, but I can only only find the "Convince me to upgrade to Retreat" Is that an older thread you were referring to? Or was it not actually about the Haven?
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