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  1. There is a board here for Honeymoon &Wedding Cruises, further down the boards page under Special Interest Cruising. You might ask there if anyone has researched them. Welcome to Cruise Critic. EM
  2. Sorry, but this location is not Downunder. EM
  3. We are not generally beach people so I have a rather large crossbody bag that goes ashore. But for those time a beach is inevitable, I have packable backpacks from Lug (luglife.com). I have the original echo packable which folds onto its side pocket, but just got the newer echo which folds into a bottom pocket. They hold two beach towels and more. EM
  4. Did your post here show up red? It’s normal black to me. EM
  5. Aft facing balconies on deck 9 all all plexiglas. If you look at cruisedeckplans.com, (and maybe on MSC deck plans) the side balconies aft - the last two are gray, the ones next are blue. That means the gray ones are metal, the blue ones part metal. You can see the same thing up forward, most are gray, then one set in blue. EM
  6. We docked at Puerto Maya on Seaside in Feb. 2019 But both stops on the Armonia - Dorian cruise were downtown at Punta Langosta. EM
  7. This is the roll call that you want corrected: Go to your roll call. In the upper right corner of your original post, (and all posts) there are three gray dots. click on those, and a drop down box will appear. Click on 'report'. You will get another box, and there tell the mods what you want done. EM
  8. How the heck did Celebrity become Calabrian? Just love autocorrupt...
  9. I’m in the Calabrian and MSC camps. Even outside yacht club the balcony cabins are roomy. I also picked up a short 4 day on Island Princess in December 2019 and was upgraded to a mini-suite. Too bad I was solo on that one. We’ve sailed on MSC Armonia, and she is much more subdued than the newer MSC ships. Cabins smaller, too. But it was a very enjoyable cruise nonetheless. Of course, it was lengthened two days by a hurricane... EM
  10. Here's one on the list not seen...one I've actually been to... Doubt anyone will have trouble with it... EM
  11. Have these family members cruised before? If so, have they cruised on a line within the Carnival family? If so, they might already have a Mariner number... EM
  12. Lest split a few hairs here. It used to be that for every x number cabins in your group, you got a free berth in a cabin grade of the lowest common denominator. So if the largest number of cabins booked was inside, that berth would be in an inside cabin. If you book double that required number, yu would get the second berth in the cabin. EM
  13. Welcome to Cruise Critic, and to cruising. A couple of suggestions: For information about Royal Caribbean, visit the forum here for RCI: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/. Lots of experts there to help you out. For information about hotels and parking, visit the Florida Departures board, under North American Homeports: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ My personal advice is NOT to leave luggage in the car. In fact, I would wait to hire the car until after your cruise. There are not any/many hotels close to th
  14. Oceania and Crystal as well. EM
  15. I think you need to ask on those boards, and place prominently in the post that you have already asked on the disabled board. But also clarify on the HAL board that they do have accessible tenders. I had not read this. The only accessible tenders I have encountered were at Half Moon Cay. EM
  16. No, that drop down box doesn't involve the roll calls, it takes you to a page with a number of threads that involve the named ship. EM
  17. I believe he's talking about the top left of this page, under the orange star of Find Your Princess Roll Call. There is See Posts About: and a drop down list of ships, and Sky Princess is missing. But it does still include a number of ships that have left the fleet... EM
  18. I would be googling for climate data for your ports, and visiting the ports of call boards here at CC. I’m thinking early November is not beach or pool weather, but I haven’t been in the Mediterranean in November. EM
  19. Bed placement does not alternate on M class ships. Bed is by the bath with feet pointing aft. Based on photos on cruise deckplans.com. EM
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