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  1. We are actually happy with the later checking time, as we will leave our bags at the Colonial Hilton and stroll around Nassau (we get in too late the night before to do anything but eat), maybe pay our respects at the Bearded Clam if it is open. About 2:30 we’ll make our way back and get a cab to the convention center. Since we are on the second cruise, we can hope someone on the first will have reported back as to how efficient the process is. EM
  2. There are several lines that have computer 'labs' where they have monitors and give classes. HAL used to, and you could use the room when there was not a class in session. Oceania has a wonderful library on the R class (have not sailed their larger ships) with a monitor or two: There were also tables in the areas where you entered the Horizon Lounge (on Insignia) . There was often a jigsaw puzzle in progress. Outside the spa area on the port side was Oceania @ Sea: And next to that is the card room:
  3. I don’t have any edits yet, but the PCPC says boarding time 5-5:30. On the July 10 sailing. EM
  4. It may not be called a working vacation, but many people ask questions about internet connectivity onboard because they have to keep in touch or work while on their cruise. EM
  5. I dread filling out the application, as I always have trouble attaching things. Maybe if I register first, things will go easier. We are also on the July 10 sailing. I usually do a travel journal that I post on another cruise forum. I suppose I could try posting it here also. I usually don't put photos in because I send them to Shutterfly, before that Photobucket, and most ships have blocked those sites. I have been able to upload pics to Shutterfly when onshore from my iphone. It's only in the last few years that I went solely to phone for pics, instead of a camera. EM
  6. I believe this is Coxen Hole, Roatan, Honduras If Cunard has called here, it would be before Carnival built Mahogany Bay, just up the coast. EM
  7. There are pictures of several inside HC cabins on Sunshine on cruisedeckplans.com. It looks like it might be possible to squeeze in two scooters. You do not need to be a paying member to see pics of HC cabins. Just go to cruisedeckplans.com, choose cruise line, then ship, and on the left side scroll down to your cabin category, click on Handicap and a list of HC cabins will drop down, and those with pics will have a tiny camera icon to click on. EM
  8. MSC also offers kids sail free much of the time. But research on the MSC board before booking because on some ships, the kids will be sharing a foldout couch. EM
  9. Keep in mind that viewing space is very crowded at the beginning of the transit. But as it proceeds, the crowds will thin. If they are going westbound, the Gatineau locks are a set of three, and by the time she gets into the third lock, folks will be heading for breakfast or a snack. Also as the day progresses, it may get marginally hotter with the sun, and folks will head inside to the a/c. The scenery is different with each set of locks, but the machinery/process is the same. EM
  10. This is the view from the veranda of 6030, looking aft. The view aft from 6048 would be much the same (Cruisedeckplans had a view aft from 6053). As has been mentioned, wildlife is not going to be so close to the side of the ship unless it is floating along on a growler or bergy bit. EM
  11. Book a cabin on another deck, or spend the transit out on deck, forward from the cabins. This ship was butchered when they removed the Universe Lounge and added cabins and suites, killing the wraparound promenade. Research on the Princess board would have alerted to this before booking. EM
  12. If you book on a different ship, either it won’t be Princess, or if Princess, it will use the new locks, which do not require the cables. If you wish to use this ship, you might look foe a HC cabin on a different deck, or encourage them to be out on deck during the transit. By staying on the balcony, you miss more than half of the ‘show’. EM
  13. I have my CDC card. I participated in the v-safe follow up program, and you can go to the website and pull up your profile, which shows my name, date of birth, type of vaccine, and dates administered. I did a screen shot and it’s in my phone. I also got the insurance statements for the administration fees, also. EM
  14. There is a video of 6107 on cruise deck plans.com. It shows clear plexiglas balcony, so cabins aft of this would be the same. EM
  15. There are actually four sets of elevators on Divina. A smaller, two elevator set is between the front set, and midship set. They are less well known, and you might find they save you time... EM
  16. Royal had their first cruise sail Sat and a CC staffer is onboard. I think her blog is linked in another thread. I would wait until her cruise debarks on Sat. Remember, that Royal ship will be sailing and returning the same days as Crystal. It may take some time for the airport to learn to cope, but maybe they will have it figured out by the time Crystal starts. EM
  17. We’re a smaller group…maybe rent a few adjacent stalls in the straw market… there are enough of us staying at the Colonial Hilton that we can share taxis if need be. EM
  18. There is a roll call for this cruise, and your request is better asked there. Also, there is no messaging ability on this forum. E M
  19. I'm sorry...I saw the reference to Ruby Princess, and that's what I accessed on cruisedeckplans.com. Sorry for the confusion (mine). EM
  20. I think I was as excited to get my jabs, especially the second one, as I have been for some cruises…. And today I got paid $50 for being vaccinated. My secondary insurance has a wellness program, and you do some things to put cash on your wellness card that can be used for insurance copays. I uploaded my card into their app, and voila! EM
  21. According to the deck plans on cruise deck plans.com, all of the mini suites on Emerald deck connect in pairs. There are also a couple forward and more aft on Dolphin deck. EM
  22. Well, presumably not all the balconies are booked, so they should offer a special deal for groups of three adults: connecting or adjoining cabins with low single supplement, 150% or less. I do realize some folks booking three are anticipating the reduced third person fare…EM
  23. Our second cruise on Divina we had not even left Miami when we could see a woman in the next cabin smoking on the balcony. I called guest services and within minutes there was someone at her door. She never did it again. E M
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