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  1. We just returned from our first cruise on Crystal.  We had a wonderful time, but since it was our first time on this line, we have nothing to compare it to.  I think differences in pre and post Covid-19 experiences will be between fully vaccinated ships, and those accepting some not vaccinated.  Visit every cruise line board here for the lines now sailing and you will see reviews and ‘live from’s.  EM

  2. I think the first most important thing would be not to fly back the day you get off, with another large ship turning over the same day.  I can’t speak for Silver, as we were on Delta, but we couldn’t get boarding passes checking in online.  We did it again at the kiosk, then had to stand in line nearly an hour to check bag, and they want to see all papers again.  Security was another line, but not as long.  No TSA pre-check, take out all electronics, take off shoes….Immigration  was a breeze because we had Global Entry, and they had the kiosks, so we basically jumped the line.  Then it was to our gate, which was another snafu, but not the fault of airline or airport.  Late arriving planes mean late departures…. And all this was on a Monday, not Saturday.  EM

  3. You will need to show that visa multiple times before boarding the ship.  We had to show it when we checked in for our first flight.  I think they wanted to see it at immigration in the airport in Nassau.  Possibly at the pre-cruise hotel, and when we checked in at Baha-Mar.  I carried a second copy in case it got too worn.  EM

  4. If the cabin is along the side of the ship, you will have a nice view.  If it is forward facing, it may be partially obstructed.  If you could tell us what ship and cabin category we could be of more help.  EM

  5. The reasoning is that anyone who needs extra oxygen at any time has a respiratory condition that makes them more vulnerable to complications if they develop covid. Since you live in CA perhaps you should take Amtrak and avoid the need for the oxygen.  EM

  6. Two suggestions:  on the boards page beneath the roll calls is a photo and technology forum.  You might ask there what you might do.  Also, on the main boards page, first thing under the blue 25 years banner, is the Forum Assistance board.  You might start a thread there…Why are my pics posting upside down?  Or something like that.  With a couple upside down pics, of course.  EM

  7. 42 minutes ago, Crusin till Im Dead said:



    To clear this up, the correct site is Squaremouth.com (not smartmouth)
    Travel Insurance - Compare the Best Quotes & Buy Online (squaremouth.com)

    I too worry for future cruises, and feel Insurance is now semi-required...  I'm asking a question here -- As I was employed, my Work Health insurance covered me (at least I thought so) when I cruised; but now I'm retired and on Medicare... I am pretty sure Medicare covers nothing outside of the US; is this correct?  Therefore, I'll need some form of Travel/Health insurance coverage for any future travels?


    Do you have a Medicare supplement?  When I retired, I kept FepBlu, which covers out of country.  My sister has Cigna which does the same.  EM

  8. You will have plexiglas balcony.  If you go to the deck plans, particularly on cruisedeckplans.com, scroll through the decks, starting with deck 8. Notice the Bella balconies forward are slightly gray, as opposed to those midship, which are white.  Scroll down to the aft cabins.  Note that the last few on each side are also gray, and one each side is blue.  The gray balconies are metal, the blue is partial metal, the white are glass.  For everything you want to know about MSC and Divina, visit the MSC board here.  EM

  9. First, you need to be more specific about how you are traveling.  Are you booking the hotel through the cruise line and the transfers, too?  Or have you booked your own hotel?  If you booked through the cruise line, you will probably have to bring your own bags down, or they may have you tag them and leave outside the hotel room door.  But this is something you need to ask on the board here for your cruise line.

      If you booked your own hotel, you will have to bring down your bags, and make sure they are placed beneath the bus or in a trailer behind.  The bus will be provided by a company arranged by the hotel, and there will be a fee.  At the pier, you would have to reclaim your bags from the driver and turn them over to the porters who will put them in a cart to be loaded.  EM

  10. Do yourself a favor and get a membership in cruisedeckplans.com.  It will be worth the investment.  There are pictures there of five aft facing cabins on deck 11, videos of two more.  EM

  11. We made the decision 8 years ago to travel carryon only.  Just got back from 7 days on Crystal plus Nassau 3 days, and I do have one shirt I didn’t wear.  It helps that they have free self service laundry so we came home with mainly clean clothes.  Going, I fill my backpack with the minimum needed for the cruise if the occasionally checked bag doesn’t make it.  EM

  12. It is not necessarily the ports on your itinerary that might be impacted by bad weather, especially in the southern Caribbean.  By that I mean the ABC islands, not the Windward Islands to the east, down through Barbados which some cruise lines pitch as Southern Caribbean.  What may impact you is your embarkation/debark port being in the way of a storm.  We had a Western Caribbean cruise lengthened by two days due to Hurricane Dorian making us unable to return to Miami on time.  EM

  13. Keep in mind that Alaska can enjoy a lot of rain, and can be quite chilly, especially when viewing glaciers.  Staying out on your balcony may mean bundling up, including hat and gloves.  As far as the cost of excursions...EVERYTHING costs more in Alaska because supplies are imported.  Venture over to the Alaska board here and do a bit of reading.  EM  



  14. 38 minutes ago, pgerbphoto said:

    What do you mean they have more COVID restrictions? I thought they actually had less as far as being able to sail without being vaccinated, etc?

    When you have unvaccinated guests, they have more restrictions on their activities and behavior than those who are vaccinated.  EM

  15. We also left the ship on Saturday about 9am.  We caught the golf cart to the end of the pier where independent luggage was.  Easy to get a taxi to Hilton.  Today we had a 1:16 flight on Delta to Atlanta.  We got a taxi about 1015, arrived shortly before 1100.  I had already checked in online, but you can’t get boarding pass from Delta online, at least for international flights.  So we hit the kiosks and checked in again and got boarding passes.  An official there wanted to see the Covid test results.  Then came the long line to check our bags.  About 45 min.  And then the belt is broken so we had to take our bags to the far end of the terminal to turn them in at special baggage.  Then walk all the way back to go through security.  Line at security moved faster, and then it was US immigration and customs.

         THANK GOODNESS FOR GLOBAL ENTRY!  We started to get in line, but then spied the four global entry kiosks to the left.  Have never used one before, but it is self explanatory.  It spit out a receipt to take directly to the two officers listing global entry, essentially jumping the line.  Again wanted to see Covid test results passport, etc.   Through there, it was to the gate, but there was a lot of confusion about that.  They kept telling us the gate next to the one on the pass, but the plane was out on the taxiway waiting for a gate.  Apparently a lot of planes were late getting in so late leaving, so delaying the next flight.  We were finally sent to a third gate, and the plane was over an hour late leaving.  Fortunately we had adequate layover to make our Savannah connection.  EM

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