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  1. By the letter of the guidelines, this is true. However, people are clever at getting around this with descriptive text, abbreviations, etc. And I suspect these are seldom reported. EM
  2. Now another that should not be too hard... I was sure thisport had already been shown, but maybe not.
  3. Yes, this is Hellesylt, not really visited, just to drop off guests for the overland tour to Geiranger.
  4. It appears that you are on a partial transit. Therefore, only excursions by Princess will be allowed. You will use the new locks (Aqua Clara) to lock up into Gatineau Lake. Those doing excursions will be tendered ashore to the yacht club to join your tours. The ship will then lock back out and dock in Colon (or Cristobal) where they will pick up those returning from excursions. EM
  5. Well, it’s either simple or complicated. They will have to have a cabin for four ( quad). For the kids to sleep in your cabin, you would also need a quad, unless you don’t do both at once…then a cabin for three would do. But it is a question as to whether you would be allowed to book a quad in triple for the two of you. And unless you book a mini suite, they would be in upper bunks above your bed. So, if you really want to sleep with the grands, trade cabins with their parents for the night. EM
  6. Cruise line? Portholes are much smaller and recessed. You get daylight but not much view. EM
  7. Click on your avatar or username. It will show you your posts. Em
  8. Okay, I suspect this will not be any trouble: Obviously, not the Caribbean... EM
  9. Yes, indeed. As I said, the others would be a giveaway... Also, googling this ferry would have led you here... Now I need to revisit the unfound ports list to see if there is any port I have missed... EM
  10. Fantasia class (Divina) was the first class to have Yacht Club. EM
  11. Oosterdam 2009. San Diego to Rome. 32 nights Carnival Dream 2009. Rome to NYC. 16 nights Celebrity Solstice 2010 FLL to Barcelona Celebrity Infinity 2013 San Diego to Harwich 27 nights. Love them. EM
  12. On my Armonia cruise, there were 1900 Americans and 900 Europeans. Roughly 1/3. EM
  13. Here are some others that probably won't help much, either. But most of the others are dead giveaway.
  14. Sorry, no. Here is another view: And a view of the town that is not the port, but the main tourist attraction:
  15. Well, they are both in the Caribbean...for the second one, I don’t believe the port is the tourist attraction. Which is why I don’t have any other pics of the port... EM
  16. Oh no! I can see I will be doing a lot of stairs and laps around the ship! EM
  17. Welcome to Cruise Critic. There is a thread on the second page titled Petra. Doing a search might bring up others. To do a search, go to the oval box in the upper right under your username and type Petra. In the drop down box check this forum, then click on the search icon magnifying glass. EM
  18. I am not sure what it is you are not understanding. The Yacht Club is an exclusive area for guests who book that class of cabin, and there is no access for those booked outside the Yacht Club. You have your own restaurant, pool, lounge, bar, deck area. Even elevator priority. I have not stayed in the YC, but understand you might bring someone in to see your cabin, but not tour the area. YC staff will recognize those people don’t belong and ask them to leave. There is a long thread about that a page or two back. EM
  19. I respectfully disagree. We did a Bella balcony gty on Divina, and got 8114, midship, partially obstructed if you don’t like overlooking a lifeboat. Our Fantastica OV gty got us 14142, midship. The only caveat is that if there are only two of you, you may be assigned one of the cabins with tub/shower rather than just a shower. On seaside it means you have a loveseat rather than full couch. Of course, you might book one of these without knowing... We have a list of these on the Fantasia class, but not the Seaside class. EM
  20. I have no problem occupying an accessible cabin if assigned as a gty. I once had one on Princess...an inside that was as large as a suite. I book about 5 weeks out and when I checked the cabin number, I emailed my TA to say I didn’t need it, but she said Princess knew. We surmised that it was the only inside available for both weeks of my B2B. EM
  21. I just tried it on my iPad mini4 and it works there, too. I never go on CC on my phone because I have the smallest iPhone (SE) and the screen is too small. EM
  22. It’s available on iPad, using safari, so it must just be iPhone. EM
  23. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Since you are inquiring about a specific cabin on a specific ship the best place to ask this is on the forum here for your cruise line where more NCL cruisers will see it. There really is not that much traffic on this board. EM
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