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  1. The muster process is that you get a slip of paper when you get your cabin card.  It tells you to drop off your carryon bags and immediately report to your muster station.  At the muster station, they tell you about the horn blasts, show you how to put on the life jacket and take down your cabin number.  Of course, we had unpacked before we read the slip of paper…. EM

  2. When are you traveling to Nassau?  Right now we are on a ship that departed from Nassau, and there were a number of golf carts to take people to the ship who couldn't manage the walk.  Keep in mind that Nassau is a lot different now.  They have demolished several builds at the pier to build a cruise terminal, but there is not one there yet.  You have to walk through a construction zone to get to the pier.   You might ask on the Celebrity board, as they might be the only line that has a ship (Edge) that has made a port call in Nassau.  EM

  3. I'm one who is sensitive to drafts and temp.  I haven't found the Galaxy to be too bad, but tonight in Stardust was cold, and Avenue Saloon was downright frigid.  We visited them all looking for a place to wait until they opened Starlight.  Bistro has been cool, as has Bistro.  Our room is also too cool, but as we like to snuggle under our covers, we have left it as is.  To warm us, we simply go out onto the balcony.  EM

  4. We boarded yesterday, my only complaint about the process was standing in line so far to get to the testing stations.  We stayed at the British Colonial Hilton and the taxi from the airport was $34,  and from the hotel to the Baha Mar was $20.  Not much open in town except the Caribbean chain jewelers and a few large souvenir shops.  This was the extent of the straw market:







    And for those wondering what the results of the antigen test look like in your email:




    And there is more, but it has my email and phone number on it, so I am not posting it.  

    I thought it was rather a long walk through the construction zone and along the pier.  And like every ship I have been on lately, they seem to use the gangway furthest away.  EM



  5. 22 hours ago, sfred said:


    That implies Indonesia.  Unfortunately there are 18 unseen ports in Indonesia on the list.  I glanced through all of them (admittedly without a thorough search in each one), but could not find an exact match.  The closest I could find to the general terrain was Bitung, so I'll submit that as my guess for the day.

    It is not in Indonesia nor the Philippines.  EM

  6. The reason is that the owner of the website died.  His sister kept it going for awhile but I suspect she wasn't versed in updating it.  She was either going to sell it or close it down.  So I suspect it is in limbo.  There is another cam forum but I can't link to it because it also had forums (which I never use).  Google CRUISIN.  EM

  7. I don’t know why Celebrity uses that terminology, because all of their verandah cabins face the sea.  Maybe because their sister line, Royal Caribbean does have cabins with inside balconies.  You have a cabin for three, so your bed will be by the bath, couch by balcony.  EM

  8. I think one of the reasons this was implemented several years ago is that apparently many people were booking multiple cruises for the same time slot, with the intention of deciding which to keep at final payment.  This tied up many desirable cabins, which were thrown back into inventory at final payment.  EM

  9. 11 minutes ago, Mudhen said:

    Thank you all for your votes of confidence....wish I had some of that!

    I will enlist my niece and/or a friend that's computer savy. I trust I can do this thru their computers, as long as I have my email address in there?

    You have to create an account and then a profile within the account.  Have your vaccine card handy, as they ask not only kind and dates, but lot numbers, address and phone of the place you got it.  Flight number.  Passport page, dates, number.  EM

  10. I was terrified doing it, too.  Waited until 10 days out or less.  I did it on my ipad, took pics of the docs and uploaded from the pics.  I'm terrible at uploading stuff.  I also did some of it on my computer.  I had to go back to find the test voucher for the reentry, and when I hit request, nothing happened.  Or when I hit pay, nothing happened.  When I reopened on my computer, there were eight vouchers requested!  I paid for one.  I got plenty of practice, as I had to do my sister's too.  Recommend you borrow someone's grandchildren to help you through it...EM

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