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  1. I have read a number of posts here from people who  do their own hemodialysis, and others who do peritoneal dialysis.  A search would bring up some threads… it’s been some time since anyone reported taking a cruise with dialysis appointments in the ports.  And you always run the risk of itinerary change, or unable to make a port.  To do a search, go to the long search box in the upper right under your username.  Type in your quest, and in the drop down box, click on This Forum.  You should get some results.  EM

  2. The train ride is usually an excursion on a partial transit.  Most full transits do not have a port stop in Panama, although some may stay the day before of after in Colon.  Full transits not coming from or going to South America will stop in Cartagena or one of the ABC islands, and some in Limon, Costa Rica.  If you have done Puntarenas on the western side, you don’t need to do Limon.  My personal favorite on a canal transit is Puerto Quetzal, for the trip to Antigua, Guatemala.  EM

  3. My experience on another line is that the ship calls very early at Hellesylt to tender off guests who are going to take an overland excursion which will bring them to Geiranger.  The ship then retraces its route and takes the fjord to Geiranger.  The sail in to G is quite scenic, and space at the railings will be at a premium.  Scenes both sides, so sitting on your balcony gets you half the view.  If you take the excursion from Hellesylt you will miss this, but don’t despair…you have to retrace your steps leaving, and viewing space not at a premium.  EM

  4. In the Med/Europe, itinerary is more important than ship.  You have to think about why you want to go to Europe.  Pick some places you want to visit, look them up on cruisetimetables.com.  See where they fit into itineraries on various ships and make your choice.  EM

  5. 15 minutes ago, Tedferg said:

    Perhaps Messaging used to be available. When I click on a handle it show Message icon but then says - This Feature Has Been Disabled

    Perhaps when the forum originally started on AOL, but not as long as I have been a member.  The button is thee probably because it is part of the software program.  RM

  6. 8 hours ago, Steelers36 said:

    If I go into a cruise to make a mock booking, and select a Mini Suite, I see the following after selecting an available Club Class cabin:


    Special Notes: Club Class Mini Ste W/all Club Amenities Extended Angled Balc


    In the above, "Ste" is short for "Suite" obviously.  Never booked one nor been upgraded to one.  Most Princess cruisers complain about the misnomer because a Mini Suite is not really a "Suite" at all and it's a bit of puffery on Princess' part. 


    IDK why you have "Stec" - perhaps some sort of typo, or something poorly conceived into a booking confirmation notice.


    The interesting thing is…on Cunard QE and QV they took the same cabin arrangement as I had in a mini suite on Island PRincess, and sell it for a lot more money as Princess Grill.  We were on QE for a short 4 day cruise ( in an inside) and my TA was to be on the next cruise in an OV gty.  I went to find her cabin, and on the way passed these cabins that looked like minis.  Looking at the deck plans later, I realized they were Princess Grill cabins.  ( I was leaving her 27 days worth of Celebrity pillow chocolates for two, and a teddy bear from Guernsey).  

  7. 2 minutes ago, ProgRockCruiser said:



    So why is that?  The beaches?  The excursions?


    I thus have a related question about Cozumel - it is one of our port stops for a cruise on Mardi Gras later this year.  I've never been there before.


    I know this question would normally belong in the Ports of Call area, but dredging through there wasn't getting me the satisfaction/knowledge I was looking for, and my questioning is rather Carnival-related:


    Looking at the available excursions offered by Carnival, nothing really stands out (for me, at least).  Maybe there will be a bit more offered as we get closer to sailing date and new / old vendors are added back into the mix.  Not sure whether I want to do a private excursion at this stage.  (I know lots of people really prefer non-Carnival excursions.)


    I see that there is an Amber-Cove-like area right at the pier that Carnival (almost?) always docks at.  If we are just looking to walk around and have a "local" snack or drink, is there any specific thing we might want to check out?  If not going on an excursion, how else could we entertain ourselves for a few hours, specifically from that Carnival exclusive pier?

    Are you talking about the shops at Amber Cove?  In Cozumel the shopping area is much more extensive, there is a tiny beach area there that is not free, and there is no pool.  EM

  8. 47 minutes ago, bluemarble said:


    Good job, @sfred. I had picked up on your "missing letter" hint but had already identified a port yesterday. Glad to see you were able to identify it, @Colin_Cameron.


    I'll take on the ship spotting portion of our game by identifying the cruise ship in this Xiamen photo as SuperStar Gemini of Genting Hong Kong's Star Cruises line.

    Formerly NCL Dream.  EM

  9. Those traveling to the Bahamas for vacation or cruise must fill out a visa request form, and part of that form is the COVID-19 insurance required by the Bahamas.  Because of the test requirement before flying out, there is the option to pay up front for that test, and the fee is $25.  You receive a voucher for it which can be used on the ship or at a facility on the islands.  I am on one of the early Crystal cruises from Nassau and if we do not purchase it with the visa, we can get it on the ship for the same price.  So likely all passengers on Adventure had the same option.  Since this was the nearly end of cruise test, they probably did not have to retest the contacts as they had been tested at the same time.  EM

  10. Things are getting back to normal here.  But Georgia isn’t one of the heavily vaccinated states.  When I go out, I don’t war a Masai unless there is still a sign on the door, or I am asked to.  Most employees do continue to wear them, and there are still a whole lot of folks wearing them, including children.  Which means there must be a lot still not vaccinated.  There is lots of availability, no waiting, no appt. needed.  EM

  11. Well, there are some folks who were on Adventure of the Seas tested pos on the test prior to return to Nassau for turn to US.  Two teens under 16, not vaccinated.  All others in their party were vaxed and neg.  But he put them off in Freeport.  They are getting to test the insurance…. It’s in Cruise Industry News (the issue I will get tomorrow) and there is a thread on the RC board, which I haven’t yet read.  EM

  12. We have a funny situation.  We are on the July 10 sailing and no eTickets yet.  Initially my TA was told they were sent right after final payment.  Nope.  Subsequently I upgraded us to balcony.  Today she got a notification the couldn’t be issued because something was missing from the checkin, which was saying 100%. Well, I checked on the stuff, and when I filled in everything, I hadn’t done air yet.  So e added that.  And the travel insurance.  So hope that is what they wanted, even though we had blue check marks.  But initially, we had checkin 5-5:30.  After the additions, it says 4-5.  Interesting…. EM

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