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  1. We were in 9058, basically under the kitchen of Aqua Spa Cafe. Only an occasional cart rumble, not a problem. We were right across from a steward room, which had an elevator. I kept wondering why I could hear the bing bong of the elevator stopping, until I glanced in when the door was open and saw the elevator. EM

  2. With that said if the jewelry shop has already paid the duty then they will give you a letter for that which you will present to the customs agent on board the ship and you will not have to pay duty on it. If duty was not paid then it will count towards your $800.00 per person exemption.


    No onboard jewelry shop has paid duty on any of their items. They will tell you the merchandise is tax and duty free, but what that means is that they did not pay tax or duty on it, hoping to convince you that therefore they can sell it to you at a lower price than you would find at home. By no means does it mean that you will not be subject to duty when entering the US. EM

  3. I think this is the best age to take your baby. Still very portable, no opinion as to what they want to do, no need to think about what would entertain them. Yes, you should bring everything you think you will need, but you are not sailing to a third world country. Every port will have shops where you can pick up extra diapers and wipes if you run out. they may not be the same brand, and you might have to convert pounds to kilos to figure out size, but they are available. Formula would be another issue, as brands might be different. EM

  4. I am currently on Silhouette with nearly the same itinerary. Koper has a scenic 'old town, there are stairs up to where we started, but a longer route would take you in through the old gate without steps. Don't bother with a tour. Ravenna, get a guidebook and take the Celebrity shuttle, $14/pp all day. Wonderful mosaics, flat with cobblestones. Split is a tender port, no need for a tour. Just walk around in the old town. Kotor another tender port, small walled city with cobblestones, easy without a tour. Dubrovnik will also have a shuttle, I think it may be $12 to the old town. No tour needed. Have not done Bari yet. Corfu will have a shuttle into town, no tour needed (did that last year on Nieuw Amsterdam); Have not done Malta yet. Catania, we took tour to Taormina last year, this year just taking the transfer to Taormina. Not a lot in Catania itself. Salerno...We were in Naples last year and did Pompeii. Celebrity offers a transfer only to Pompeii, and if you are interested, get Rick Steves free audio tours from his website, for mp3 and ipod. Also good audio tours for Venice and Rome. EM

  5. There is a whole list of them. Depends on what you are calling a cruise ship.


    Windjammer operates sailing ships. The Mandalay was built in 1923.


    Sea Cloud Cruises has the Sea Cloud (a sailing ship) which was built in 1931.


    Imperial Majesty Cruise Line operates the Regal Empress which first entered service in October 1953.


    Monarch Classic Cruises operates the Ocean Monarch was first entered service in March 1955.


    Classic International Cruises operates the Princess Danae which first entered service in July 1955.


    Kristina Cruises operates the Kristina Regina which was built in 1960.


    Orient Lines has one ship, the Marco Polo, which first entered service in April 1966.


    The Spirit of Columbia is a small cruise ship (under 100 passengers) operated by Cruise West. It entered service in 1979


    The oldest ship current being used by Carnival is the Holiday, which first entered service in July 1985.


    The oldest ship currently being used by Royal Caribbean is the Sovereign of the Seas, which first entered service in January 1988.


    The oldest ship currently being used by Norwegian is the Majesty, which first entered service in September 1992 (the Dream first entered service in December 1992).


    The oldest ship currently being used by HAL is the Maasdam, which first entered service in December 1993.


    The oldest ship currently being used by Celebrity is the Century, which first entered service in December 1995.


    The oldest ship currently being used by Crystal is the Symphony, which first entered service in March 1995.


    The oldest ship currently being used by Princess is the Sun Princess, which first entered service in December 1995.



    The oldest ship currently still in operation, that I can think of, is the QE2, which entered service in May of 1969. However, technically the QE2 is an ocean liner, not a cruise ship.


    Wow, your list is years out of date. Windjammer went belly up years ago, although I think Mandalay may just have started sailing for a new owner.


    Imperial Majesty morphed into Celebration Cruise line when they sold Regal Empress for scrap and took on a former Ferry as their new ship.


    Cruise West went bankrupt a couple of years ago, although some of their ships may be sailing for other companies.


    Carnival transferred the Holiday to Ibero Cruceros several years ago, she sails as Grand Holiday. Her older sister Jubilee now sails for a Chinese company under the name of Henna.


    Sovereign of the Seas has been sailing for Pullmantur for several years as Sovereign.


    Norwegian Majesty went to Louis Lines, and I think is under lease to Thomson. Norwegian Dream was rejected by Louis and sat idle and for sale for several years, drifting around the Med. and then to Singapore where she had multiple drydocks. She just started sailing again for Star Cruises as Super Star Gemini.


    The QE2 was sold to Dubai where she berthed in October 2008. She was to be turned into a hotel/tourist attraction, but she is still sitting there. There is a rumor the Chinese bought her.


    Kristina Regina was retired a couple of years ago and now serves as a museum/restaurant in Finland? Renamed Bore.




    By far the oldest passenger ship that may yet sail again is Doulos:





  6. Some seats are much less desirable than others, such as seats over the wheel well. Those can be very uncomfortable, even for short people. Also, on buses that have a rear door, the seat right behind it looks great, until you discover that there is less leg room. And I have been on buses in the islands where the a/c did not reach to the rear of the vehicle. In those cases, I think the company should require people to rotate seats.

    If you have ridden the White Pass & Yukon Railway in Skagway, the sights are all on the left side of the train on the way up. The train does not turn around, the engine just changes locations. But the seat backs reverse, and people are told to reverse the seat backs, and move across the aisle so that those with no view on the way up can have the view on the way back. A very equitable arrangement. EM

  7. I stayed in 7203 for 14 days. The entrance hallway is a little more narrow than usual, you couldn't open the bathroom door all the way. If you are a generous sized person, it would be a squeeze. There is a public deck outside your window, not much used as it is windy when sailing. The railing on that deck is about chest height on a short woman, so it obstructs your view. The cabin was fine, but it is under the bridge, and I could hear a toilet flushing. When the water was a bit rough, it felt like we were hitting every pothole. EM











  8. We are going from Phila. to San Diego to catch a cruise in April. Seats on Amtrak are much more roomy than on a plane, and you don't have the luggage restrictions. If you have questions about Amtrak travel, there is an Amtrak fan site (not affiloiated with Amtrak) where you can ask all kinds of questions:


    You do not have to join to ask questions as a guest.

    There is also a site to track the trains for timeliness:


    Even numbered trains are northbound and eastbound; odd numbers south and west. The majority of the delays on the silver Star/Meteor occur in florida where there is a lot of freight traffic and track work. EM

  9. Your room key is like a credit card. It will not hurt it to get wet. If you aren't comfortable leaving it in a small beach type bag on your chair, tuck it into your bathing suit. There are also waterproof holders for money and other items. They sell them here on Cruise Critic. EM

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