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  1. Best I can do:



    New Century Cruises is charter and supervise by Switzerland Viking River Cruises

    The newest super five star deluxe cruise M.V. "Century Star", M.V."Century Diamond ", M.V. "Century Sun" and M.V. "Century Sky" are all managed by the Switerland Viking Cruise Co,.Ltd. The facilities and decorations are all the same on these Four cruises. Until now, M.V " Century Star", M.V."Century Diamond ", M.V "Century Sun" and M.V "Century Sky" have become the top cruises on the Yangtze River.


    Largest "travel service and cruise" group on the Yangtze River.


    Fleet in clues the largest and most luxurious 5-star in-land river cruise ships in the world.


    Partnered with Viking River Cruises,the largest in-land river cruise company in the world.


    Proclaimed "the most energetic company on the Yangtze River" by the New York Times.


    Fastest growing cruise company on the Yangtze River.

  2. the info available from the various cruiseline websites does not give info equally. For instance, Carnival does not have any pools where diapered persons are allowed (this includes adults). That is not to say you won't see diapered children playing in the waterworks area, but it is not supposed to happen. EM

  3. It was very frustrating...They didn't pull in the gangplank until after 5pm and we castoff pretty soon after that. I thought they had word a group was coming late, but I didn't see anyone arrive. It looked real close going under the bridge...It would have been too dark by the time we got to you. I was at dinner then. It was 5:45 when we got under the bridge...Thenks for trying! Carolyn

  4. Both AE minis on Cruisedeckplans (from Grand and Golden, not Star) show a couch in the sitting area. Because of the configuration of the beds, the desk had to be located in the sitting area also. The key on the deck plans on the Princess website indicates the triangle to mean 'will accommodate third person'. You do realize that AE cabins were designed to be handicapped accessible, thus the beds do not combine, and the bathroom has a roll in shower instead of tub? Problem was...they forgot to make the door wide enough...EM

  5. Not care? You've got to be kidding! You have no idea how angry a health care professional feels when a pregnant person shows up with a complication they can't treat. Complications can happen without any warning, no matter how many easy pregnancies precede it. Twenty four weeks is considered the limit for viability, when the baby can be saved with the right equipment and have a reasonable expectation of normal development. Don't get me wrong...Delivering a baby less than 24 weeks is just as devastating, but to lose one because it is born in a place without the equipment to save it tears us apart. There used to be a campaign for something or other that said 'Be good to your baby before it is born'...EM (retired labor & delivery nurse)

  6. Please understand that I have no personal experience with this, but I do belong to another cruise forum with a member from Finland that travels a lot on these ferries. From my understanding, they are as large as a cruise ship, have huge duty free shops, several good restaurants, and small basic cabins...because it is only one night (and they want you out spending money). I would do it for the experience, but that is just me. EM

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