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  1. Certainly Seattle is an embarkation port, mostly for round trip cruises to Alaska. Has been for years. At least two piers. https://www.portseattle.org/maritime/cruise EM
  2. I would like to make one comment about your Bella OV gty. Any chance that you could upgrade it to a Fantastica gty? When booked Seaside, I looked at the OV cabins, and saw that there were 80, evenly split between Bella and Fantastica. And there are 1300 balconies. I chose to book a Fantastica OV gty, gambling that I would be upgraded. But I booked Fantastica because I didn't want to take the chance of the upgrade being from Bella to Fantastica OV. In fact, we were upgraded to a Fantastica balcony. Soon after that they started having people bid on upgrades. Don't know what will happen
  3. There are two (maybe more) types of 'obstructed' view cabins on the Fantasia class ships. The pics I have are from Divina. We had cabin 8114 which overlooked the deck below and lifeboats. It was not a problem for us. This is my sister relaxing on our balcony with her Kindle and iced tea. The second type I am aware of are those with solid steel walls on the balcony. You can identify these on the deck plans because the balconies are slightly gray. They are not just on deck 8, but they are all Bella. Some with blue balconies are half obstructed.
  4. I see your cruise is in Europe. May I suggest you get a copy of Rick Steve’s’ Mediterranean Cruise Ports. Thick book, but full of great info. Written for cruisers, he tells you what there is to do in your ports, and how much you can do in the time you have in port. Also how to do it, and what it might cost. Fro the places he does not cover, he recommends Lonely Planet. Sicily is one of those places. With Lonely Planet, you can often purchase and download only the chapters you want. Also, on the Rick Steves website you can download free audio guides (iPod/phone/mp3) for many sites and p
  5. Yes, this is Hamilton, Bermuda. We were there on Zenith in 2006. We docked there first for two days, then traded places with NCL Crown and went to St. George's.
  6. The proper place for this request is the Florida Departures board, located further down on the boards page, under North American Homeports. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ EM
  7. Pictures on cruisedeckplans.com seem to show stairs with railings at the forward end of the Hollywood pool club covered pool. No idea if that is a public area... EM
  8. Another one to sink your teeth into...
  9. I’m doubting St. Thomas for now, as it is a US port...and CDC would apply. But take a look at the itineraries of the ships sailing from Caribbean islands. Celebrity Millennium from st. Maarten, Crystal Symphony from st. Maarten and Antigua. Those islands are open... EM
  10. Thank you. I was afraid I was missing something. The allergy is buckwheat, not common, but with the current fashion for 'healthier' foods, kashi has found it's way into galleys and kitchens. Kashi includes buckwheat in it's multi-grains. She has had allergic reactions on Celebrity, Princess, MSC and one other. A healthy dose of benadryl takes care of it eventually, but the next day is like the twilight zone... EM
  11. I think this one will probably be quite easy...
  12. Yes, that is St. George's, and the first pic was of Town Cut, the narrow, shallow passage the ships transit to get into the port. And it is indeed NCL Majesty, again. Here is another shot from outside the cut:
  13. St. Maarten, Antigua, Barbados for three. Ships are sailing from there. EM
  14. Is there any place on the Crystal website to report special needs, such as medical conditions and allergies? I looked all over and the only thing under preferences is the bed configuration. Would there be someplace if I had not booked with a TA? She has taken care of it, but I think she thought it was a pain because Crystal is taking so long to answer. (She is also busy moving...working remotely). EM
  15. Well, if this is such a problem for you, perhaps you should try a cruise line that is adults only. Not that I don’t agree with you about the toddlers in pools and hot tubs. Not to mention the Depends group...EM
  16. If you saw the spreadsheet, you have been on the Celebrity board. More X cruisers live there than here, so I would go back and ask there. EM
  17. Must have been deep into my history...don’t remember posting it! Well, maybe I do. I think there is a pic of people at the lifeboat drill. Can’t post it now as I haven’t mastered doing that from my iPad. EM
  18. No pun...string bikinis/thongs more common among the European guests...male & female... European guests also tended to dress up a bit more in the evenings, especially the ladies. EM
  19. I haven't sailed MSC since Sept. 2019, but I bought the least expensive package and had no trouble switching between my iphone, ipad mini, and laptop. EM
  20. I have sailed three different MSC ships in the Caribbean. The newer ships (we sailed Divina and Seaside) have lots of bells and whistles (especially Seaside) and plenty of space. The smallest ships - we sailed Armonia - do not have all the options and are much more subdued. On Armonia, cabins are much smaller, and balcony cabins resemble the Fantasy class of Carnival as they took OV cabins and tacked balconies onto the sides of the ship. the ship was also 'stretched' in the past, with a center section added, and therefore the a/c is erratic. We were in an OV cabin and although it was not
  21. Taken June 2008. Another view:
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