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  1. Some views in the Panama Canal Gatun Locks Eclipse is in the upper right:
  2. The wristbands are marked for muster station. They sell them in the logo shop but didn't have our muster station so we had to go to Guest Services. But these were the $5 ones, not sure they are same as the wristband plus. EM
  3. Am I right that you will be transiting the Panama Canal tomorrow? EM
  4. I just got their latest brochure in the mail yesterday and they do have one similar, almost the same western Caribbean 7 day. Least expensive inside is $999. That's on Feb. 18, 2020. We didn't care about the ports, it was the opportunity to experience a line a little above what we have been sailing. EM
  5. Carnival Panorama itinerary: Oct. 31 Leave Marghera (Venice). In fact, she is already on her way. I wonder if the sailaway was a Halloween Party... 6 Nov. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands 17-18 Nov. Montevideo, Uruguay Pick up crew 26-27 Nov. Valparaiso, Chile Pick up Crew 08 Dec. Arrive Long Beach 04:06am If you want follow along with her you can do so on https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:12.396/centery:45.350/zoom:12 I joined a FB group about Panorama trying to find out itinerary. Got this from an entertainer gro
  6. She spent a whole year in denial that it was her fault. Some people just never accept responsibility. EM
  7. This thread from page two will tell you how to find info about a specific ship:
  8. Her sister Infinity is in the canal today. EM
  9. I don't remember how I discovered it, I usually don't look at Oceania. But it was a 7 day western Caribbean with $899 for inside cabin. Those were all waitlisted but I got the next level up inside for $949. I consider that a bargain for O. It came with free internet for one, and $400 OBC for the cabin. My TA threw in free gratuities. EM
  10. The first thing is to sit down and think out what they might wear each day. Is this a 4 or five day cruise? Limit each to a carryon and a tote. Are they going to spend most of the days at the pool? Two bathing suits and coverups. Then something different for dinner, that can be worn several times. Three pairs of shoes at most. Something cool for port days. Limit toiletries. the lack of bathroom storage may be the biggest hurdle. Suitcases must be stored under the twin beds. You don't need three changes of outfit per day. EM
  11. You may also find some of the venues inside can be a bit cool, so carrying a wrap/coverup is a good idea. I carry an oxford cloth shirt in a neutral color that has made many a trip and cruise. EM
  12. OP says it is Carnival Valor, so it will be twins with sofabed and bunk over it. EM
  13. The Ulysses main pool has a sliding dome roof. There is an aft pool in the Serenity area which is adults only, but there has not been a topless deck on any Carnival ship in many years and never nude bathing (except in your cabin...). Learning to read deck plans is a good thing. Viewing the Lido deck plan (deck 9) you will see three pools. Moving up to deck 10 you see a designation over the Ulysses pool that there is a sliding dome. EM
  14. Agree to try MSC! While we have not sailed in Yacht Club, we have sailed on Divina, Seaside and Armonia. Believe it or not, Armonia, their oldest and smallest ship is our favorite. Small cabins, not the greatest food, but the atmosphere is so calm, lots of comfy lounges to relax, and all music is live. Musical show every night. Prices can be incredibly low as the current cruises in the Caribbean were originally Cuba only, and when that had to be changed, prices sank. Very international group. Our cruise last month had 2000 guests, 1100 'Americans' and 900 'European'. We have a bargain f
  15. I believe she can call to add the person and since the cabin is already paid for, all they will add to the charge is the taxes and port fees for the second guest. It would be up to the niece to reimburse your daughter for her portion of the fare. Otherwise, I think it would be a cancel and rebook at the current rate and offers...EM
  16. We have been doing carryon only for three years, longest cruise was 21 days. Last cruise was 7 days which Dorian stretched to 10, and I only took two pair shoes, one of which I was wearing. And We do formal nights on ships that have them. EM
  17. First of all, Europe itineraries are port intensive, so having all those activities for the younger members of the group might be a waste. And I have found those port intensive itineraries to not have the enrichment lectures we so much enjoy. Also, August would be very hot in the Med, which might not be well tolerated by the older members if they do not already live in the South. Since they already have two Med cruises booked, I suggest Northern Europe/Baltic itinerary. EM
  18. Through a mis-communication between Oceania and our TA, we are not getting the Blue Book but our cruise e-docs arrived from the TA yesterday. Too bad, since it is our first O cruise. We sail Nov. 16. EM
  19. Another thing to consider is cabins. Some lines have limited family suites that will sleep six, but sometimes that means at least two will be sharing a sofabed. Two cabins connecting 0 with a door between, not just side by side, and with the ages of the kids, not balconies. So before you obsess on ship amenities, you need to research cabins arrangements. EM
  20. Here are some views from/of the transit of NCL Joy on Oct. 22: Entering on Pacific side into Cocoli Locks Entering Agua Clara Locks on the CAribbean side Quite a contrast to what it looked like in April 2013: I can look at those pics now and sort of identify structure, but back then, I had no clue... EM
  21. https://multimedia.panama-canal.com/index.html I suggest you go to the webcams of the canal to see what the views are. Agua Clara and Cocoli are the new locks. Pedro Miguel cam is currently not working...EM
  22. Pictures of 333 on cruisedeckplans appear to show a small ramp to the sliding doors. You should also ask this on the HAL board here, EM
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