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  1. It’s somewhere on that Bahamas visa website.  I printed it out and took it with me.  It’s seven pages.  It is underwritten by CG Atlantic in Nassau.  
    Trip interruption up to $500/day up to 14 days - $7000.

    Covid-19 emergency sickness medical expense up to $50,000

    Medical evacuation, medical repatriation and return of remains up to $50,000.

    Thats just the basics, but I think it explains how the two guests fromAdventure could be sent from Freeport by charter plane.  
    Sorry I haven’t mastered copy and pasta on my iPad, but go to the Bahamas travel health website, click on thr little triple black lines upper right corner.  In the drop down box, under insurance, click on North America.  You can read the policy there.  EM

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  2. Lets think this through a little deeper.  You have been on a ship for two weeks or more for a Transatlantic.  Your destination country requires the Covid test for debarkation.  Where but on the ship are you going to find the test?  So yes, the test will be administered on the ship.  You may or may not be charged for it.  The Med may be different, may depend on the country where you debark and their requirements.  Only the cruise line can answer.  If the debark country does not require it, but a significant number of guests are flying internationally and need it, it may be offered, perhaps for a fee.  So you need to reach out to the cruise line for your answer.  EM

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  3. Frugal in as frugal does.  It’s a matter of scale.  We have done plenty of insides, OV, porthole.  And a few balconies when there is a bargain to be had.  We like the MDR. We have never paid extra for a meal.  We seldom drink other than soda, and that seldom mor than one a day.  
       But sometimes what looks expensive, compared to Carnival and MSC, is really a bargain.  We look longingly at the premium/luxury lines, and sometimes a opportunity presents itself that we can’t pass up.  In 2019, it was an affordable week on Oceania Insignia.  Last month it was a week on Crystal Serenity.  Next month, Windstar on Star Breeze.  They call their repo cruises Ocean Cruising.  Puerto Caldera Costa Rica to Papeete, Tahiti.  15 nights, no ports.  $1499pp.  Of course, two nights at the end in Tahiti is upping the price a bit…and a pre-cruise hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica.  But it’s a once in a lifetime thing…. EM

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Auntiemomo said:

    Thanks, that clears up a lot.  I'm just wondering why folks taking Eclipse from HNL to YVR were under the impression they couldn't stay on and do the Alaska route from YVR and return and had to cross over the pier and take Serenade to Alaska???

    If their Alaska cruise started in Vancouver and ended in Seward it would be a violation.  But as a r/t Vancouver it is legal.  EM

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