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  1. Just wanted to add my thoughts here.  We were on the second cruise, from Nassau.  This was our first cruise on Crystal.  We booked because the rate was amazing for a line we never thought we could afford.  The fact that it was fully vaccinated was a bonus, but not a decision maker.  We felt liberated when we got our second Moderna shots in February.  Would we sail from Miami with a few non-vaccinated?  You bet we would.  I’d be sending an email to my TA if we didn’t have a cruise booked on Windstar for September, another line we never expected to be able to afford.  
         Monday our local govt reinstated masks in govt facilities.  This morning, my niece went to Walmart for a few necessities.  A couple hours later I also went to Walmart.  As I entered, I noted people were veering left and getting masks.  The lady with the masks looked over at me and said ‘do you have a mask?’  I said yes, as I had one in my bag.  I live in an area where there appears to be nonchalance about vaccination, and rates are rising.  I will be at more risk the one day in San Jose before my cruise, and the two days after in Papeete, plus the flights on each end… than I would be on that cruise from Miami.  5% unvaccinated would be monumentally better than what I face daily here at home.  EM

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  2. On 7/26/2021 at 7:30 PM, bEwAbG said:

    The only "guarantee" they make is to assist you if there is a flight disruption, which doesn't mean much (usually much faster and easier to deal directly with the airline at that point).  They cannot create flights and they cannot create seats on flights.  Supposing they can get you to the first port of call, that's often on the third day of the cruise.  Assuming this is a one-way from Vancouver to Seward, that means catching the ship in Ketchikan because the first sailing day is usually a sea day.

    BUT…by next year the PVSA will be back in effect, so joining in Ketchikan would not be legal.  EM

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  3. Two ways to do it.  Go to cruisetimetables.com.  Choose the port(s) that interest you to sail from.  Choose departure port, then January 2023.  Any ship leaving on January 1 will be ending the previous cruise on that date.  The other way is to use the same website and choose your port under ports of call.  A cruise ending in that port is sometimes considered a port call.  EM

  4. 31 minutes ago, wesport said:

    We went from a 5pm boarding to a window of 1pm to 3pm.  I assume I get there at 11am two hours before the 1pm start. 

    We went from 5-5:30 to 4-5 to 3-4.  We got done with what we wanted to do in downtown Nassau (we were at the Hilton), so we took a taxi out to Baha-Mar.  we got out of the taxi, they took our luggage and directed us toward registration.  We had to fill out the health form and got in line.  No one ever checked what time we should have been checking in.  The longest line was waiting to get in for the COVID-19 test.  EM

  5. I'm not a guy, and did not carry a phone all the time until I started using it's camera exclusively.  I really prefer to carry it in a back pocket when available.  In fact, I buy pants, shorts, skorts only with back pocket.  But I also have one of those Gear Beast type things that I use when running around the ship taking pics, especially when leaning over railings to get shots.  But I also use it when doing grocery shopping.  I make a shopping list in Notes and carry it on the lanyard so I don't have to keep pulling it out of the pocket.  EM

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  6. 00-WxZi_LU868kT2HrtfQ4xeUif5jgFlzWejUl8v


    This is the kid of view you will have.  And if you sand and look out, there is a walkable deck below but no view, which is because of the lifeboats:






    We thought it was well worth the money.  EM

  7. We just returned from our first cruise on Crystal.  We had a wonderful time, but since it was our first time on this line, we have nothing to compare it to.  I think differences in pre and post Covid-19 experiences will be between fully vaccinated ships, and those accepting some not vaccinated.  Visit every cruise line board here for the lines now sailing and you will see reviews and ‘live from’s.  EM

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  8. I think the first most important thing would be not to fly back the day you get off, with another large ship turning over the same day.  I can’t speak for Silver, as we were on Delta, but we couldn’t get boarding passes checking in online.  We did it again at the kiosk, then had to stand in line nearly an hour to check bag, and they want to see all papers again.  Security was another line, but not as long.  No TSA pre-check, take out all electronics, take off shoes….Immigration  was a breeze because we had Global Entry, and they had the kiosks, so we basically jumped the line.  Then it was to our gate, which was another snafu, but not the fault of airline or airport.  Late arriving planes mean late departures…. And all this was on a Monday, not Saturday.  EM

  9. You will need to show that visa multiple times before boarding the ship.  We had to show it when we checked in for our first flight.  I think they wanted to see it at immigration in the airport in Nassau.  Possibly at the pre-cruise hotel, and when we checked in at Baha-Mar.  I carried a second copy in case it got too worn.  EM

  10. If the cabin is along the side of the ship, you will have a nice view.  If it is forward facing, it may be partially obstructed.  If you could tell us what ship and cabin category we could be of more help.  EM

  11. The reasoning is that anyone who needs extra oxygen at any time has a respiratory condition that makes them more vulnerable to complications if they develop covid. Since you live in CA perhaps you should take Amtrak and avoid the need for the oxygen.  EM

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  12. Two suggestions:  on the boards page beneath the roll calls is a photo and technology forum.  You might ask there what you might do.  Also, on the main boards page, first thing under the blue 25 years banner, is the Forum Assistance board.  You might start a thread there…Why are my pics posting upside down?  Or something like that.  With a couple upside down pics, of course.  EM

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  13. 42 minutes ago, Crusin till Im Dead said:



    To clear this up, the correct site is Squaremouth.com (not smartmouth)
    Travel Insurance - Compare the Best Quotes & Buy Online (squaremouth.com)

    I too worry for future cruises, and feel Insurance is now semi-required...  I'm asking a question here -- As I was employed, my Work Health insurance covered me (at least I thought so) when I cruised; but now I'm retired and on Medicare... I am pretty sure Medicare covers nothing outside of the US; is this correct?  Therefore, I'll need some form of Travel/Health insurance coverage for any future travels?


    Do you have a Medicare supplement?  When I retired, I kept FepBlu, which covers out of country.  My sister has Cigna which does the same.  EM

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