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  1. We are fairly new to Princess. We are planning on booking a Transatlantic on the new Enchanted Princess next April. We plan on an inside or balcony cabin. Is this "medallion enhancement" for all cabins? And what is better about a "Medallion ship"? And I hate all these new special restaurants because it may be that they then skimp on the included/no surcharge dining spots
  2. We were booked on the 24 day Rotterdam transatlantic, leaving Amsterdam on Oct 10. They notified us by email that the cruise was shortened to just 14 days and that the price would be prorated so same price per day. That was silly, because the first 10 days were very short distances, so low fuel usage. We were considering cancelling altogether. I just checked HA website and found that we have been formally rebooked and that the price has been adjusted. Lowered substantially per day and puts this 14 night cruise in line with other TA cruise. So I guess we'll keep it. Now I've added mor
  3. Sorry, but I am not happy. We were on the Rotterdam, leaving Amsterdam on the TA on October 10. The first part of the itinerary was the best part. Before sailing, we were traveling and I have made five different reservations in Rome, Sorrento, Cinque Terra, Paris and the Amsterdam. Now they have cancelled the first 10 days. I'll be cancelling the TA. Not interested in the 14 night itinerary. What's really aggravating is that we were originally on the Norwegian TA leaving Rome Nov 2 and they cancelled that and I have had to rebook everything one time already!! I think t
  4. We are on the cruise right after you, a 24 night transatlantic. I think the actual cruise will take place but I do wonder about the itinerary. The ship departs from Amsterdam and then returns for an overnight. That's the port we most want to visit. I also feel a little silly; I have been reading reviews on the Rotterdam and now I find out it's a brand new ship just being launched in early August!
  5. No, I think as time goes by more ships will require vaccinations. And our cruises tend to be muti-national, so even if the cruise line doesn't require it, the ports will. And right now thetheory is that virtually all unvaccinated people will get some variety of Covid in the future, Just get the damn shots!
  6. October 10. Rotterdam is also a 24 night Transatlantic, leaving Amsterdam and docking in Ft Lauderdale
  7. I hesitate to say it, but younger and dumber? vs older and wiser
  8. Hospitals/clinics etc , wherever someone got the vaccine reports the numbers to a higher authority and could provide the names. The federal government could easily get the names of all those vaccinated and therefore if your name isn't on the list it could be assumed you aren't vaccinated. I travel a great deal and it would make it very handy to have that verified. Similar to having to show proof of smallpox vaccinations in the not too distant past.
  9. Friends took two yound adults and friends on a cruise. Said "Never again". They paid for special excursions which the young people missed because they stayed up late the night before. Etc. I agree; just go to the DR and stay at a nice all inclusive
  10. Agree. I think people have conveniently forgotton the uncertainty at the beginning of Covid and somehow think there is a known pattern. Forget it. For all we know a new variation will take hold and we'll all need new vaccines.
  11. Mydaughter was really sick with Covid in May . But she had an antibody test done in January when she had blood work done ( she has Lupus) and the antibody test showed "No antibodies". Get the vaccine
  12. Yes, Pfizer probably will make some money. So has Amazon and mask companies. Has ZIP to do with whether you should get a vaccine. Having Covid does not make you immune. We know someone who had a second illness. Just get the damn shot.
  13. I've done some rearch online . Hos[itals, medical schools, doctors etc. I haven;t found a single reputable site tha names any specific medical condition where vaccination is prohibited. Perhaps if you could tell us the actual " health condition"?
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