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  1. Don't think it's going to happen. The fun of a cruise is to be worry free. A cruise at partial capacity, no real buffet, everyone in n masks? Worrying every time someone coughs? We were on a ww cruise this year and started in Venice. By mid-March it was clear there were no ports, NONE that would accept us. We left in Perth Australia and the ship sailed for 38 more days with no stops for passengers to get off, There was no Corona on board amazingly. Why not wait till you are comfortable?
  2. We've arraigned to have almost all bills paid on line. And we can authorize a few more by phone. Mail is being forwarded to my daughter and we gave her a few signed checks just in case. Taxes we'll have to do using wifi/email but we haven't done paper taxes for years. Neighbors watching the house and will run the car every few weeks, no pets, lawn guy will start mowing in March, ummmm Time to turn off outside water, set thermostat, check the locks and get to the airport
  3. We leave tomorrow for a world cruise. Leave from Venice January 5 and return to Venice April 26. Finished packing. I (F) have two suitcases, weighing a total of 100 pounds. Husband also has 2 weighing a total of 72 pounds. Guess some of my stuff going in his! Planned for 2 years. Can't believe it's here.
  4. God I'm old. I remember when that issue came out. I think a friend had it as a poster 😉
  5. I'm curious. Most people pick a ship for the itinerary, or the price or the general ambiance. Princess tends to be an older more sedate clientele. Do you have insomnia? Do you really often eat in the middle of the night? I did read about someone who would only go on ships that served Coke products and some kind of hard cider!
  6. We depart January 5 and our tickets were available online Dec 5. Sent by Costa . I would think you could use a "business center" at most hotels and print them there.
  7. Don't simply put your phone into Airplane Mode. Also turn off your cellular service or your phone may be "roaming" for days. And do this the second you get on board, or you'll forget it! Unless you simply have to make a phone call, don't do it. We have a $ 60 bill from calling India to arrange a visa. Use the "whatsapp" app whch enables you to use wifi access to make phone calls. You can usually get free wifi in a terminal or fast food place or cafe while on shore. But really, who do you have to call.? Just give your relatives the contact info in the event of a true emergency.
  8. We've been on many cruises and most ships don't have 24 hour food service. We never stay up that late, but people have said that usually there is no real food (maybe a few plates of cookies) available from 1:00AM till a continental breakfast at 5:00 or 5:30 AM. And bars close down also. We're going on a Costa world cruise and they have specific hours for meals, including the buffet: 7-10 for breakfast, 12-2:30 for lunch and 6:00- 10:00 for dinner. Maybe a tea service on port days. No hot dogs/pizza/burgers at 4:00 PM! This is a European ship and they tend to eat only at mealtimes. We
  9. In 16 days we leave for a world cruise leaving Venice January 5. Assuming we can get on board- multiple problems and delays getting the India and Vietnam visas. India wants to know the names of the hotels we stayed at on a tour in 2011? Never asked on app for the old Visa number, but then they do want it. And for Sri Lanka, we cannot get a visa until within 90 days of arrival, which is after we're on the ship. Nervous wrecks, still can't decide what clothes to bring for warm and cold weather, but when we sit down that evening in Venice, sip our "included" wine, all will be forgiven.
  10. We're leaving for a world cruise in 19 days. Yaa. I am bring some medical masks as I'm sure that either I will get sick or there will people on board who will get sick. Or we'll pick something up in a port. Either way, I plan to be one of the hypochondriac looking people walking around in a mask. But I would never cancel for a cold.
  11. An update. We did book the World Cruise leaving Venice on January 5, 2020. We're on the Costa Deliziosa in an exterior cabin with a blocked view. The price was right and we like the itinerary, the 15 included excursions (mostly coach tours of the larger cities) , and the included wine, beer and sodas at lunch and dinner. And bottled water is included, but who cares!!
  12. My husband likes handkerchiefs- open up and lay a clean one out every night. Put all the change, watch, penknife etc on the handkerchief, and in the morning pick up the handkerchief by the corners and dump in the pants pocket. With the handkerchief and ready for the day
  13. looks like you still have some time. go "keto". Real keto means 20 grams of carbs a day. So no starch, no sweets. BUT, you can eat bacon, eggs, butter, huge servings of meats, fish, mayo based salad dressings, cream etc. Leafy veggies, etc. I have lost 33 pounds. and have never been able to stick to any low calorie diet. And my cholesteral has gone down. My doctor is fine with it . And I'm 72 years old. Try it for at least a straight week- you can't do keto a day or two here and there. It has to be continuous for at least 5 days to "kick in".
  14. Thanks, I think I'll put a Post-It note up on the screen as a reminder. I'll have a cabin papered with Post It notes
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