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  1. In my case, I'm trying to re-coop some of the costs of the cruise. Charging $500pp ($800pp for summer months) for riviera deck interior cabins is excessive. I use to get balconies for $599pp for this same sailing not long ago. I'm coming in with new money and I know Carnival and the other cruise lines will be doing everything within their power to get people who have FCC and OBC to use it up as quickly as possible so they can start making money again. I could only justify the booking by taking some of that OBC home with me in either cash form or gift card form. I don't think Carnival woul
  2. The tickets were originally purchased a year or so ago and then the airfare was cancelled and travel funds were issued. They are basically credit with the airline company for future travel that has to be used within one year. That means the entire trip has to be completed, from start to finish, before those funds expire. I used them to purchase the airfare to get us to the cruise port. If we cancel (or the cruise line cancels) within days of the scheduled cruise, the airline company will refund the travel funds to my account but their expiration date will not change and will expire within
  3. I would rather over-insure the trip than take a chance that it get denied. I have the cruise fare which is nonrefundable so that's easy. And then I have the port fees and taxes which are refundable I think. And then I'm most confused about the airfare. The airfare was purchased mostly using travel funds from flights that were canceled last year with a little extra via credit card. If I cancel my airfare, ALL will be issued to travel funds, some of which expires within a week of the cruise return date and the rest expiring in December. So I'm wondering if the insurance would p
  4. It took me a while to find it but I finally did! Travelinsurance.com reviews for John Hancock bronze plan. I got the totals wrong. The trip was insured for $4000 but claim was for $4010. I just remembered there being a $10 difference.
  5. I was trying to wait until my final payment is due (in June) because I'm not even sure the cruise lines will be sailing in September. But the 3rd party insurance carriers want me to make a decision sometime in the next week and a half. And if the cruise is cancelled, than what? Will the insurance company refund my money? Will they issue me a credit that must be used within a certain amount of time? Even though I can get better coverage for cheaper with a 3rd party, it's almost worth it just to purchase the trip protection plan through the cruise line so that I don't have any issues if the
  6. One back to back cruise. (2 cruises total). Sorry for the confusion. Carnival wants $260 for their insurance for the two cruises combined. It seems kind of high because I'm thinking I will only be insurable for 75% of $2000. I'm guessing they won't reimburse me for the airline tickets but will call them "refundable" due to the policy of Southwest giving travel funds, even though the funds will expire within a week of the cruise return. I checked on 3rd party CFAR and I could get it as cheap as $160 or as expensive as over $300. I'm wondering if all plans and companies are created equal w
  7. I have not been away for years and so my husband and I are planning to really get away this fall. We are taking two back-to-back 7 day cruises (14 days total). However, I can hardly enjoy these months leading up to them because there is a significant risk of something interrupting our plans. Aside from the pandemic, we have three aging/disabled parents who can experience a serious health issue at any time. Months and even years can pass with no issues but I just know sometime will happen just as we are set to get away (we are the only family in town for all of them). I really want to buy
  8. I'm not sure why people suggested waiting until the final day unless it's because to do so sooner would revert the chips back to OBC (just guessing). It's not really restraint that limits my spending. I use to live right near a port and did these sailings so many times that it's more of a "been there, done that" feeling. I just enjoy the experience as a whole...relaxation, jacuzzis, party atmosphere, food, escaping. I'm sure I could find things to spend the OBC on if it turns out I can't cash it...art auction, jewelry, bingo, specialty coffee, gift certificates, etc. I'm just checking out
  9. Gift certificates a good idea. And maybe some jewelry. I just figured getting cash would be ideal but I'll have to wait and see how successful people are who sail before me, if there are any.
  10. I am sailing this fall (hopefully) and was enticed to book Carnival due to their generous gift of $500 OBC (plus another $100 for shareholder). To be honest, I have no clue what to do with it all. I am saving $200 for gratuities for 2 (7 nt) but I have no interest in anything else. I don't gamble, I have no interest in excursions because I've done most of them, no interest in more food (specialty dining) because I'm never hungry after the first day, don't drink alcohol, and have no interest in spa treatments. In the past, which was a long time ago, I would go to the purser's desk and they
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