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  1. I bid $30 more for my move up bid - I really wanted to get the upgrade & I believe bidding up a bit worked. Have no idea about policies etc.
  2. My dh and I have sailed both. The food (IMO) is better on Carnival and the "your time dining" on Carnival is truly that. On Royal I didn''t make reservations for each day - I was told I should have and to come back at 8:30 p.m. So needless to say my next RC cruise I did book a time for dinner each day - hence defeating the purpose of "MY time dining".
  3. We were platinum for the first time last week - we were directed to a separate line where we were on the ship VERY quickly. Room keys are in your mailbox by the door of your cabin so no waiting! You do online checkin & you are done very quickly!
  4. We use our Carnival card quite often & are able to get credit onboard. We also have a Royal Car. card which we also use
  5. We got blankets on 2/9/19 cruise! Love our first platinum gift.
  6. I believe in Insurance - have had to cancel 2 cruises in the last 6 years - - glad I only lost the price of the actual insurance itself.
  7. Following! We are on Eclipse March 10, 2019 - B.A. to Santiago Chile. Betty
  8. Is there a place where Aqua cabins can go for lunch when they board - other than the buffet? Thanks Betty
  9. Thanks to all who responded! We are looking forward to our first Celebrity trip! Betty
  10. We are going to be in an Aqua room on our March cruise. Is the mini-bar full of items? Will they empty it? Thanks Betty
  11. I haven't been on either - but wanted to mention I have several friends who loved Princess in Alaska.
  12. OMG!!! So excited to see this as I was cruising the Celebrity board! Betty
  13. What a great review!! I enjoyed reading about your adventures and loved the food porn. We do our first Celebrity cruise in March!
  14. What a great live review! We haven't cruised Celebrity yet. We go on Eclipse in March and Reflection in July of 2019! I am going to search and find your other reviews! Great information and I am taking notes on the wine (lol)! Betty
  15. I have not run into this - we cruised in May & we will be on the Sunshine in September so I will be sure to notice!
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